Importance of IT staff augmentation services

The post-Covid landscape has brought enormous changes. One such massive transformation is the eagerness to embrace IT staff augmentation services.

In the IT industry, the strategy of recruiting or hiring talented individuals from outside sources is known as staff augmentation. Generally, IT staff augmentation occurs on a contractual basis. With this outsourcing strategy, companies can integrate domain experts without providing employee packages or other benefits.

Why opt for IT staff augmentation?

  • Bridge the skill gap in the existing talent pool: Hire individuals who can offer value to the project while offering support to the in-house team.
  • More flexibility: You can hire as per the needs of the project.
  • Decreased overhead costs: Companies can save a massive amount without paying taxes and benefits associated with a full-time employee.
  • Easy to hire employees: With access to the global talent pool, hiring the right talent is simple.
  • Enhanced work productivity: With domain-specific knowledge, experts can increase the quality of work, aiding in creating a better industry reputation.

Frequently used terms in IT staff augmentation

Abandonment rate: It is the percentage of applicants that leave the process of recruitment without waiting for a negative or positive result. In short, they leave before you can potentially hire them.

Statement of Work: Also known as SOW, the statement of work is basically a document that offers in-depth information related to the work needed to complete a specific IT project.

Critical differences between IT staff augmentation and managed services

IT staff augmentation

  • Outsourcing of functions and tasks takes place
  • Offers flexibility
  • Perfect for fast-paced IT projects
  • Bills are often charged bi-weekly
  • Company gets project control
  • Cost-effective

Managed services

  • Outsourcing of management and solutions takes place
  • Offers stability
  • Best for long-term IT projects
  • Bills are often charged annually
  • Company can focus on other business operations
  • Comparatively higher

When is the best time for IT staff augmentation?

  • Demand for subject-based experts
  • Gain access to the global talent pool
  • Ready to cut down excess costs
  • Eager to improve work productivity

Are you ready to take advantage of the fruitful results of IT staff augmentation?

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