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“Festival of Lights”: The Creative and Fun Diwali Celebration at CMARIX

“Festival of Lights”: The Creative and Fun Diwali Celebration at CMARIX

The auspicious festival of Diwali brings in happiness, prosperity, and success. Known as the festival of joy and light, Diwali dawns the victory of good over evil while dispelling darkness from our lives.

With the onset of the pandemic, the world has undoubtedly slipped into a pit of darkness. To overcome these overwhelming emotions of helplessness and despair, Diwali offers the opportunity to celebrate life.

At CMARIX, we celebrate Diwali with modern twists but without forgoing the conventional methods. Our team members are encouraged to enjoy this festive occasion with smiles, joy, and happiness. For that, we arrange a wide range of fun activities, sumptuous dinner spread, and unimaginable joy.

How do We Celebrate Diwali to Make it Fun and Memorable?

CMARIX boasts of a team of skilled professionals who work extremely hard to attain the company goals and objectives. As such, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that they feel loved, appreciated and special on this festive spiritual occasion.

Take a look at how we put in extra efforts to make this Diwali fun and worth-remembering affair –

  • Amazing Efforts to Arrange Pre-festive Events

Despite the hectic deadlines and busy schedules, our team members excel at organization and time management skills. Along with completing their assigned tasks, they have also taken an interest in organizing events for Diwali. Here, employees of different departments came together to pitch ideas and decide activities for the special day. The most amazing aspect was that they didn’t let it affect their work, not one bit.

  • Pitching of Different Unique Ideas for Diwali Celebration

To gain success in your career path, you need to have exceptional professional skills. However, even in a professional setting, you need to bond with people. After all, humans are social creatures and thus depend on interactions even while working. Here, having other skills is equally necessary. Our team members have an exciting discussion regarding the ideas for the Diwali celebration in the office. A wide range of concepts related to office decoration, Diya painting, rangoli and dinner comes to the surface.

  • Spreading Happiness

On Diwali, the only thing that matters is being happy and spreading cheer. At CMARIX, we encourage our employees to cherish these beautiful moments with a smile. Their everything-we-can-achieve attitude makes them valuable members of our company and projects their determination to take up the most complex challenges.

Our Diwali Celebration

There are numerous ways we celebrate this auspicious day. Take a look –

  • Decorations:

Decorations are a crucial part of Diwali. There are multiple ways to deck up the office space. For instance, we opted for the placements of Lakshmi and Ganesha idols in different areas. Apart from this, we also made colorful rangolis. Besides, our team members also used floating candles, flowers, electric lights, and more.

  • Rangoli:

Rangoli is one of the most vital factors that induce colour and brightness to this occasion. Our skilled employees create the most amazing rangolis in different areas of the office.

  • Fun Activities:

There are a plethora of activities that we organize for an exciting Diwali celebration. Some of the fun contests include rangoli competition, making diyas, quiz, guess who, etc. Moreover, we also announce interesting rewards for winners and cultivate a competitive streak.

  • Dinner:

After all the fun activities are done, we organize a sumptuous dinner spread for our valuable team members. It is the perfect way to interact with everyone and spread happiness.

  • Traditional Attire:
Traditional Attire

Diwali calls for conventional garbs. Ethnic attires are the dress code for the day. Our employees dress in the most beautiful formal dress for the day.

Various Fun Activities at CMARIX

At CMARIX, we organize different fun and exciting activities for our employees. Take a look at some of them –

  • Speak of Other Employees

One of the most exciting tasks is speaking your heart out. Employees can select anyone and speak a few words, expressing their gratitude and love for them. It is a great way to cement the bonds between team members.

  • Quiz on Diwali

Another fun activity is a Diwali-related quiz. Interesting questions can be piled, and members can be grouped into different teams. Of course, the winning team gets a gift.

  • Diya Making Competition

In lieu of keeping up the tradition, organizing a diya making competition is an excellent idea.

  • CSR Activities (Corporate Social Responsibilities)
CSR Activities

We have started the diwali week with the CSR activity. We bought some firecrackers and went to the underprivileged area and donated those crackers to little ones. The way they smiled at us and wished us a happy diwali is the feeling beyond this world.

  • Photo Booth
Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love immortalizing memorable moments? You can set up a photo booth in one corner. Here, you can keep various props such as wigs, moustaches, hats, etc. The team members can click photos here and circulate them on their social media accounts.

  • Giving Gifts
Giving Gifts

Employees work hard throughout the year. In return, giving them gifts on Diwali will make them feel loved. You can provide sweets, decorative items, chocolates, etc.

Irrespective of the activities and fun dinner, we at CMARIX value our employees and their contribution to the company. This was an opportunity to show them our appreciation and love. Let light gain victory over evil!

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