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How Magento SAP integration works

How Magento SAP integration works

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industries with the abilities to intelligently identify trends, and streamline your operations which can allow you to effectively grow and scale your business. With almost one-fourth of the market share, Magento is often considered the market leader among eCommerce platforms. It is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution that has come out on top in innovation and service with features like mobile templates, intuitive administration interface, shopper segmentation, loyalty programs, payment integration, and multi-site functionality.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integration into the business processes at the same time has progressively developed into a fundamental approach in an organization’s growth ranging from small businesses to Enterprise organizations to enhance the overall smooth business flow. There are different departments involved in running complete business process, ranging right from the ordering of the raw material, to manufacturing goods to delivering final goods to the customer. Most entrepreneurs use different types of ERP software to boost their businesses. There are several ERP Solutions available in market fitting different business models & business needs. SAP is one amongst the largest and most trusted ERP Solution available currently.

SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Product. SAP is the undisputed market leader in the ERP space. Its current version has more than 30,000 relational database tables that allow it to handle extremely complex business situations. It helps the organization of all sizes and industries run better. It empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP’s ERP system enables Organizations to run their business processes, such as accounting, sales, production, and operation so on, in an integrated environment. SAP offers a variety of features to help to increase your business productivity. SAP provides a strong establishment to for the latest mobile and cloud technologies, so you can deal with your business anytime, anywhere. It offers an array of solutions and provides feature-rich, cost-effective, and secure enterprise resource planning solution.

Magento is a technical eCommerce platform whereas SAP is a business-oriented product. Integrating the two requires technical and business information to manage. The Magento frontend management and ongoing processing within the SAP implementation, when you combine these two platforms, it frames into an effective operational entity. Implementing a two-way integration between SAP and a Magento eCommerce platform would mean all the valid implications & updates derived from the data stored in SAP can be given to the customers in real-time creating an easy-to-use online portal.XML MOMis one such technique for the Magento SAP integration.

XML MOM is emerging as an important integration architecture method for developing applications which create, send and receive process in the XML file. It provides a standard application interface for processing XML-based information and gives a variety of communication options for passing the XML documents to and from the XML MOM application server. An XML MOM application server, that can receive, interpret, and generate XML documents, is really designed to communicate with other applications or other servers. The XML MOM server can be used to automate the interchange of information between different applications, or between different organizations. This XML MOM can be used for integration of SAP into the Magento development.

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How Magento SAP integration Works

  • When your customer places the order, Magento creates the XML files and send it to FTP server.
  • SAP gets that XML Order files from the FTP server & proceed for the shipment.
  • After that SAP sends the XML Shipping Notification file with Order tracking number to FTP server.
  • Magento receives that XML Shipping Notification file and generates the shipment of the order with authorize Capture fund (API) for respected order.
  • Magento sends the XML capture fund (API) file to SAP to notify that order amount is paid successfully.
  • SAP sends the XML Product Inventory Sync file to FTP server and Magento receives that file and updates the product quantity according to that.

Magento has its built-in inventory management system but today’s multichannel retailers are more demanding. The multi-channel retailers offer products across the distinctive stores and have a huge number of sales. For example, a product is out of stock and still, your online store is displaying that product that causing inconvenience to the customers, in such scenario, you can make use of MOM method with Magento SAP integration. In this scenario, SAP will update the record of product inventory. This will make a real-time inventory for your store and in this manner will help you not to sell the products to the customers which are not available in the inventory.

Integrating Magento with SAP using XML MOM gives a powerful unification to your business channels and helps you to eliminate the usual business hurdles and puts you in the driving seat. You not only eliminate problems like Order loss due to inadequate inventory levels but also take your business to new levels. By using this you can provide a world-class shopping experience to your customers on the front-end while streamlining all of your processes on the back end. By Hiring Magento Developers you can facilitate your multi-store eCommerce up-gradation & Management.

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