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Spark AR: Augmented Reality Playground for Developers and Designers

Spark AR: Augmented Reality Playground for Developers and Designers

Creative economy, it now covers the creation cycle, production, and the distribution of goods and services, which uses creativity, intellectual capital, and culture as the primary inputs. According to the creative economy perspective, the ability of men for creation, this is the major production input that is present not only within the creative companies but all within the economy. One should always remain prepared for facing the market within the constant change and to hire a developers will be the right choice, after all, every single day new technologies come up in daily life. Even the concept of artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality has become much more common. Therefore there is a huge requirement for the knowledge which can permeate the given study areas.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, a lot more excitement can be seen all around it. There is a very high chance that virtual reality might enjoy the second coming, and AR & MR will become some interesting technologies to be considered by the marketers. Unlike VR, they have been seen directly interacting with the real space, and they are based in a different way than the VR. This is very useful while trying to promote within the real world, all the brands.

The soft skills requiring jobs, including creativity, cannot be replaced by automated services. With Facebook filters and Instagram filters advent, it has also created a huge demand for digital who are qualified and capable of representing the brand on the platforms. Well, therein Spark AR, it can be a very good opportunity to get within the user experience and better programming.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Multiple Reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Multiple Reality

As said above, all these are creating excitement in the technology of today. Even when there exist pessimists, virtual reality is not dead, and instead, they are breaking the general market by fulfilling the objective of creating the sense of presence within the virtual environment, which is completely different from reality, with the use of 3D graphics and 360-degree images.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, as the technology is allowing the mix-up of the real and virtual environment and bringing better integration in between the machine and the task execution. However, for it to work, it requires some elements, including the camera (or any other device) which can easily transmit the given item real image, the software which can capture the camera emitted signal, and the real object which has some reference with the interpretation and virtual item creation.

When it comes to mixed reality, it falls in between the two, providing an experience that is completely digital. However, the virtual aspect herein, let’s anchored within the real world. According to Augmented Reality Development Company India, AR and Mixed reality both are some interesting technologies to be considered by the marketers who interact within the real space directly and are completely different from VR, helping for promotion of brand within the real world.


Developers and Creators- Spark AR is a Perfect Choice

Developers and Creators- Spark AR is a Perfect Choice

Because of the constant change within the market, it is necessary to remain prepared, and one can hire a developer for the same. Creatives have already been launching destinations and also defining the market direction. They are bringing together the discipline aliens, i.e., design and programming, but in actuality, the professionals combining the skills are gaining much more space. The designers that are working within the digital interfaces are expanding the limits by learning different skills, and they are no longer restricted to being programmers, as the programming skills, it’s bringing benefits to only the projects wherein they are involved. Well, the knowledge they are trying to gain will reduce the chances of failure within the creative project and will bring in advantages within the dialogue channel associated with the programming team.

The computing process drove human-computer interaction creation, which was meant for improving the interaction of the humans with the machines, which sought to make machines intuitive and simple to use. Considering that it is the visual product when the filters are created with the use of AR, the given developer gets connected to the user, and it helps in improving the skills which are related to the concepts of UX.

Spark AR Studio

Spark AR Studio

It is one of the programs which has been provided by Facebook for the development of AR filters within social networks. This given software offers a template gallery to the users for adding any kind of icons to their faces, creating the effects of images, and even interacting with the 2D and 3D objects. With the help of the face tracking software, it gets set up automatically, and it allows for creating accurate interactions. The software works by combining the assets and the objects, and one can do the same by using block programming for creating interactive actions. One can even use JavaScript, and with code lines, just a few, the filters will be on another level.

The community of Spark AR, it is quite active, and therefore apart from adding the videos to YouTube, one can even gain a new type of knowledge in regards to the tool through the Spark AR creators (global creators of filters ask and discuss questions on the Facebook group), Spark AR tutorials (platform website with examples of making filters) and Spark AR community (group for asking advice, sharing filters and feedback to the other creators like Mobile App Development Company San Francisco and from many other places).

Create Using Spark AR Studio

One can create digital content by simply following some of the rules. Just make sure that you are treating the filter like the regular software, and the cycle for the regular software will be as discussed below,

  1. Code

The software allows adding interaction, logic, and animation to the effects by the use of patches. All of these act as visual building blocks wherein every batch has a unique function that allows adding complexity and interaction without knowing the code. With patches connected, one can easily pass as well as receive information, and this is known as a graph. In order to reduce the repetition while working on the effects, there are blocks provided by Spark AR that enable it to save and then export the graph pieces and also add the block when required.

  • The studio supports JavaScript for the addition of interactivity and logic to the effects. The scripting breaks down into modules, and every module implements a particular function. Reactive programming is used by the studio, which permits relationship creation between assets, objects, and values. Having accessed the module API is not necessary for loading within the script with the method.
  1. Testing

One can test the filter in 3 ways,

  • Using built-in videos which are present within the software and that allows one to see how well the filter looks on Instagram/Facebook.
  • The second way is by downloading the Spark AR application for iOS or Android. After installation, plug the device using the cable to the computer and then find the icon, test on the device, test the filter with the phone camera without actually publishing the same.
  • The third way is by asking the friend to check the new creation once the filter gets to the distribution website of Spark AR.
  1. Deployment

After the effect has been exported, one will be required to submit the same for publishing it on the hub, wherein one can create and then check the filters. The process will be required,

  • Effect name
  • Effect file upload
  • Attachment of demo video and the icon
  • Waiting for acceptance (can take 10 days)


With more practice, much better solutions will be created. Keep trying and make it simple as it will get it hundreds of downloads and views.

Final Words

For facing constant change within the market, one can get the help of an augmented reality development company in India or hire a developer. Either way, the knowledge is necessary for bringing together the discipline aliens of programming and design. Spark AR studio is software that will help the designers improve their side of programming and will help them train within the aspect which is related to user experience. The community is active, and the materials are available online; just keep on practicing, and better solutions will always come up.

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