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Firebase vs MongoDB: Battle of The Best Databases for 2022

Firebase vs MongoDB: Battle of The Best Databases for 2022

The most challenging task to do in a business start-up is to choose the perfect technology based on business needs. In the course of backend development services, any mistake while choosing the right database may cost you a heavy deal. The apps require a secure database to support the strength of its cloud storage.

The right choice of a database can be made after analyzing its technical usage and the one that fits the product. For this purpose, we will carry out a technical comparison between Firebase and MongoDB to conclude which one wins the battle for the best database.

What is Firebase?


It is a real-time engine that provides background connectivity. this acts as an ecosystem for web and mobile app development purposes. It meets all the needs of cross-platform applications and also provides back-end mobile app development company India. Every change made in the database is stored in Cloud Firestore.

Features of Firebase:

  • It possesses a database service called Cloud Firestore that provides background connectivity.
  • Cloud functions and Cloud storage.
  • It provides dynamic links and ML-kits.
  • In-app messaging and performance monitoring are also offered by Firebase.
  • Techniques of Firebase Auth allows authentication inclusive of e-mail login as well as Google or Facebook.
  • It has advanced tools for the task of web hosting.
  • It syncs with real-time modifications and thus, is an efficient database.

Pros of Firebase:

  • It provides user-friendly features like push notification, Google and Facebook authentication, and data sync with real-time changes.
  • The readymade application program interface can be easily synchronized.
  • Instant updates of data can be recognized without refreshing.
  • Its pricing has flexible rates that offer a plan of pay as you go.
  • Back-up is hosted by Google cloud services.
  • High Scalability.
  • It is also ahead in terms of support of offline mode features.
  • It gives high assurance of no rapid melting during heavy traffic.
  • Content Delivery Network(CDN) for static websites is superfast.

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Cons of Firebase:

  • There are no relational queries found in the Firebase.
  • It has a paid version and therefore, you need to buy Google’s server.
  • The export of user data is not possible as Firebase does not have its own servers.
  • Data migration is a trick subject to perform.
  • The ability to tackle the queries is limited.
  • SQL chops are not compatible enough to be transferred.
  • It is ideal for only small-scale applications.

What is MongoDB?


MongoDB is managed by MongoDB Inc. NoSQL is a non-relational database and MongoDB is such an open-source database that provides flexibility to handle the indexing and queries accordingly. It powers a number of different categories for applications and is popular and widely-accepted for the same. The prime importance of MongoDB is on the data storage factor and thus, it lacks a complete ecosystem as offered by Firebase. It offers so efficient features that capture the developer’s mind to make their excellent use.

Features of MongoDB:

  • It offers efficient handling of queries and indexing.
  • MongoDB flaunts tools of Aggregation and Map-reduce.
  • Duplication and replication of data.
  • It is a schema-less database written in C++.

Pros of MongoDB:

  • Many databases have several tables with different entities and entity-relationship between them but as MongoDB is schema less- it is able to hold a variety of documents in one collection.
  • Changes made in the database have no impact on the application. Hence, it is flexible.
  • The scaling capability of MongoDB is robust.
  • MongoDB has better documentation.
  • The configuration of MongoDB is free on your server.
  • Data security is assured here because of no possibility of SQL injection.
  • It performs easy administration of mistakes or failures.
  • It uses JavaScript but procedures.
  • It easily stores files of any size and offers great applauding performance.

Cons of MongoDB:

  • It does not offer powerful indexing and searching.
  • It is quite difficult to work with complex queries.
  • Stored procedures or functions have no existence here.
  • Middleman hosting arrangements are confusing.
  • It corrupts or loses the data with time which leads to doubtful security protocols.
  • It does not follow the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) properties completely.

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Firebase vs MongoDB: Top Companies to Use are:

The New York Times, Alibaba, Shazam, Lyft, Venmo are the top names that use Firebase. eBay, eHarmony, SEGA, Adobe, Verizon, EA Games are some of those top companies that us MongoDB.

Uses of Firebase and MongoDB

  • To meet the requirements of real-time data of an application, Firebase is used while MongoDB is considered when high-speed logging is concerned.
  • In order to frequently scale up the application in an easy manner, Firebase is chosen while MongoDB is demanded when great caching and better scaling is required.
  • Firebase is a perfect choice for online streaming games, instant messaging purposes, and social networking apps. On the other hand, MongoDB manages the complete configuration.
  • To synchronize the devices and browsers in real-time, Firebase is used whereas MongoDB is used to maintain the Geospatial (location-based) data.
  • Firebase finds its use in intuitive API for easy integration and MongoDB is used in large-scale data management.

Where to Avoid Firebase and MongoDB

  • If you dream to own your user data, Google Firebase is not the right place and the usage of MongoDB must be avoided where up-front designed data models are present.
  • To create a custom back-end API of your own in Firebase is not possible as only limited languages are offered by it. On the other hand, there are better contemporaries than MongoDB to create a detailed version of the design system.
  • In case the monthly plan of Firebase exceeds, it charges a striking amount and it is better to opt out of MongoDB in case you are expecting it to prove 100% ACID compliance.


Different problems require different solutions. The choice of the database depends on its pros and cons, and the requirement of the problem. Hiring dedicated developers may help to weave the best app or web development. Apart from choosing the right database, a team of skilled developers is a must to set-up the structure of the back-end database and build a successful application.

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