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8 Large Website using JavaScript for Web development

8 Large Website using JavaScript for Web development

Today’s digitally driven world requires websites to grow businesses. High-functioning websites are essential to bringing in customers and clients. Website front ends must be designed well to ensure a seamless user experience. Therefore, it’s necessary to focus on front-end web development when building your custom website.

For the front end, JavaScript is a must. There are various market leading Websites That Use JavaScript. JavaScript is everywhere you go on a website with more than static information.

JavaScript can update content regularly, show shuffling tabs, play animations, scroll videos, and make interactive maps.

Exploring the great javascript website examples like Google, YouTube comes as an undoubted reason making it a reliable choice for web development.

Read our blog to know 8 compelling websites using Javascript for web development.

A Brief Overview of JavaScript

JavaScript is an object-oriented language, it follows the ECMAScript standard (a specification language for JavaScript that ensures interoperability between different browsers).

As a general-purpose programming language, JavaScript is suitable for both front-end and back-end development of websites.

A server-side language for writing client-side and server-side code, it’s used by developers for interactive sites.

Web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript make up the backbone of the Internet. HTML creates and displays the basic structure of web pages.

The CSS language is used to format the layout, elements, and presentation of web pages. Lastly, JavaScript for websites controls the front end.

One of the biggest Advantages of JavaScript is its simplicity. JavaScript powers 98.7% of the web.

How Does JavaScript Work?

The JavaScript language is what is commonly referred to as a client-side script. Search engines, for example, work due to the user’s computer, smartphone, or tablet interacting with a remote server. Remote servers send information to clients (user machines), and the client-side software interprets the data and renders a Web page.

The Web pages you already have on your browser will still be accessible if your Internet provider goes down while you have a Web page loaded. This prevents users from accessing remote data or navigating to new Web pages.

Javascript: The Right Choice for Web Development

Almost every small to large company uses javascript websites. No matter how small a startup is or how large a corporation is, JavaScript development services fill every gap.

Despite its original intention to be used for front-end development, today, it is also used for server-side development.

Let’s look at some benefits that make Javascript coding websites, the popular web development language.

Simple to Learn

With JavaScript, you can learn web development along with ease of use. There is no need to spend a great deal of time learning how the language works and how to use it to create useful dynamic events for a website. As a result, it is easy to learn and has a very intuitive syntax.

With no prior knowledge of computer programming needed, it is easy for anyone to learn JavaScript and master it.

Since it utilizes the DOM model to provide many predefined features to different objects on the page, it is simple to develop scripts for custom purposes.

Provides Client-Side Assistance

The server doesn’t need to be involved with JavaScript code snippets. As a result, the server is less burdened.

A website processes JavaScript codes using the user’s system resources. These server-side processes make most of the functionalities possible.

As a result, animations and similar behaviors take a lot less time to render and are more fluid when they are rendered. There is an excellent chance for you to get help with JavaScript homework online.


The web is full of JavaScript. Several resources are available to help you learn JavaScript. There are a lot of Javascript projects on StackOverflow and GitHub, and Javascript as a whole has gained traction in the industry.

Using MEAN Stack

By using the MEAN Stack – including MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js developers can simplify the development process even more. The MongoDB database is a newly defined NoSQL database. The Angular.js framework is one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks.

Indispensable to Platforms

Most browsers support JavaScript, which facilitates the understanding and interpretation of JavaScript code. You don’t need to install or configure it, and it’s free. With just a few clicks, you can edit different parts of a website.

Interactivity of the User Interface

Using JavaScript to dynamically fill web pages with data, such as providing a country and state drop-down list. Selecting a country or state fills a drop-down list dynamically. A second example is form validation, which alerts users when fields are missing or incorrect.

A Powerful Framework

JavaScript offers Best JavaScript Frameworks that boast ready-to-use codes. They are easily understandable and debuggable. Furthermore, a wide array of features will be available to you, significantly increasing your productivity.

Triggered Codes

The JavaScript programming language is event-based. Different code segments run when a user clicks a button or hovers a mouse. Loading the website doesn’t initialize all the code. With this, you can ensure your website loads faster while adding rich features.

Procedural Programming

A programming language is a set of procedures comprising features that make it a popular and powerful tool. When you can create branches, loops, induce conditional checks, and more with JavaScript, your website will be much more enjoyable.

Coding on the Server Side

A cross-platform runtime engine like Node.js facilitates the development of server-side JavaScript code by web developers. There are node.js as a server-side and cross-platform runtime environment. The Google V8 JavaScript engine is also used to execute JavaScript code efficiently. With Node.js’ built-in libraries, programmers can run their web applications without using any third-party servers.

Taking on Multiple Tasks

The JavaScript programming language offers the event loop module, enabling multiple instructions to run simultaneously. For example, you activate a JavaScript event on your browser while browsing a website.

When it’s triggered, the JavaScript runtime stores the information automatically. If, within the loop, a callback function containing stored information is executed, then it will be executed again.

The JavaScript language allows multiple operations to be handled by one thread. In this way, programmers can avoid programming for every application separately (or redundantly).

8 Compelling Websites That Use JavaScript in 2023

8 compelling websites that use JavaScript

With a thorough understanding of JavaScript’s numerous advantages, let’s explore some JavaScript website examples. This brings to light the web giants that showcase JavaScript in action.

1. Google

No introduction is needed for Google and is one of the greatest examples of javascript in websites. A phrase now refers to the search engine, “Just Google it!

As a JavaScript programmer, it is impossible not to be impressed by the scope and amount of data that JavaScript manages. It is constantly updated in real-time for Google.

Furthermore, there is no lag in handling many queries and users without problems. JavaScript can handle Google, so it can handle whatever the web throws.

2. YouTube

The most popular video streaming and sharing platform is YouTube. However, despite the popularity of the mobile app, the website still has the second highest traffic on the internet. As a result, video watching, recording, and uploading have become more popular. Without JavaScript, JavaScript would not be as popular as it is today.

In 2011, Youtube introduced an easy-to-navigate user interface that followed a social media design. With a personalized recommendation tab, trending tabs, and categories, it offers an ultra-modern user experience.

To Create A Web Application like YouTube, choose to Hire Javascript Developers and they will help you gain most of the benefits.

3. Facebook

The world’s number one social media platform, Facebook, is one of the websites that utilize JavaScript. By offering minimal designs and extensive tools for sharing videos, photos, and messages, Facebook has created a new way for consumers to engage with social media platforms.

It is also worth noting that Facebook’s company has developed its own JavaScript framework, React. Their websites include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp Web, and Giphy.

4. LinkedIn

Working-class professionals use LinkedIn as a social networking site. With the power of social media, you can share inspiration with your friends, colleagues, and clients. A mix of JavaScript and other languages operates the social feed homepage.

The Linkedin site has an attractive design with quick searches, and website javascript is used for its functionality. There are many things you can do on this website, including creating job alerts, building resumes automatically, and much more.

5. Amazon

Amazon is another high-traffic site built with JavaScript. This online eCommerce store supports millions of users around the world. Using the site, users may sell their products and receive marketing and shipping assistance.

It is estimated that more than 2.5 million sellers sell their products on Amazon. It is no secret that ensuring the timely delivery of these large datasets involves enormous effort.

A JavaScript user interface is an accessible, safe, and simple way for designers to create an Amazon-like user experience.

6. Twitter

Statistics from Statista reveal that Twitter supports 192 million daily users. News and discussions about major events can be found there. Considering Twitter’s high traffic and constant postings and retweets, JavaScript is a natural fit.

Twitter’s UI is smooth and functional in part due to JavaScript. Many features make Twitter popular, including cascading tweets, attachments, images and videos, and customizable tweet blasts.

7. Wikipedia

Everything and anything can be found on Wikipedia. With JavaScript, humans have created the most giant encyclopedia in history. Website contributors from all over the world continuously update the simple elementary design.

JavaScript’s utilities make it difficult to read lengthy explanations, but not because it lacks any utilities.

8. Quora

Adding JavaScript to Quora’s web development infrastructure is another reason the social media platform relies on JavaScript. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, it allows experts and novices to share information.

Using Quora as an example, you can demonstrate the variety of ways developers can utilize JavaScript. Additionally to jQuery features on the front end, Quora uses JavaScript in its back-end development.

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What Is the Best Time to Use Javascript?

JavaScript is commonly used to transform static web pages dynamically. Take a moment to recall your last web interaction.

JavaScript likely fabricated their experience. It’s JavaScript’s widespread use that makes it so popular. It has been mentioned that many of these behaviors exist.

A behavior change can include a slider, dropdown menu, animation, audio, or video.

Listed below are some other JavaScript examples that relate to web page behavior:

  • Information display or hiding.
  • Zooming in and out.
  • Countdowns or timers.
  • Homepages with gallery carousels.

Its use is well-established and variable beyond simply modifying web page behavior.


JavaScript and its frameworks have become the backbone of several popular websites. Here, we will discuss some of the most popular javascript websites. Each day, JavaScript’s popularity grows as it makes servers more secure and gives users a fast website experience.

To take the most of the benefit from JavaScript language, counting web development company comes as an ideal choice for creating result oriented applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The JavaScript programming language is cross-platform, object-oriented, and used by developers in creating interactive web pages.

    By using this language, software developers can dynamically update content, create animated pop-up menus, include clickable buttons, and control multimedia.

  • It is often used in the development of mobile apps, as it facilitates the creation of interactive applications that are user-friendly and interactive. Facebook, Twitter, and Uber are all examples of mobile applications that use JavaScript.

  • The JavaScript programming language is widely used in front-end development but has become increasingly popular in back-end development. With Node js (a JavaScript runtime), this can be accomplished.

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