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Importance Of Pixel Perfect Web and Mobile App Design

Importance Of Pixel Perfect Web and Mobile App Design

Pixel is a definite small area of illumination on a display screen. Many pixels combine to form a visual, an image which can be a website or mobile app. They are basically the smallest unit on a grid displaying an image. There is a linear relationship between the number of pixels and the quality of the image. In other words, more the pixels, better the quality.

Pixel perfection is a keyword used by mostly design & development companies across the globe. It sets bench-marking standards in terms of the expected quality design output. Designing and Development are the core strength of any website or mobile application.

Many times designers design the website or mobile application in Photoshop PSD format and later front end developers slice it to PSD to HTML. This is where pixel perfection becomes the defining parameter to set exact match, leading to higher quality & client satisfaction.

As mentioned by Brandon Jones, “Perfect” means that every element of every design component is exactly as you want them to be in the final product.

Customers encounter common problems when pixel perfection isn’t been considered by their development company. Few of them can be:

  • Imperfect Margins
  • Padding Issues
  • Inconsistent Font usage
  • Border and background inconsistency
  • Color mismatch

Pixel perfection takes place at several levels, whether someone is creating designs from the wireframes or creating HTML pages from the designs. It has to look the same exactly, down to every pixel.

Pixel perfection implementation needs to be taken care at:

  • Sharp Edges
  • Alignment and spacing
  • Consistency
  • Color Model
  • Color Management
  • Text Height and Width
  • Aligning Text on Buttons
  • Object States
  • Border and Corner Radii
  • Version Control

In terms of the latest implementation, Google has come up with a new algorithm on 21st April, so that more and more websites can be responsive in coming days. It is important to make your website responsive with a leading responsive web design development company and have a pixel perfect implementation.

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Written by Kapil Antala

Kapil Antala is a Design Lead at CMARIX InfoTech, a leading UI/UX Design Services Company with 12+ years experience. Kapil firmly believes that design is an art, which requires scientific execution to bring commercial results. He leads execution of Design Driven Engineering (DDE) at CMARIX for web, mobile and custom software development services.

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