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Kotlin App Examples: 7 Leading Apps Built Using Kotlin Language

Kotlin App Examples: 7 Leading Apps Built Using Kotlin Language

Java has been the language of choice for developing Android applications for a long time. However, this has changed since Google announced at its I/O 2017 Developer Conference that Kotlin would be the official language for developing Android applications. The Kotlin app examples provide evidence of Kotlin’s reliability in developing highly innovative apps.

As Kotlin has gained popularity, it has become more widely used. According to the developer survey 2023 conducted by Stack Overflow, Kotlin was ranked 15th in the list of the most popular programming languages. Considering its interoperability and maturity, it has contributed to the growth of the IT, mobile app design services and development industries. Hence, it is not surprising that Google supports Kotlin now.

Today, several large organizations have successfully transitioned from Java to Kotlin. This blog will briefly overview some of the most popular Kotlin applications. It is worth noting that most of these applications are developed by leading companies with millions of users worldwide.

First, let’s review the Kotlin programming language and why companies and developers prefer it.

Kotlin Mobile Development: Why is it so Great?

It is undeniable that Kotlin is currently at its pinnacle of popularity, and the benefits of testing it are numerous.

JetBrains have developed the Kotlin language and are being sponsored by them. Public information indicates that an investment of substantially more than $15 million in developing the language has been credited with boosting Idea’s sales and popularity.

Kotlin’s popularity soared after Hans Dockter announced at JavaOne 2015 that the language would be officially supported for constructing Gradle build scripts. During that time, the hype wave was already in full swing. At this point, the language had reached its peak of popularity.

Kotlin Seeking Popularity Day by Day: Stats to Explore

  • According to the JetBrains Developer Survey, Kotlin is among the most in-demand programming languages among developers.
  • The same survey also revealed every second developer you come across is turning to a new language, and Kotlin remains among the top choices.
  • 60% of developers recommend it as a tool for developing Android applications as it helps you boost productivity and deploy safe code.
  • Embedding Java frameworks and libraries in Kotlin is as easy as copying them from Java and vice versa.

Why is Kotlin an ideal Choice for Mobile App Development?

A lot of reasons make Kotlin a highly preferred language among developers. Its popularity and relevance in Android app development can be attributed to several factors, including the following:

Addresses Major Development Problems

Since Kotlin is a more compact language than Java, it can solve many development problems and address more issues with fewer lines of code.

As a result, the code is more readable and maintainable. Several features of Kotlin make it more concise, including smart casts, properties, type interfaces, and data classes.

Multi-Platform Support

The use of Kotlin is not just limited to the development of Android apps. Kotlin empowers developers with JavaScript interoperability support, which enables them to move the front-end development to Kotlin instead of JavaScript.

Furthermore, Kotlin allows developers to write Gradle code in Kotlin, which is an additional advantage. As a result, developers are further empowered to create applications. Using this approach, mobile app development companies and developers can create apps that perform like native apps in a Kotlin environment.

Interoperability with Java

Kotlin programming provides greater compatibility with Java. Java frameworks and tools can be easily added to your Kotlin app development projects without modifying the entire project in Java. Thus, the process of migrating your Java project to Kotlin is straightforward.

apps made with kotlin

Top 7 App Examples Made with Kotlin

Since the introduction of Kotlin to the development world, it has given us highly scalable and useful applications. From Netflix and Evernote to Pinterest, there is a long list of apps made with Kotlin. Let’s not delay anymore and explore some of the most acquainted Kotlin App Examples:

1. Evernote


The Kotlin Examples app list bangs the development industry with Evernote. It is among the most prominent applications that allow you to take notes, manage tasks, and more. Not once but numerous times, Kotlin has been integrated into their Android applications to improve the speed of the development process and to enhance existing functionality.

It’s all thanks to Kotlin flexibility behind the scenes and has given many accountable Evernote features to revolutionize the use of the app. Evernote has many advanced features, from syncing handwritten notes to scanning web pages to audio. All the credit for its most efficient use goes to Kotlin.

Key Characteristics of Evernote

  • Faster, better notes
  • Evernote makes going paperless easy.
  • Organize your notes.

2. Netflix


Netflix is driving the market with a stable and quick, on-demand video streaming platform that millions of customers worldwide can use. By adopting Kotlin, Netflix has enhanced and extended its capabilities to meet all users’ needs.

To clarify, Netflix has served around 250 million video hours daily to more than 98 million subscribers in 190 countries.

There is great difficulty in rapidly providing users with high-quality content at such a large scale. With such a large audience, Netflix must construct a specialized infrastructure, negotiate with various parties, and compromise on issues with long-standing partners, such as content providers and ISPs handling all Netflix traffic.

Regarding the application, Kotlin provides an intuitive syntax, significantly increasing developer productivity and speed. You can count on it to be completely consistent. There are fewer words and fewer steps involved in writing an application now. There are many reasons why Kotlin is more popular than Java, including its quality, conciseness, and readability.

Key Characteristics of Netflix

  • On-demand movies and shows
  • Original video content in high quality
  • Subscription-based content

3. Coursera


Coursera is the next best Kotlin example on the list. With Coursera, you can access courses from renowned universities such as Stanford from the comfort of your home. Coursera is partly based on Kotlin. By adopting Kotlin development services, Coursera can improve communication, increase efficiency, and share knowledge more quickly.

Programmers with various experience levels can use this language’s ease of use. Kotlin’s syntax reflects the creative nature of the language and that of the designers. A very concise, precise, and understandable way of expressing yourself.

Coding rules can help programmers discover tiny errors that might be difficult to detect
before the program is executed, as they help them to discover code errors. Attempting to fetch null values is one of the most prevalent errors in many programming languages. This type of programming error is highly eliminated with Kotlin. Consequently, Coursera’s application is bug-free.

Key Characteristics of Coursera

  • Allows you to practice quizzes
  • Acquire course certification
  • Exception learning experience

4. Pinterest


It is one of the most popular photo-sharing social networking sites for saving, uploading, and sharing images. Originally developed in Java, this photography-sharing platform was transitioned to Kotlin in 2016, showcasing the capabilities of this programming language.

As the first Android app to adopt the Kotlin programming language, Pinterest tops the list of apps developed.

Key Characteristics of Pinterest

  • Allows you to share immersive video and image content
  • Countless content library
  • Better reach

5. Trello


Trello is another market giant and among the best Android Kotlin app examples. In addition to providing efficiency in managing and working with tasks, it is an application that gives big companies a way to work more efficiently. Kotlin comes into the picture to make it compatible with Java.

Quickly after adopting Kotlin, Trello started to gain the primary benefits that contribute significantly to its popularity today.

Key Characteristics of Trello

  • Manage day-to-day work with ease
  • Add a due date and work reminders
  • Calendar feature to notify important events.

6. Postmates


As another language feature, Google has created a mechanism designed to make it more efficient for programmers.

To enhance the functionality and speed of the application, this application decided to switch to the new programming language.

Key features of Postmates

  • On-demand food delivery
  • Wide coverage
  • End-to-end food delivery tracking

7. Basecamp 3


Basecamp 3 is entirely written in the Kotlin programming language. They are extremely pleased with having chosen Kotlin since it has improved many aspects of their work, such as productivity, quality, and comfort.

Basecamp was developed to provide small businesses the tools they need to manage and grow their business, so its features must be fully customizable.

Key features of Basecamp 3

  • Integration to emails
  • Automated Check-ins
  • Manage projects


Many Android applications are being developed using the Kotlin programming language. They have already realized this and have incorporated Kotlin into their development environment.

For those of you who are eager to lead the Android application development trail and take advantage of all the exciting features that Kotlin offers, now is the time to start searching and Hire Kotlin App Developers to develop your Android application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, Pinterest has utilized Kotlin Language for its mobile app development. They are the leader in the image-sharing industry, and after adopting Kotlin, they have seen the pacing up in the functionality and speed of the app.

  • Yes, you can. Kotlin is a widely used programming language preferred for building highly awaited web applications. After leaving its impact on developing highly scalable Android apps, it has also taken over the web development sector.

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