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Top 15 AR and VR Trends To Lookout

Top 15 AR and VR Trends To Lookout

Today’s world is entirely technology dependent. The year 2021 is also experiencing the discovery of new technologies, making our lives easier and simpler. The augmented reality field (AR) and virtual reality (VR) field have been a vital contributing factor in changing the world into a secure place to live. Startup companies are adopting the upgraded AR and VR applications to maximize their profit. CMARIX is one of the best Augmented Reality Development Company India. Highly efficient engineers create the most effective and innovative AR and VR applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, and windows.

Virtual reality application in the retail and gaming sector has shown a new path in the technology field. The experts of the AR development company of India have been the most creative in building the most advanced AR and VR solutions to strengthen the nation economically. The amalgamation of virtual space and augmented field offers a changing world around us. The updated trend of AR and VR will be discussed below. Let us go through this content to get some valuable information.

1. Artificial Intelligence in AR and VR Field

Artificial intelligence and data analytics are the top trending things in the market now. The machine learning tools and the machine learning techniques are reading the past data to make a well-informed business decision. The machine is learnt to act depending on the past data provided by a human being. So, the implementation of AI techniques in the AR and VR field is a valuable thing. The updated face recognition technique or fingerprint in mobile phone screen lock is the Advanced AI use.

2. The Impact of AR Kit and AR Crore

AR Kit and AR Crore

Apple and Google, both tech giants, have discovered the most updated AR development tools AR kit and AR crore. These updated AR development devices in mobile guides users to find the correct route to reach a destination. Hence the prompt use of google maps helps to find a completely new destination in a short period.

3. The Use of AR and VR Retail Business

The advanced AR and VR development tools have structured the retail business sector in a completely different way. Virtual shopping is the new trend during the 2020-2021 pandemic situation. People can buy vegetables etc., from a virtual supermarket. Flipkart has launched this virtual supermarket with the help of machine learning techniques. People can try out new things from the virtual fitting room as well. So, the hard times push the technologies to flourish more efficiently. The retail business and ecommerce sector has gained massive profit during a lockdown.

4. Role of AR in Navigation

AR in Navigation

QR codes, ceiling antennas are the boons of updated AR technologies. It navigates the customers in the right direction. People in the movie hall can watch the movies even if they show the QR codes. This updated AR technology helps people to be drawn into the virtual world.

5. AR for Virtual Assistance

AR for Virtual Assistance

Work from home in the private sector has become quite normal during the pandemic. The advanced Augmented reality technologies help the customer to discuss with IT professionals virtually if their laptops are not working during working time. Remote assistance from IT professionals is offered with WebRTC using AR technology.

6. USE of AR in the Automotive Industry

The most crucial application of AR technology is headed up display. The AR HUDs is frequently used in 3D movies, games and has a significant impact on car drivers to reduce their risk while driving. The AR HUDs offers very safe driving for the drivers.

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7. AR in Virtual Learning

The impact of AR also makes the learning process quite interesting for students. The updated AR device enables a student to analyze the content more visually and from different angles. The experimental learning process through AR technologies makes the learning process student engaging.

8. Portable AR

Portable AR

The AR experience in headset and glasses are top trending now. Augmented reality development companies of India are still working on this. The viewers will be able to experience the view through advanced AR glasses. App development companies have discovered this advanced feature with AR technologies.

9. Professional Interaction through AR

Advanced AR technology is allowing people to attend a virtual job fair to showcase their skills. The virtual onboarding has become quite normal during this lockdown scenario. People can interact with professionals from their home. This unique virtual event is launched by webAR .

Professional Interaction through AR

10. LiDAR

Light Detection and Ranging technology (LiDAR) is more about using light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure the range. This technology is getting more support on consumer devices such as the iPad Pro 2020, iPhone 12, and Pro 12 Pro Max. The best feature of LiDAR is occlusion which means framing visual objects accurately.

11. AR in the Marketing Field

AR in the Marketing Field

The advanced AR technologies are helping the virtual market to grow well. The innovative virtual marketing strategies and advanced AR solution can retain customers even during this lockdown period.

12. AR Cloud

Augmented Reality Cloud is a machine-readable model on the 1:1 scale. AR Cloud enables the information and experiences to be augmented, shared, and tied to specific locations to occur across different devices. This AR Cloud is used in online streaming, real estate, travel, social messaging, and many other industries.

13. AR in Tracking Facial Expression.

Advanced AR has designed a special headset that can be able to track the human eye, facial expression in this simulated world. It is essential to see human reaction while marketing a product online. So, this AR-based device can be used to track the human eye quite efficiently.

14. VR Cave

A VR CAVE is a small cubicle where a few walls act as large displays. The walls are designed and organized so that people get a cave to feel inside the wall as users can move inside the system. This is an upward trend for virtual navigation, exploration by just wearing advanced VR glasses or 3D specs.

15. Gamification


The most significant achievement of advanced AR and VR technology is the virtual gaming field. The gamers are being engaged to new Pokémon go using GPS, compass, and beacons. The gaming field has grabbed the highest revenue share of advanced AR technology so far.

Indian and foreign investors are investing huge amounts of money in AR development companies of India. They have understood that a significant return is possible if a large investment is made in the AR and VR field. Following the AR and VR trends will boost the Indian economy to the highest level.

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