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Node VS Golang: Which Backend Technology Should You Choose?

Node VS Golang: Which Backend Technology Should You Choose?

Can you ignore the importance of backend logic while building a web application or website? Then your answer is a big no because back-end logic provides the right tools for server-side development. So, if you are going to build a website or a web application to boost your business, you must think to hire developers. But here starts the battle of Node Js vs Golang, the two popular backend programming languages. These two backend programming languages are popular among the developer community for building an application or website.

Hire Backend Developer for building your website or a web application. The professional developer can help you choose the best programming language between Node Js and Golang, which is the best fit for your project.

A Brief Overview of Node Js:

Overview of Node Js

Node Js is an open-source cross-platform used for developing server-side and networking applications. This programming language was introduced in 2009 by Google. Node Js applications are written in JavaScript, which can run within the Node Js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Let’s look at some striking features of Node Js programming language before you Hire Dedicated Node.Js Developers to build your website or a web application for your business growth and know why most software developers prefer it.

  • Asynchronous & Event-Driven: All Node Js programming language APIs are asynchronous or non-blocking. It simply means that a Node Js-based server never waits for an API to return data. Again, Node Js helps the server to get a response from the previous API call.
  • Very Fast: Node Js is a very fast programming language built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine and is very fast in code execution.
  • Single-Threaded & Highly Scalable: Node Js is based on a single-threaded model, which helps the server respond in a non-blocking way. It results in making the server highly scalable. In contrast, the traditional servers create limited threats to handle requests. The single-threaded program of Node Js also provides a much larger number of requests than standard servers, including Apache HTTP Server.
  • No Buffering: If you hire any developers, you don’t have to worry about the problem of buffering. Node Js programming language produces data without any buffering and outputs the data in chunks.
  • License: Node Js, introduced by Google Chrome, released under the MIC license in 2009. The latest version of Node Js is v0.10.36.

Know About the Uses of Node Js:

Know About the Uses of Node Js:

Are you thinking about why you should Hire a Developer? Then you must look at some exhaustive list of projects, applications, and companies using Node Js as their programming language. The list includes:

  • eBay
  • General Electric
  • GoDaddy
  • Microsoft
  • PayPal
  • Uber
  • Wikipins
  • Yahoo
  • Yammer

Now, look at some areas where Node Js has proved to be the perfect technology partner:

  • I/O bound Application
  • Data Streaming Application
  • Data-Intensive Real-time Application
  • JSON APIs based Application
  • Single Page Application

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A Brief Overview of Golang or Go:

A Brief Overview of Golang or Go:

If you hire any developers to build a website or a web application, they can offer you the Golang programming language as your back-end solution. No doubt, it can also be the best choice for your project. Golang, popularly known as Go, first appeared at Google in 2009 and was adopted by thousands of developers as the open-source coding language. Know about some exciting features of Golang:

  • Performance & Scalability: Golang has many built-in features, including its concurrency. It means that the app will perform multiple tasks simultaneously in one CPU. This feature makes it well-suited for big-scalable applications. In addition, the equivalent threads of Golang are lightweight, which takes only 2KB of memory.
  • Stable Syntax, Code Readability: Simplicity is the main weapon of Golang. Based on C syntax, Golang is better for safer memory management and preventing memory leakage. Being a procedural language, Golang has the independence of code segments, which is important for its overall maintainability and the possibility of modifications. Thus Golang syntax helps in achieving the great clarity of the code.
  • Speed Matters: Go is faster than the other traditional languages, including Python and Java. It influences the reliability and the speed of services. As a compiled language, it is converted into machine-level code, which the processor can directly read. The compiling feature of Golang serves the purposes of error checking, code optimization, and facilitation of deployment. In addition, cross-compiling is another exciting feature of Golang, which makes it compatible with many OS platforms.
  • Availability of Programming Tool: If you Hire any developers, the expert can choose Golang as the programming language for your project. The most important reason a developer opts for Golang is the easy availability of development tools such as plugins, editors, and IDEs. These tools can be downloaded from the GitHub repository.
  • Support: There are many integrated development environments and editors that support Go, including Emacs, Vim, VSCode, Atom, Eclipse, Sublime, Intellij.
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What Are the Uses of Golang?

What Are the Uses of Golang?

Golang is the combination of the best features of many modern languages. Thus it has become one of the popular programming languages among developers for various reasons, including:

  • Golang helps create transparent and lean software that can run smoothly on devices like IoT, multicore machines, etc.
  • Golang creates lightweight and highly scalable apps, making the language perfect for resource-intense projects like building e-commerce websites.
  • It is designed to respond to heated critiques against other languages used at Google.
  • Golang can find memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, and concurrency.

If you Hire dedicated developers for handling the following project, the professional may offer you a Golang language program for your project. According to the many Go projects, it is proved that Golang is commonly used for the applications including:

  • Distributed Network Services
  • Cloud-Native Development
  • Replacements for Existing Infrastructure
  • Utilities and Stand-Alone Tools
  • News Outlets
  • Media Platforms
  • On-Demand Services

Golang or Node Js, A Comparative Study:

Both Golang and Node Js are full of benefits and are highly used by professionals. But still, there are some differences that make them unique.

  • Node Js vs Golang, Performance:
    This is the main factor on which Node JS and Golang differ. Golang performs at a high level regarding speed and memory management. Golang has a quicker startup and compiles time as it is precompiled to machine code.In comparison, Node Js has adopted a non-blocking and asynchronous system from JavaScript. Top JavaScript frameworks take a longer time to execute. So, in contrast to Node Js, Golang is faster.
  • Node Js vs Golang, Which Has a Higher Salary?
    If you hire any developers they will demand a comparatively lower salary than the Go developers. There are various reasons for such deviation, including that Golang is an entire backend programming language, whereas Node Js is an environment used by JavaScript developers.
  • Go vs Node, Which Is Best for Web Development?
    In this field, both Node and Golang can stake their claim. Though Node Js was built to provide an environment, Golang was developed for big network servers. There is no doubt that Golang is better for larger-scale back-end development. But when it comes to machine learning, Node Js is the better option.

Go vs Node JS, the Final Verdict:

Whenever you hire developers, they can easily decide which tool is the best for your background. Both being the most popular backend programming languages, you can find many developers to choose from when you need to Hire Developers for easy handling of your project.

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