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A Vision of Immersion – How Augmented Reality Makes a Real Difference?

A Vision of Immersion – How Augmented Reality Makes a Real Difference?

Augmented reality is not a new concept, rather the roots of augmented reality go back a few decades. But it was only a few years ago that It became much more popular with the release of some famous games such as Pokemon Go. You can’t ignore the Pokemon Go craze. Specifically, with this, augmented reality has become widely known by people around the globe. But you should not consider augmented reality useful only for just entertainment, rather it is more than that. It can also help the shoppers visualize virtual versions of the products onto the real-live image of customers’ living spaces. In addition, augmented is now widely used by most of the industries such as aviation, automobile, healthcare, education, travel and tourism and many more. It is because augmented reality is now working as the extended version of the real physical world.

So, there is a growing trend among business owners to opt for augmented reality to promote products or services, launch new marketing campaigns, collect unique user data and many more. But make sure you hire the best AR Development Company, who can help you to impress your clients by showing the value of your products with an amazing AR-powered visual experience

A Brief Overview of Augmented Reality

Brief Overview of Augmented Reality

So, now the question is what does augmented reality exactly mean? It simply means that augmented reality is an enhanced version of the real physical world that can be accessed using digital visual elements, sound or other sensory stimuli delivered through technology. Augmented reality is continuously going through the phase of development and becoming a more popular application used by companies. Here the role of the best Augmented Reality Development Company is crucial which makes it possible for the companies to utilize augmented reality in their business.

For instance, augmented reality has proved to be a powerful tool for the medical or healthcare field. It allows the users to see the detailed and 3D images of different body systems so that they can perfectly hover their mobile device over the target image. Again, it can be a perfect medical learning tool.

Now, look at another example. Suppose you are walking through the street and suddenly come across an interesting piece of architecture. You want to know about architecture. Here, an AR app can help you most effectively. What you have to do is to hold up your smartphone and point it at the architecture; you will get all the details of the architecture such as name, its history, and other related information.

So if you are a business owner no matter small, large, irrespective of business type, augmented reality can be beneficial for your business. How? Let’s find out the reasons below. But make sure you choose the best AR Development Company.

  • With the help of augmented reality, you can enhance your customers’ shopping experience. It is because augmented reality involves overlying visual, auditory and other sensory information that can engage your target customers.
  • If you are a retailer, you can promote your products or services most effectively by collecting user data along with promoting your products and services most uniquely.
  • You can create your cyber environment with augmented reality so that you can enhance natural environments or situations and offer enriched experiences to the shoppers.
  • Virtual realities artificially create a sensory experience for the users such as sight, touch, hearing and smell.

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality: A Comparative Study

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

So, now you have a little idea about augmented reality, but there are more things to know about augmented reality. But before you dive deep into augmented reality, it is important to know the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality, two very different things that are accomplished in different ways. But both AR VR Trends 2021 are revolutionizing the modern marketplace.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

VR or Virtual Reality replaces the user’s world with an entirely virtual world. Virtual Reality is designed in such a way that can coexist with the real environment with the focus on being informative and providing additional data about the real world. When you use virtual reality, the users must have to put on an eye-covering headset and headphones so that you can completely ignore the real world. It is because virtual reality aims to eliminate the real world. Though VR can also be used in some business applications such as designing products, providing training to the employees, creating architecture and retail, nowadays VR is widely used for gaming.

Users of Virtual Reality

Users of Virtual Reality

It is not at all fair to consider VR only for entertainment purposes, because beyond gaming some businesses utilize virtual reality, but ensure you are in the right hand of the best Virtual Reality Development Company.

Architects are highly using virtual reality to design homes to satisfy their clients by offering them a chance to walk through even before the foundation has been laid. Isn’t it thrilling?

  • The automobile industry is growing rapidly with the help of VR as it helps the mechanics to design effectively.
  • It is also helpful for the firefights, soldiers and other workers who are engaged with some risky job. Here VR can help them by providing the proper training.
Build an AR Application

Augmented Reality

Unlike virtual reality, it integrates the virtual world with the real surroundings by adding digital elements in the real life. It allows the users to rely on their smartphones or tablet screens to accomplish this. Here the camera of your phone or tablet becomes the centre of attraction. AR mobile apps can help the users and the business owners in various ways beyond their entertainment purpose. For example, you can be familiar with Ikea Place, a mobile app that can help the users to envision Ikea furniture in their place, as it overlays a 3D representation of your preferred piece with the love video of your room.

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Uses of Augmented Reality:

Uses of Augmented Reality

Today, businesses and enterprises are using augmented reality widely including:

  • Design & Construction: It is one of the most common applications of AR today. It helps the designers to see what the hypothetical products will look like in real environments.
  • Maintenance & Repair: AR technology can guild the technicians of various industries in the most effective ways such as repairing, upgrading, maintaining their products.
  • Training & Education: Nowadays most businesses are using AR for providing training to their employees in the most effective manner.
  • Healthcare: AR technology is now revolutionizing the surgery room as it overlays showing the critical steps of operation.
  • Retail: AR allows retail shoppers to offer a real shopping experience to their customers.

The Bottom Line

All the industries mentioned above have benefitted from augmented reality and they are looking for improvement by using AR VR Trends. There is no denying the fact that augmented reality can create a positive impact on the life of people, rather than only entertaining them. Thus it can make a real difference in your life. So, if you are a business owner, you cannot ignore the fact that your business has flourished even during the COVID-19 crisis with the help of the best AR Development Company.

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