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What Is A Responsive Website?

What Is A Responsive Website?

In December 2012, Pete Cashmore from Mashable came up with an article announcing how the design of Mashable website fits to the screen of different sizes and the content resizes itself. It was an informal announcement that their website is now device friendly (Responsive Website) and “fits to screen” of any device browser irrespective of a personal computer, tablet or mobile phones. It has been over 2 years since then and a responsive website has been continuously gaining momentum ever since.

By 2016, it is estimated that globally there will be more than 2 billion smartphone users. By 2018 over half of the mobile phone users globally will have smartphones.

This is an era of mobility. People prefer accessing their information, making a purchase, booking movie tickets and several other things on the move, which means having a website which only works properly on PCs is thing of the past. In today’s innovative environment, the number of devices used for browsing the web continues to grow with no sign of slowing down.

Responsive website creates an optimal user experience across devices from a desktop to a Smartphone, make it easier for customers to access information, do purchase and a whole lot of other things across different devices.

Google is coming up with a new Algorithm on April 21, 2015, whereby it is adding Mobile Friendly factors & app indexing to ranking. In other words, making sure your website is mobile friendly is inevitable. A key implication of this new algorithm is in terms of Mobile Web Searches whereby responsive websites will Rank better.

At CMARIX we have been recommending & implementing responsive design for our customers due to multiple benefits which it provides for a minimal investment, thereby providing an overall higher return of investment. We have observed a significant increase in traffic for customers after responsive website implementation providing a clear-cut indication of an increase in the number of users accessing websites via their mobile & tablet devices and the corresponding benefit it can provide to the website owners.

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Written by Kapil Antala

Kapil Antala is a Design Lead at CMARIX InfoTech, a leading UI/UX Design Services Company with 12+ years experience. Kapil firmly believes that design is an art, which requires scientific execution to bring commercial results. He leads execution of Design Driven Engineering (DDE) at CMARIX for web, mobile and custom software development services.

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