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8 Reasons to use Zend Framework

8 Reasons to use Zend Framework

Being a standout amongst the most preferred languages for web development, PHP is responsible for empowering almost 80 % of the websites that set the tremendous aspect of World Wide Web. The popularity of this broadly useful, server-side scripting language has prompted to the development of a lot of PHP frameworks. By offering a structure, the PHP framework must be designed to streamline the development of a variety of web applications rapidly, effectively, and productively. As an ecosystem for web development, a PHP framework is a secret tool enabling developers to get the best applications cost-effectively. However, one of the toughest decisions that many developers face today is the selection of the framework that will support PHP development. If a business is developing a custom development project, then it must use the popular Zend Framework. This specific framework has already been installed more than 64 million times.

Zend Framework (ZF) has become a popular and widely adopted framework for PHP web development. It is an open source, object-oriented web application framework that is implemented in PHP 5 and is authorized under the new BSD License, and requires the signature of a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) based on the Apache Software Foundation’s CLA. It also follows standards PHP-FIG, and PSR-7 includes an implementation for HTTP message interfaces. With components like Zend_Controller, Zend_Layout, Zend_Config, and Zend_Db, this MVC based framework gives a developer the flexibility to change the code whichever way he needs. There are a moral good number of helpful features that help a programmer to code better. Let’s see more interesting features and benefits of the Zend framework.

Extended Classes

Zend framework including interfaces and inheritance concept, it is a completely object-oriented platform and so it uses a lot of OO (object-oriented) this helps developers in applying their own versions/similarities of a changed factor without hacking into the codebase. Design such as this brings uniqueness to each project. Extended has a set of classes. Generally, single person customs Zend MVC parts to sort a completely practical ZF project. In any hand, you may simply load the parts you require.

The Goodness of Object Orientation

When functioning in a Zend framework, the whole thing needs to be realized and used as an object. Though, this also has it’s secure of disadvantages like such as assembly the coding more complicated. However, it provides the better indicator by making the codes reusable. The Zend platform is pretty decoupled, offering each element as a single library.

It Does Lot of Many Things

Similarly, it is stress-free to integrate RSS feeds and create forms. The best thing is that the framework has a more element. It uses many objective-based factors such as boundaries and legacy. The customization of Zend framework permits you to mark individual functionality. This exclusive climaxes your project.

Participate With Something

Zend framework makes it suitable to integrate external libraries from the decoupled nature of design. To use separately landscape framework it makes very easy to mix other collection as smart as viewing example to wonder. Zend Framework’s separate landscape makes it very easy to mix other collections that you want. For example, some developers design to use a quick template to make simple integrate an enfolding class with a Zend framework which turns good move to provide.

Standards And Guidelines

All underwriters must sign a Contribute License Agreement (CLA) and every developer must notice to simplify Coding Standards. This makes each code extremely qualitative, verified and readable. To make technology and service Zend provides edges to web service such as Google, Microsoft, and Strike Iron companies have joined appearances to make a wish available to Zend developers.

Test-Driven Development Practice

To exchange codes, refactor, and create input/output whitelist for that you have to make codes easier and make test-driven Develops write tests. There is some test driven which is formerly your web application is nearer to a publication, PHPUnit ‘s + Zend framework chains for well-designed testing on Selenium IDE derives close as well. These are trials test that approximately pantograph end user conduct and are definite to testing zones such as usability, safety, and performance.

Zend powered websites

Documentation And Community

Zend Framework mixes a sudden education community curve to beginners who can know the stage documentation and an all general civic. In the normal collection form, a great and bouncy web application framework components Zend Framework components in the standard library form a powerful and extensible web application framework when combined.


Zend framework is conceivably single of the limited platforms that offer both Zend Framework Certification and PHP Certification. This will indeed inspire young and initial developers to yield up training and certification tests that will advantage to build their portfolio. To young fresher, this certification exam and training will take up to shape your CV too.

Zend Framework is worthwhile because it has the quickness of growth time by denary. By Getting into the framework may be a jiffy scary and drive a lot of research, but then it will payback. It retains the simplicity and gives more convenience to developers for developing Web applications in PHP using the MVC pattern. Zend framework required concrete models because it’s great good to run. Its feature-rich components enable enterprises to run business critical and high-usage applications.

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