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Outsourcing in India – Is It The Right Decision for Your Business?

Outsourcing in India – Is It The Right Decision for Your Business?

India is a major topic of discussion in the outsourcing IT service ground. Outsourcing software development to India is heading towards success with rapid growth and outstanding excellence. India, land of opportunities, always attracts the attention of entrepreneurs and start-up business people from all across the boundaries.

The top-class globally recognized companies like Google, CISCO, AMEX (American Express), Microsoft, and FMC (Ford Motor Company) execute software outsourcing India. India is equipped enough to meet the rising demand of the entire software industry worldwide.

India has become one of the most powerful support systems for various software companies with quality service at an affordable cost. According to the 2018 report, India shares around 70% of the international outsourcing market. Outsourcing software development India is of cost above 150 dollar billion. The development process goes through constant growth of 10-15% every year.

The development growth only indicates the importance of outsourcing to India. 2018 onwards, the country experienced unprecedented growth in the Information Technology sectors. This colossal success turned India into one of the significant sources of software developers.

Experts’ Opinions on India’s IT Outsourcing Growth

Experts’ Opinions on India’s IT Outsourcing Growth

According to the research program of NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), India is a unique example of getting more successful with the growth of competition. IT-BP exports of India have doubled in the last few years.

India is focusing more on the new drivers like digital technologies, adopting different business models, growth of an innovative start-up ecosystem, etc. India emphasizes the most updated technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Social Media, Cloud, and Mobility. Besides, the design, creativity, customer experience are also taken care of by the developers.

The Reasons Why Outsourcing to India is beneficial for the Companies:

The Reasons Why Outsourcing to India is beneficial for the Companies

With the expansion of globalization, companies have found outsourcing to India to be very beneficial and competitive. India is, doubtlessly, considered to be one of the best outsourcing centers for software development. The skillful software developers, creative designers, and professional guides on the same platform valued by the administrative support have made India where it is today.

1. The Abundance of Experienced Professionals with Skills and Talent

India is the second-highest populated country globally; therefore, the country consists of a considerable number of trained and experienced professionals. The youngsters of today’s India find the application development forum to be one of the most profitable and upgraded career options.

As per research, India is predicted to be the biggest source of software developers by 2023, leading the country to increase the software outsourcing India from other countries. The developers are expected to be knowledgeable in required KSAs. The availability of the developers eases India’s path to success. The virtual team of India will help the other countries with advanced solutions with new technologies.

2. High-Quality Services

High-Quality Services

The outsourcing companies in India offer high-quality service at an international level. According to NASSCOM, 40% of India’s workforce is predicted to enhance their skills to meet future requirements.

The Outsourcing Companies in India follow the standard international models, like

  • Capability Nurturing Model (CNM)
  • ISO 9000 (International Standard Organization)
  • TQM (Total Quality Management)
  • COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center)
  • Six Sigma Quality Certification

The standards mentioned above indicate the promising quality, dedication, and potential success of the Indian Software Companies.

Outsourcing Services in India

3. Budget-Friendly

Cost-friendliness is one of the primary reasons why other countries prefer outsourcing in India. India’s web and mobile app development cost is nearly 30-35% lesser than the American and European countries, as the salary hike of the Indian developers is lower than the developers of the western countries. Indian outsourcing companies fix the budget per hour or per month to make the process more accessible and convenient. India’s pricing flexibility has brought the country to this position. Other countries can save 65% of the operational expenses leading to the rise of profit level.

4. Focus on the Core Business Competencies

Focus on the Core Business Competencies

India focuses on research and new products to balance with the increasing customer base. While Indian outsourcing companies help other countries in their software development, they can concentrate on their core business activities. The responsible and reliable services of Indian companies help the companies of other countries to focus on other essential business activities.

5. Communicative and Easy Process

Communicative and Easy Process

Transparent Communication skill is the crux to maintain the growth of a positive relationship. Good communication enables one to get the expected result and to resolve the problems. According to BBC, India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. Communication does not cause any hindrance in the way of businesses. India’s reliable and confident communication power helps to strengthen the connectivity with the rest of the world.

Outsourcing to India is an easy process that will help other companies to focus on difficult business situations. The skillset, experience, training of the Indian developers have made the development process much easier than before.

6. Positive Use of Time-Zone Difference

Positive Use of Time-Zone Difference

Software outsourcing India offers the countries the option of time-to-market with the positive effects of time zone difference. The 12 hours- time difference provides India the opportunity to finish the work before the deadline leading to rapid productivity and more remarkable skill. It can also offer the customers 24*7 service hours as both the countries are working alternatively.

7. Administrative Support from the Indian Government

Thanks to our Indian Government, who has made the IT sector policies company-friendly. IT sectors in India provide the majority of jobs to the country’s youth. The tax laws and formalities are too strict not to follow. All the economic steps taken by the Indian Government have strengthened the bond between India and the recipient countries.

The Challenges Faced in Outsourcing to India,

  • Time-Zone Difference
  • Lack of Collaboration or communication
  • To find the Right Outsourcing Partner

The Top Market Trends in Outsourcing,

  • Automation

The tedious automation process will soon be changed to Robotic Process Automation, which will be considered one of the major technologies.

  • Cloud Service

Cloud Service helps to shift businesses to clouds. With the power to store vast data at a lesser cost has increased the demand for the cloud in business.

  • Smart Software

Smart software helps to connect the devices. The investment in smart software has increased to the top level with the rising demand.

  • Progressive Website Apps

The demand for progressive web apps increases gradually as they deliver brilliant performance to the users.

To Conclude,

The blog has discussed the beneficial aspects of outsourcing to India. Software development company in India have adopted the best of features to provide the recipients with the best of services. If you have any query regarding outsourcing to India, you can have a detailed consultation with the expert team of CMARIX to get a clearer and larger view.

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