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13 Best Trending Startup Mobile App Ideas You Can Launch In 2021

13 Best Trending Startup Mobile App Ideas You Can Launch In 2021

2020 has witnessed a significant surge, Mobile App Development Services Company in India has explored new application development avenues. In 2021, there will be 7 billion mobile users who spend an average of 90% of the time on mobile applications.

With the increasing number of applications, mobile app developers become an integral part of everyday life. Be it shopping or booking a movie ticket, everything is available with modern technology at your fingertips.

Why Should You Hire Mobile App Developers India?

Are you planning a new business? Are you planning to make it mobile application-oriented?

You are on the right track to achieve great success. Take a glance at the key figures of mobile application development Revenue:

  • Average smartphone users install 60-90 applications and operate at least one application on a daily basis. The report also suggests they usually spend 2 hours 15 mins on a mobile app.
  • By 2022, application store consumers would be spending a 92% hike throughout the world; the number counts $157 billion.
  • 87% of the consumers check the smartphones at least one hour before going to bed

The statistics show the vast number of revenue startup businesses can earn transforming their existing form. There are hundreds of apps rolling out in the app market, and the number keeps growing every minute. Therefore, with uniquemobile app ideas,you can join these large numbers and offer ever-growing business scope for startups.

Now, let us take a look at some of the exclusive mobile app development ideas for 2021:

1.Tourism/travel App Ideas

Travel and tourism applications are the most definite choice an entrepreneur can choose. Especially, the global situation is looking for new ways to explore the world. With a tourism application, you can offer your users to book online tickets for travel and accommodation. You can share with them all the details of great hotels and flight fares to choose from. On the other hand, you can also include the feature to make unique travel plans and guide them throughout their journey.

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2. Food App Ideas

The love for food will never go off-vogue. You can suggest to your users the best restaurant in their locality or open online portals to order foods, or book a table in the food application. You can also include clients’ reviews and food menu to make it more informative to the users.

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3. Web App Idea

There are a variety of web app ideas a business owner can choose from. They can integrate advanced technology like Machine Learning or Virtual Reality to make things available for the users. Some of the excellent web app ideas are:

  • Food and fashion apps
  • Lifestyle application
  • Machine learning astrology
  • Family location tracking application
  • Crime alert web app
  • Review web apps for movies, books, hotels, electronic products, etc.

4. Car Wash Apps

Car Wash Apps

When you choose something out of box ideas from a mobile application development company, you tend to get more downloads. On the other hand, the application should be useful for all consumers. A car wash application lets the users book a direct appointment from the car wash center and tally the reviews and price range. With a comparative analysis, users can choose their convenient way for a car wash.

5. Delivery Applications

With a delivery application, you can allow the users to request pick-up and parcel and deliver it to a specific address. With advanced tracking orders, you can set up a transparent view. With an enticing on-demand delivery app layout, you can personalize the unique experience.

6. Healthcare App

Healthcare App

Healthcare applications are very popular since people are more alert about their health-related problems. In a healthcare application, one can follow a various range of features. Users can get the information or track the general symptoms of any disease, and they can analyze all health-related matters through the application.

7. Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

With the advent of a global pandemic, Doctors’ appointment booking application has become very popular. People are more comfortable to consult a doctor online and even order the medicine from the same application. You can tie-up with the best specialist doctors and let the customers choose as per their requirements. You can arrange both chat support and live consultation for the convenience of the users.

8. Shopping App

Shopping App

There is no doubt in saying that shopping applications are always in demand if you can bring the quality item with great fashion sense. As we discuss unique mobile app ideas, I think you are not planning to build a regular shopping app. With VR (Virtual Reality) technology, you can provide a more advanced experience and let the customer try the virtual dresses and choose the best one. You can also include fashion experts to guide every customer with trending fashion sense.

9. On-demand Health Check App

Dcotor app

As I mentioned earlier too, people nowadays are very much alert regarding their health and wellness. Simultaneously, it is always not possible to monitor vital biometrics with a handful of gadgets. Therefore, they look for smart ways to check wellness regularly. You can incorporate features like BP checking and pulse count and monitor the general health of the users. With online chat support, you can recommend the users with the necessary guidance.

10. Health Check-up App

People nowadays prefer to consult a doctor without human contact. So, online consultation is the ideal way the consumers. With a health check-up application, you can suggest the users’ best specialist doctors’ help for their wellbeing and also include required test (blood, ECG, X-ray, CT scan) requests online.

11. Education App


In an education application, you can try a various range of ideas related to education. You can either go for arranging an education consultant or arrange online tuition classes for different types of students. Education applications can be popular and earn great revenue if you can monitor smart ideas for a diverse range of students.

12. App Editor App

If you are thinking about something new, then an app editing application is one of them. Imagine you are supporting others to make their choice of applications. Though the number of consumers might not be as great as a general application. However, its usability is more intense than a general application.

13. Money Making Apps

Moeny making

In a money-making application, you will suggest to others how to increase their capacity to earn more money! For this application, you have to be technically and ideologically advanced. As you are going to propose other regarding money-making plans, there has to be a professional expert with thorough knowledge in economic and logistic fields.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Mobile App in 2021?

The charge of an application entirely depends on the intensity of the project, how many features you can incorporate, and finally, what technology you are integrating. For advanced performing applications, Hire Mobile App Developers India and include the latest technology like AI-supported chatbots, Machine learning, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality (for gaming applications).

So, I hope you have a great idea of the trending applications of 2021; let us know which among the above you are planning to implement for a new beginning.

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