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How to Choose the Best PHP Development Company

How to Choose the Best PHP Development Company

The most omnipresent language in today’s web world happens to be PHP. Although it has been within us for around years, now it dominates the world development space. Hence, regardless of any enterprise-level project or small project, the organization happens to choose PHP due to the scalable, robust and customizable application or website.

It is just a scripting language. The ultimate success of any business organization lies in selecting the right PHP developer. They are entitled to bring optimum ability and good results for your company. However, choosing the best is quite daunting. Especially people from non-technical areas would find it rather difficult as central factors influence the process of hiring PHP. Before you know how to hire a PHP developer for your web development project, you need to understand the concept of a good PHP developer.

Good PHP developer

Good PHP developer

The one who is known as a web developer and can write, maintain quotes for web pages, and test them by using the dynamic scripting PHP language happens to be a PHP developer. To choose the best PHP developer, you must look for the basic skill set.

  • Good understanding of JavaScript
  • Have knowledge of the different PHP programming language
  • Knowledge related to CSS and HTML
  • Hands-on training with CMS like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal
  • Working knowledge of SQL and my SQL database
  • Knowledge related to the control systems, including Git and SVN
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • Experience with different frameworks like Symphony Laravel and Y112

Apart from that, one should have good problem-solving skills and analytical skills. In addition to that, the best PHP developer would collaborate with diversely skilled developers that helps them to create various applications. They also acquired the knowledge of troubleshooting whenever the clients required it.

Where Can You Find One

There are several places where you would find a PHP developer. However, it would be best to ask yourself these few questions before you choose them.

  • How quickly do you need the developer
  • The total number of developers you require
  • The level of experience that you are looking for
  • Are remote workers eligible
  • Your budget constraint

As you get the answer to different questions, you can consider the traditional job portals, including LinkedIn,, indeed, Glassdoor, to choose your PHP developer. Apart from that, you can go for in-house hire. You can consider platforms like Stack Overflow, Hired or even choose the various staffing companies that would provide you with experience and good PHP developers without any cost.

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Tips for Hiring the Right Developer

Hiring the Right Developer

While you are setting up an interview to gauge the technical capabilities of the interviewee, you can choose these tips. For any, the process becomes much more critical. To select the right candidate, make sure that you keep in mind all these tips.

  • Avoid any Cliche Questions

You need to go about a lot of research on PHP before you interview any candidate. Make sure that you make a list of questions like the father of PHP, the conceptual aspects of PHP and many more. Instead of going for a memory test, you can ask a question that helps to access the skill set of the developer. For instance, you can ask questions like the procedure to set up cookies in PHP, the total number of experiences in terms of a month that the interviewee has in Web Services, and the data inscription process with PHP. These questions would help you judge the technical prowess of the PHP developer and provide you with an insight into the technical strength of the candidate.

  • Ask Questions About Past Projects

Whether it is a good offshore PHP development company or a freelance PHP developer, you need to dive deep into the previous projects that they are related to. You can start by asking questions to describe the project briefly. Not only that, you have to check out whether the role of the PHP development company was instrumental enough or not.

Looking for client testimonials and portfolios can help you evaluate the developers’ real experience and strengths. It can save you your time and help you choose the best one for you.

Hire PHP Developer
  • Evaluate Learning Skills and Existing Knowledge Base
Evaluate Learning Skills and Existing Knowledge Base

Technology is changing at a rapid speed. Hence, you need to invest in a resource that is compatible and competent enough to deliver the project. At the same time, it should be capable enough to stay up to date with diverse latest trends. It should be able to pick up new skills with each passing day. It can help you to stay updated according to new trends and technology

  • Evaluate Other Communication Skills
Evaluate Other Communication Skills

Communication may not be the topmost priority when you are hiring any PHP developer. But you need to put this point on your checklist. It is obvious that a PHP developer need not have to be as fluent in communication as any human resource marketing or legal professional. But on various occasions, your developers might have to speak to the members or leaders of top management companies or clients who are not from the technical background. In such a situation, if the developer fails to have proper face to face communication, they would be unable to justify the budget for the development.

Especially in the case of any outsourcing company, you need to evaluate the developers on the basis of communication skill set.

  • Access the Attitude

Last but not least is to choose someone who is exceptionally good at the job. If your developer lacks soft skills, it will become difficult for you to continue any work engagement in the future. At the same time, lacking an upbeat personality and personal skills can somehow create a horror story in the future. Be sure that you draft a transparent contract that includes all the milestones and details along with the cost breakup. It can help you look forward to the various terms and conditions and the agreement between your organization and the PHP development company.

Different Technical Questions that You can Ask the Developer

Different Technical Questions

With these tips, you can also create a list of questions that you can ask your developers. Some of these questions include:

  • The different sessions in PHP and how it differs from the concept of cookie
  • The storage sections of the sessions in PHP
  • Different kinds of errors that are available in PHP
  • The difference between requiring, include, include_once and require_once
  • Difference between functions like unset and unlink
  • Concept of destructor and constructor in PHP.

Apart from that, it would be best to delve deep into the different kinds of training that the PHP developer goes through.

It is a long-lasting tradition in the orbit of web development. The PHP programming language helps build web applications and support at least 79.1% of the world’s websites. It remains relevant while building the web application. Hence for many business organizations, the PHP provides effective and optimal solutions.


When you are looking for ways to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers, you need to consider the aforementioned factors. It can help you build secure and effective applications while avoiding exceeding the project budgets. Some of these factors include the skill sets of PHP developers, whether the company opts for outsourcing companies, full-time PHP developers, in-house teams or even freelancers.

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