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How CMARIX Celebrated Christmas Week? – LifeAtCMARIX

How CMARIX Celebrated Christmas Week? – LifeAtCMARIX

It is never too late to begin newer traditions at the workplace. This is also a great excuse for the entire team to come together and completely blow off some steam. It is ultimately the time to discover some great Christmas fun at work. You ask, why? This is because Christmas is right around the corner. Get in touch with Web Development Company, CMARIX, this holiday season.

The holiday spirit is in full gear everywhere, right? The holiday season might be a time that is often spent with our loved ones, several people still have to go to work. This day, there are several organizations that require that all or some of the employees work during Christmas. This is because it is indeed a very busy time.

The going for work depends on which business people are in or the general workload of course. The main idea is to enjoy the holiday season and take advantage of employees’ engagement.

Hence, we can easily pursue some office Christmas activities.

Decoration of the Workplace

This can be one of the most fun portions of Christmas. Putting up the decorations can indeed be great. Let us all admit it. It can be slightly hard not to have at least a little festive spirit. The whole place can be easily decorated with fairy lights, tinsel, Christmas socks and hats. Of course, there should be a Christmas tree as well.

You can be surprised at how a little bit of decoration here and over there can make the colleagues feel excited indeed about the holidays. This is even if they have to spend it in the office. Therefore, suppose you want to encourage Christmas fun at work. The decorations for Christmas can be a great start.

There is indeed another way to make decoration even more Fun. It is to get the entire team involved. There needs to be a fate set and a certain time to put up the decorations. This should show the colleagues that you value them and also want them to have a very memorable holiday experience.

Childhood Day

CMARIX celebrated Back to Childhood days. The dress code was a school uniform or something which represents childhood. There was a surprise activity. Upon doing the activity well, there was a great gift for the best childhood dressing.

CSR Activity

CSR Activity

As we all know CSR is for the community, it is very helpful for needy people. CSR activities are one of those activities which can shape a stronger bond between employees and corporations. In this activity, CMARIANS and management feel more connected with the world around them.

Here at CMARIX, we had planned to go at Blind People Association and serve them. We also bought some special winter kit that contains shampoo, hair oil, body lotion, soap and other necessary things which they can use in their daily routine life.

Bollywood Day

All set to welcome to celebrate a holly jolly Christmas Week!! Jingles, stars, and happy vibes all around with a Bollywood theme.

On this day, all teams have performed acts of these movies such as Khichdi, 3 idiots, Hera Pheri, Chhichhore, Welcome, etc. We loved to capture their funny faces and insane dramas.

Bollywood Day

Foodie Day

We are enjoying Christmas with all fun activities and this was a day on which all employees are excited. Bloom!! It was Foodie Day. Where all the CMARIX team cooked live dishes and served them delicately. That night was full of food, beverages, and laughter.

Secret Santa With a Twist

What is Christmas fun at work if you do not play Secret Santa? We can all be original in all of our Christmas celebrations as is essential. No one should forget about certain holiday traditions such as these.

Without them, it just will not feel like Christmas. Secret Santa besides these, is always a great way to get all your colleagues across the different teams together. Also make sure that everybody receives great holiday appreciation.

Many people might have surely participated in the office secret Santa. This must have happened at some great point. Just in case you have forgotten, the concept is always simple. Anyone participating in the gift exchange always brings a very small gift. The small gift is at a predetermined monetary value.

All of these participate in a little office fun. We can all try to keep things as simple and fun as possible. We can all ensure that there are the rules in place prior that should help to guarantee that the entire gift exchange runs very smoothly.

You can prepare name cards for every person and also have everyone choose one. The card they select is who they should be. This should be what Secret Santa is for. You might also have many colleagues on different teams. You can also utilize the online tools or even an app to properly organize the Secret Santa at work.

Actually, gamification is a greater than ever idea to achieve an office with a great atmosphere and with excellent working results.

Games Day

You can all plan a great game day. You can celebrate those that are at the office until the last working day of the year. The year should be ending on a high and a great note. You can allow your team to have a little fun most certainly. If you think you require suggestions to find the best game, you can search all over the internet or the great worldwide web.

Being Merry with Christmas Treats

Christmas cannot be complete without a lot of goodies to share with others. There are several ways indeed to have fun with Christmas meals or even treats at work. For example, you can always suggest that every staff member comes to work one day with his or her favorite dish.

There are the resources that we love and we are sure you will love that too. Board games are a great option as well and we should never forget that. Therefore, what do you think about this instant great idea? You can also arrange for this easily.

In all of the above methods, CMARIX indeed had a great Christmas and you can have one too! Get in touch with a mobile Mobile App Development Company San Francisco, CMARIX, this holiday season. It is always essential to remember that this is indeed just the tip of the iceberg. There are always numerous things you can do to ensure that the holiday parties are stellar.

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