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Flutter vs React Native vs PWA – What to Choose for Cross-Platform App Development?

Flutter vs React Native vs PWA – What to Choose for Cross-Platform App Development?

The Revolution of mobile app development has been growing exponentially. For staying abreast with businesses and customers’ growing needs, the niche platform and framework’s optimum utilization becomes necessary. This is why, for the development of the mobile application for a new business segment, robust technology is require by the react native development company that can help ensure the time-consuming coding to be straightforward and time-efficient.

Flutter, React Native and PWA, they all offer benefits that the business can easily grab by adopting any of the three choices frameworks. So, if the plan is to leverage the benefit from the cross-platform in order to improve business efficiency, then without having a thoughtful mind, take a step within the digital world of today and get benefits within budget. There are many companies like CMARIX, which can help in the successful implementation of this framework. However, by having three choices in hand, it is assume that one will have a doubt about which one to choose.

This is why this article has been prepare to provide complete information and a quick comparison between Flutter, React Native, and PWA. So, give a read ahead to know more.

Flutter vs React Native vs PWA – Comparison

Flutter vs React Native vs Progressive Web Apps

The comparison provide between these three frameworks will be helpful for quickly identifying which one of the frameworks should be made the top choice for app development.


  • Flutter developer is Google & community, and the framework was first out in May 2017.
  • React Native developer is Facebook, and it was out in 2015.
  • Progressive Web Apps developer, it’s Google, and it was out in 2015.


Flutter provides excellent speed, and React Native is closer to the Native. Apart from these, the Progressive Web Apps speed is near-instant load. So, it is always advisable to hire React Native Developers so as to assure receiving the best service with professional help.

Programming Language

Both PWA and React Native use the JavaScript programming language, but Flutter uses the Dart programming language.


For Flutter, the framework has a new BSD license, and for React Native, it is an MIT license. However, for Progressive Web Apps, the webpage or the websites that are known as the web application, by no means do they need any separate bundling or distribution.


Flutter is open-source and completely free to be used by all, but when it comes to Progressive Web Apps and React Native, they are just open-source. They are not free to be used.

User interface

Both for Flutter and React Native, the user interface exists. For Flutter, it is proprietary, and for React Native, it is Native components.

Platforms availability

One can use Flutter for customized widgets, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web Platform, Google Fuchsia, and for Progressive Web Apps; the framework gets delivered through the web on both mobile services and desktops. However, for React Native, it is Android, iOS, web and Windows, tvOS, and Android TV.

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Which Framework is Better For The Business?

Flutter, React Native or PWA

In order to understand which framework is better for the business, it will be good to understand beforehand more about them all. It will help identify which companies use the framework currently, the pros and cons related to each framework, and much more. Give a read ahead to understand it all.


It is the Google Kate for application development needs on different operating systems like iOS, Android, and many more. So, if you hire Flutter developers, you can use the framework for building 2D applications with much more functional & easy to use mobile applications that will have the complete support of the camera, location, storage, etc.

Striking layout, application with Flutter gets developed with the same. It is possible for various business domains, and it also provides the developer community with a preferable framework for mobile application development. From high performance to the intricate graphics, all off it comes along with this one-stop solution.

Some of the well-known brands using Flutter are Capital One, Alibaba, Google, Square, eBay, etc.


  • With the use of the reload attribute, if you plan to Hire flutter developers, they can check code modifications and their outcomes very quickly. They can even try various variations for better applications. In simple words, it allows the development of high-end Android mobile applications within low-end machines.
  • The framework is quite responsive, and if coding is done appropriately, one will not be required to change as for the updating requirements.
  • Changes in the variable, as well as user interface components, can be made to make things much perfect.


  • For the application web view widgets, no support exists.
  • It is a very considerate option for long term practice.
  • It is big in comparison to react native framework.
  • Working upon the layout that has been presented by a framework, it can be very challenging. There are many characteristics that are not intuitive for using right from word. One will be required to out more time for getting better to hold over drawbacks.
  • It uses a single code dart for building mobile applications. The framework is integrated within the inbuilt Java code on the Android as well as swift on the iOS and objective c.
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React Native

The framework has been introduced by Facebook and Reactjs; it is the open-source JavaScript programming language. The considerate language, it always comes across as one of the most preferred solutions for building the application for multiple platforms. One can build applications quickly for both Android and iOS with much more ease.

With one-time coding, the applications working on react native framework help in saving a lot of development time. There are many sets of components for Android and IOS platforms, and using the same, this framework is building the hierarchy of the user interface components for the creation of JavaScript code.

Some of the well-known brands using react-native are Facebook, Instagram, coinbase, Shopify, etc. React Native and ReactJS, they are both the development of Facebook by using the same principles for design but not the designing interfaces. JSX is used by the development of react native application framework that is known for combining the JS coding and the XML-sequel markup.


  • Applications using this framework can be developed by using one single code base for both of the platforms simultaneously. This is what has increased the popularity of the framework, and if you are planning to hire react native developers like CMARIX, do not think twice, as this will be highly beneficial.
  • The applications of react native, they are compiled in natively written codes. This helps to enable them to work upon the operating system, both of them.
  • It helps in better performance with the native resources and components.
  • It helps to improve the complete procedure speed because of the already existing open-source libraries modules.
  • The best part is the code reusability which helps to bring down the development cost on a big-time basis.


  • There is a very steep learning curve for a better understanding of the framework for beginners.
  • There are regular updates, and this is one of the significant disadvantages, which adds up to much more confusion that sometimes becomes very difficult to be understood without the help of react native development company and its professionals.
  • The react native framework environment is changing very constantly, and therefore it requires the programmers to understand all of the new working procedures from scratch once again.
  • There are some security parameters within the respective platform that are required to be improved. The inbuilt components, they are very less relatively as because of the evolving technology.

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Progressive Web Apps or PWA

Progressive Web Apps

This framework helps in the development of the applications, just like the native applications. It is known for comprising the application development procedure, which consists of a web stack in CSS, JS & HTML form. It also assists the developers in creating a very unified user experience that is done in a similar manner as it was while the native platform is used.

The best part is that the app development framework of PWA, it is the best alternative for the native or hybrid application development platforms. Any of the applications developed within the framework, they are not at all centered around hardware and are budget effective, which makes them perfect for fulfilling the needs of the users. It is one of the top choices for being considered for the development of the cross-platform as well as the native mobile application. Some characteristics of it are,

  • Progressive
  • Safe
  • Discoverable
  • Linkable
  • Installable
  • App-like, etc.

Some of the companies that are using PWA are Twitter, Smashing Magazine, Financial Times, Forbes, Pinterest, Uber, etc. They use it because to reach customers on their mobile devices, it is becoming much more a fact and quite imperative. With the use of PWA framework services, businesses obtain strategic goals like having an increasing user base and also receiving an enhanced user experience that can combine mobile applications and the web. The framework provides users with web flexibility with robust knowledge of the native application. It simply extends the step which provides the user to build PWA for the mobile and then ensure to make the same application available on all of the devices.


  • One can quickly launch the application without making any compromise in terms of performance and quality.
  • It is compatible with any of the browsers or devices.
  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • Using the PWA platform, the automatic update of a given app can be built.
  • Mobile applications using this framework and replicate the communication as well as the navigation, comparable to the native web applications. No approval or launch will be required by the applications on the application stores.


  • The social media add-ons, they cannot fetch the data. There is also a lack of social media interaction between the PWA applications.
  • The PWA platform, it might not be able to adapt to the latest development of the hardware and matters like fingerprint and the vision scanning that comes across the changes.

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Final Words

Hopefully, the comparison between the three frameworks provided a quick idea about what you might be looking forward to and what you will be using within your business. There are many companies that have adopted different kinds of frameworks based on their requirements. They find their suite of features and know who to approach. So, no matter it is for better application performance or quality desktop experience, make a pick and implement or hire react native development company to help through it.

CMARIX, it is one such name associated with much successful development and delivery of web application projects. Our clients have always been satisfied with what we present as we understand the uniqueness of the business and the challenges along with the requirements which come with it to be fulfilled. This is why our professionals ensure to offer cut-age technological solutions through web applications next generation. So, if you are looking forward to better solutions and quality resolutions, connect with us today.

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Some of FAQs

  • PWA is dependent upon web technologies for offering the users app-like experiences. The core language which is used for making the PWA are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. React is utilized by the React Native apps.
  • React Native is preferred in the cases wherein targeting iOS and Android devices using the app store is the main aim. However, if one prefers to widen the reach towards the users and the devices using the browser, then PWA is the best choice for you. For any business willing to have a cost-effective development option, again, PWA is your choice.
  • Simplicity comes in with Flutter, and it is also much resistant to any of the modifications that are made using the operating system updates. React Native, on the other hand, is dependent upon the native elements of devices which require much more adoption efforts for Android and iOS applications.

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