Building an application or website may seem to be a very exhaustive process at first sight involving investment of significant time and cost. However, there are many services available which can facilitate the development work in various ways. Firebase is one of them. This giant is ready to take away a significant part of the burden from the developer’s shoulders.

Firebase was established by Andrew Lee and James Tamplin back in 2011 yet was launched formally in April 2012. Initially, the framework was expected to be a real-time database giving its APIs, enabling users to store and synchronize information across various customers. However, the plans changed a little bit when Firebase was taken over by Google two years after its release. Today, the service has various functions that a wise entrepreneur may find exceptionally valuable. Firebase has reached from 110,000 developers when it was initially obtained by Google in October of 2014 to a booming number of 450,000 plus developers at present.

Firebase is a framework which is help for building portable and web application for your business with real-time database which implies when one user updates a record in the database, that update would be conveyed to every single user, be those users on a website, iOS or Android device. It gives a basic and unified platform with so many Google features packed-in. You don’t need to configure your server when you use Firebase. Everything will be taken care of by Firebase automatically.

There are numerous elements that make working with Firebase marvelous from a developer’s point of view, that pertain to the core technology of development. This helps in maintaining the state of harmony between the developer & the client by causing minimal delay of work.

Benefits of using Firebase

  • Real-time Database

Real-time Database is a cloud-hosted database. Data is stored as JSON and synchronized continuously to each associated client. When you build cross-platform applications with iOS, Android, and JavaScript SDKs, the greater part of your customers’ demand is based on one Real-time Database instance and consequently getting updates with the most current data. By utilising this feature of Firebase, there is no necessity to make your own database or own API, Firebase handles all the components that usually come along with creating a backend for applications. It gives an adaptable, expression-based rules language to define how your data should be organized and when information can be perused from or composed to.

  • Hosting

Hosting is production-grade web content that facilities the developers. With Hosting, you can rapidly and effectively send web applications and static content to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with a single command. It is very easy process in Firebase because it contains Custom domain support, Global CDN and Auto Provisioned SSL Certificate ideas for that. Whether you are sending a simple application landing page or a complex Progressive Web App. Hosting gives you the infrastructure, features, and tooling tailored to convey and manage static websites.

  • Authentication

Firebase Authentication gives back-end development services, simple to-use SDKs, and instant UI libraries to confirm clients over your application. It supports authentication using passwords, email id or username.

You can allow users to sign in to your Firebase app either by using FirebaseUI as a complete drop-in authentication solution or by using the Firebase Authentication SDK to manually integrate one or a few sign-in techniques into your application.

  • Storage

It is built for application developers who need to store and serve user-generated content, for example photos or videos. It gives secure document transfers and downloads for Firebase applications, regardless of network quality. You can utilize it to store pictures, sound, video, or other user-generated content. Firebase Storage is upheld by Google Cloud Storage, a capable, basic, and cost-effective object storage service.

  • Cloud Messaging

It is a cross-platform messaging solution that lets you dependably convey messages at zero expense. You can inform a customer that new email or other information is accessible to sync. You can send notification messages to drive user reengagement and maintenance.

  • Remote Config

It is a cloud service that gives you a chance to change the conduct and appearance of your application without requiring users to download an application update. Your application controls when updates are applied, and it can as often as possible check for updates and apply them with a negligible effect on execution.

  • Test Lab

Test Lab is utilized for testing your application on gadgets hosted in a Google data-center. It helps you to find issues that only happen on particular gadget configurations. A test result includes logs, videos, and screenshots which are available in your project in the Firebase console. Even if you haven’t composed any test code for your application, Test Lab can practice your application consequently, looking for crashes.

  • Crash Reporting

It helps to create detailed reports of the errors which are assembled into groups of comparative stack flow triaged by the severity of effect on users. In addition to automatic reports, you can register custom events to help capture the steps which leads to a crash.

  • Notifications

It is a free service of Firebase which empowers focused user notifications for mobile application developers. It gives a choice to developers and organizations looking for an adaptable notification platform which requires minimal coding effort to begin, and a graphical console for sending messages.

  • App Indexing

By using this component you easily get to index your application in Google Search. For an instance, if your application is already installed in user’s device when he searches for related content, it will live your app directly from the search results. If users have not installed your application yet, an install card shows up in search results.

  • Dynamic Links

They are the smart URLs that dynamically change behavior to provide the best experience across various platforms. You can use it in web, email, social media, referral or any promotions to increase user acquisition, maintenance, and value to Gain end-to-end understanding into all your development channels through analytics on the Firebase console.

  • Invites

Word-of-mouth is an outstanding and amongst the best methods for motivating users to install your application. It is a cross-platform solution for sending customized email and SMS invitations, onboarding of clients, and measuring the effect of the invitation

  • AdWords

You can characterize custom audiences in the Firebase console based on device data, custom events, or user properties. By using this you can achieve potential clients with the help of online advertisements. You can gain deep insights into promotion conversions, and run targeted advertisement campaigns using Firebase Analytics to engage your audiences.

  • AdMob

It is a simple approach to adapt mobile apps with focused in-application promoting. It is mobile advertising platform which you can use to create revenue with the help of your application. Using it with Firebase Analytics gives you extra application usage information and analytics capabilities.

The majority of the above can now be executed when utilizing Firebase. One feature rich platform. However, they have their own limitations and trade-offs also. For example, unless your application is running over unified database which is being modified by a vast number of users simultaneously & the updates are required to be notified, the use of Firebase is not legitimized. Since essential review functions can be performed by MySQL database. It does not have any SQL features so if you want to send an email to a group of users, you’ll need to put the JSON into your favourite programming language and build the list manually or additionally write information to an SQL database for querying later.

If you have a business application or are considering to start one, Firebase is the one of the good options available for that. This interface actually has all that you could need to begin a fruitful business application or to launch your current configuration forward in the right direction. Between analytics, development, growth, and money-making considerations, you will be set with this platform for a long time of continued success. It helps to save a lot of time aiding the developer to concentrate on the core functionalities that make application or websites faster, extraordinary and user-centric.

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