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Top 36 Startup investment firms of Southeast Asia

Top 36 Startup investment firms of Southeast Asia

Having a million-dollar idea for a startup is incredible – but now what? You would need great execution which will include talented team, technology, marketing, infrastructure and much more all of which requires money. Whether it’s an eCommerce web platform or innovative native mobile app, most businesses and entrepreneurs require at least a little bit of funding to get off the ground in their initial days. Today’s businesses exist in a new monetary landscape that forces creativity and out-of-the-box thinking with regards to financing.

There are numerous options available to a prospective new entrepreneur for funding, but it is important that you find an option that will be beneficial for your company. Investment firms are a great place to begin when searching for startup funding for your new business. They are a government entities that helps entrepreneurs get their new businesses off of the ground. Of great significance is the listing of federal and state government grants for people looking to start their own business. The most important thing is to know that the grants are highly competitive and skewed for specific industries in certain areas.

As our continuous assurance to facilitate global startup consulting we bring to you very significant infographic of the Top Startup investment firms of Southeast Asia.

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Written by Kapil Antala

Kapil Antala is a Design Lead at CMARIX InfoTech, a leading UI/UX Design Services Company with 12+ years experience. Kapil firmly believes that design is an art, which requires scientific execution to bring commercial results. He leads execution of Design Driven Engineering (DDE) at CMARIX for web, mobile and custom software development services.

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