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How to Set up in Magento 2?

How to Set up in Magento 2?

Authorize.Net is known to be the world’s leading payment gateway that caters to an overwhelming 400,000 merchants and is still counting. Like most sophisticated payment gateways they also help you to process customer payments from credit and debit cards straight to a website. Just by having an Authorize.Net account, you can avail of their extension for your website. Obviously, you need to pay an annual subscription fee that varies as per the payment processing value or number of transactions.

For any Magento Development Company, this extension comes as the invariable first choice for integrating a payment gateway. No wonder, Authorize.Net’s Customer Information Manager (CIM) service makes payment processing for e-commerce websites much easier and ensures optimum convenience in terms of transactions. The company also offers an array of advanced features that other payment methods are barely capable of.

Before we explain the steps of integrating this extension to the Magento store, let us have a quick look at the key features and benefits of the platform.

  1. Authorize.Net CIM on the Magento2 module offers support for a multitude of standard payment options barely leaving any popular one.
  2. It allows customers to securely storing credit cards to ensure rapid checkout while fully maintaining PCI compliance.
  3. The extension offers a very easy-to-use ‘Manage My Cards’ interface to add, store, and replace cards into their account.
  4. It allows using different Authorize.Net accounts for different websites and web stores.
  5. Supports ParadoxLabs Adaptive Subscriptions extension.
  6. As for securing the data the communication with Authorize.Net is covered with TLS encryption. Moreover, security-critical data is not saved on the server. A secure token-based system is used to allow checkout with stored card information.

How to Set up Authorize.Net with Magento 2?

Set up in Magento 2

Authorize.Net Direct Post comes as the most useful extension for payment gateway solutions for Magento web stores. It is particularly effective if your store has presence of too many merchants who manage their checkout pages. It is also proved to be more essential for web stores to have merchants who already have accounts on Authorize.Net. The extension will give them more ease of carrying out transactions without glitches. The best thing is while using this extension, customers can actually complete the entire transaction without really leaving the Magento e-commerce store. No wonder most eCommerce development company india prefer this extension for payment gateway.

Now let us show you configuring this extension or adding this extension to Magento 2. It involves the following steps.

Step 1:

In this step, you need to prepare the look and feel of the Authorize.Net Direct Post payment method that would be displayed on the checkout page of the web store. Here are the exact instructions to follow.

  1. Go to the Admin sidebar and click on the Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  2. Then just go to the left panel and select Sales > Payment Methods.
  3. Now click again to open the Authorize.Net Direct Post section and here you can set the options.
  4. Right in the field that has been enabled, set “Yes” and the activate Authorize.Net Direct Post is activated.
  5. In the field for Set Payment Action, choose “Authorize Only” for authorizing the Authorize.Net to accept funds from customers besides creating orders in stores.
  6. Now you need to create an invoice and mention the customer funds.
  7. You can also choose the option “Authorize and Capture” to allow Authorize.Net to capture customer’s funds and create the order as well as an invoice.
  8. In the field for Title, type a new name for Authorize.Net Direct Post for displaying on the checkout page or you can just leave it with the default one.

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Step 2:

Now you need to set the basement or complete the process of giving your Authorize.Net merchant account. Here are the exact instructions to follow.

  1. Enter the credential and the value of your merchant account in the API Login ID, Transaction Key, and Merchant MD5 fields. enter your credentials and hash value from your Authorize.Net merchant account. To see the hash value go to the Authorize.Net website at Account > Settings > Security Settings > MD5-Hash.
  2. Now right in the field for New Order Status, set Processed Ogone Payment or Processing as per the transaction type.
  3. Select ‘Yes’ for the Test Mode field to configure for the test environment. Just when the test results are positive turn the Test Mode negative by selecting “No”.
  4. Type the new URLs in the Gateway URL and URL fields for Transaction Details. In case of using a temporary URL that you received for testing, always restore the original one for actual transactions.

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Step 3:

This step is for guidance about the common configuration requirements for the entire process. Here are the exact instructions to follow.

  1. Mention the acceptable or customer-friendly currencies in the Accepted Currency field.
  2. Set the Debug option to “Yes” to save all the activity logs taken place in between the store and the Authorize.Net.
  3. Set “Yes” for the Email Customer for sending the email communication to customers and mention your business email address in the field for Merchant’s Email.
  4. In the box for Credit Card Types, choose all types of accepted credit cards for the store.
  5. Set “Yes” for Credit Card Verification to make sure customers enter a value for verifying the card.
  6. In the field for Applicable Countries, select “All Allowed Countries” to authorize Authorize.Net Direct Post to accept payments from customers across all countries as mentioned in the store configuration or select “Specific Countries” to do the same from selected countries.
  7. In the fields for Minimum Order Total and Maximum Order Total, mention the order value to qualify to make payment through this method.
  8. In the field for Sort Order, give a number denoting the position of the payment method among other payment methods listed on the checkout page.


While Magento leads the e-commerce space as the most versatile and customizable platform, this leading payment gateway extension just helps Magento delivers a more customer-friendly shopping experience. Two are just ideally made for each other to deliver a great checkout experience.

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