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10 Best PHP Frameworks Choices That You Can Use In 2024

10 Best PHP Frameworks Choices That You Can Use In 2024

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages in web development. Did you know that 78.3% of websites use PHP as their programming language from the server-side? That clearly shows the popularity of the language. Moreover, numerous tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, Wikipedia, etc., use PHP. One of the most common PHP frameworks that you can opt for is Laravel. However, there is a need to Hire PHP Developer from the best web development company. For this, you can choose CMARIX.

Top 10 PHP Frameworks that You Can Use for Web Development in 2024

There are numerous PHP frameworks that you can choose for web development. However, you also need to Hire Full Stack Developers for the successful completion of the project. In that case, you must opt for CMARIX, the leading web development company.

Here is a list of the best PHP frameworks that you can look forward to –

1. Laravel

Laravel Framework

One of the most widely used PHP frameworks right now is Laravel. Taylor Otwell released the framework in 2011, and it currently boasts of installations in millions. Laravel has a wide range of features, which aids in the quick and efficient completion of the development process. Some of these features are routing, caching, a secure migration system, etc. Moreover, it is based on the MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture and uses Eloquent ORM. Besides, the framework also has Blade, its own templating language. It also has extensive documentation and community support, which is perfect for beginners. Apart from this, it is easy to learn.

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2. Symfony

With the release of Symfony in 2005, the PHP field witnessed a huge revolution. Apart from being an excellent framework, Symfony also provides reusable components that you can use in different PHP projects. SensioLabs maintain the framework, and developers can obtain professional support. It is vital to note that Symfony is compatible with a wide range of databases. These include SAP Sybase, SQLServer, Oracle, Drizzle, and more. Moreover, it also makes sure that the integration with other best JS frameworks is easy and hassle-free. If you want to develop a complex app, choosing Symfony is a great idea.

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3. CodeIgniter

Based on PHP, CodeIgniter is a reliable MVC framework. It is simple, relatively easy to use, and is an absolute favorite among web developers. With CodeIgniter, companies can now build lightweight services and APIs with ease and efficiency. One of the most impressive features of this framework is that it doesn’t restrict the user. For instance, here, you can opt for coding non-MVC applications as well.

Moreover, the less in-built features make the framework extremely light. That means that users are free to add components that they want. Here, you can get features such as routing, quality error handling, caching, etc.

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4. Zend

Another highly popular PHP framework is Zend or Laminas Project. Also known as a glue framework, it is made up of three different components. These are – Mezzio, MVC and Laminas API tools. Large enterprises such as BNP Paribas, BBC, etc., use Zend due to its reliability and other features. As the framework is in compliance with the PHP Framework Interop Group standards, one can port its code to various frameworks with ease. The Laminas Project makes use of the conventional MVC pattern. As a result, the framework boasts of PHP components such as event dispatchers, input validation, pagination, etc.

5. Phalcon

One of the most interesting full-stack PHP frameworks is Phalcon. It is actually written in C but delivered as an extension of PHP. That means that users do not have to write C codes but can get the benefit of fast execution. It is true that Phalcon can deal with more requests each second when compared to other frameworks. Moreover, you can also get access to different features like caching, ORM, security, etc. It also has PHQL, which is its SQL dialect. Phalcon is mostly used by big business organizations when there is a need to deliver high-level performance. For the best results, you need to hire full-stack developers,

6. CakePHP

CakePHP framework

CakePHP was released in 2005 by Michal Tatarynowicz. The framework is based on Ruby on Rails and aids in the creation of PHP apps with ease. Moreover, here, web developers only need to use minimal configuration. Besides, it is relatively easy to install and use. The framework has a wide array of in-built features such as localization, authentication, etc. It also has an ORM and boasts of a database access layer. One of the main reasons CakePHP is so popular is its ability to convert themes into plugins without any hassle. You can also gain access to different modern security features.

7. Yii

Yii is a component-based, open-source PHP framework. It is mainly used to build applications over PHP. The framework is based on MVC patterns and OOP. Due to its concentration on core functionality, it leads to less overhead. This simple framework boasts a wide array of features. These include layered caching systems, error handling, security measures, etc. When compared to other frameworks, Yii is much faster and is thus perfect for developing performant web applications. If you are a newbie foraying into the world of web development, Yii is an excellent choice. With Yii, you can get quick loading times and top-notch performance.

8. Lumen

Developed by Taylor Otwell, Lumen is an excellent microframework based on PHP. Since the creator of the popular Laravel released it, it also gets support from its extensive community. If you have web development experience in Laravel, you won’t have any problem with Lumen. The framework is easy to learn and is much more lightweight when compared to Laravel. You don’t need many configurations to start this framework. When you need high performance and low latency, you can choose Lumen. The best part is that you can convert a Lumen project into a Laravel one with ease.

9. FuelPHP

FuelPHP is a reliable and flexible PHP framework

FuelPHP is a reliable and flexible PHP framework. It is an open-source web app framework that opts for a hierarchical MVC variation. FuelPHP gives a widget look to the content structures. The unique design of this framework enhances modularity and extensibility significantly. Moreover, here, you will also get code reusability and organization. Also, web developers can get a great deal of support from the community. FuelPHP has its own OIL or command-line utility. With this, you can debug code, develop common components, etc. Besides, you can also get high-grade security features such as output encoding, cross-site scripting (XSS) filtering, and more.

10. Slim Framework

Another Pho micro-framework that you can choose is Slim. Though it has fewer features and limited functionality when compared to other frameworks, it is extremely reliable. Here, web developers can create powerful but simple APIs and web apps with few code lines. With Slim, you can get a quick loading time and different essential features. These include cookie encryption, URL routing, client-side HTTP, etc. For building scalable systems and single-page applications, SLIM is a great choice.


Choosing a PHP framework to develop apps is an excellent idea. There is a wide range of most popular PHP frameworks that you can choose from. However, you also need to make the right choice. In that case, you must hire Laravel developers. At CMARIX, you get excellent PHP web development solutions from a team of experienced and skilled PHP developers.

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