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Key Benefits Of Using Angular And Ionic As A Combined Technology For Mobile App Development

Key Benefits Of Using Angular And Ionic As A Combined Technology For Mobile App Development

As hybrid app development has become more popular these days, the choice of frameworks to ensure superb performance and fluid user interface has become more crucial than ever before. While Angular was almost like the gold standard among all other frameworks for cross-platform app development, the Ionic framework as a new entrant in the mobile app development space enjoyed very quick popularity for its component-based architecture and appealing UI elements.

Now, the combination of Angular and Ionic for building mobile apps can really be lethal. Ionic being used on top of the Angular can help to integrate a whole range of critical features like push notifications and analytics. On the other hand, the typical Angular benefits for app developer like interacting ability with external data and backend web servers will continue to empower the app. The result will be a feature-rich and performance optimized mobile app ready to deliver glitch-free user experience and appealing interface. With so much power and promise for mobile app development company India on offer, certainly, the combination of Angular and Ionic deserves a close scrutiny.

Before we guide your attention to this lethal combination of technologies for building hybrid mobile apps, let us have a look at the specific benefits of Angular and Ionic framework.

The Power Of Angular

Angular was launched way back in 2009 by Google and till date, it remained one of the most popular and widely used JavaScript frameworks. It continued to remain popular because of the simplicity and ease of development it ensures. It is equipped with everything that makes building dynamic web page and app easier. With the release of Angular 7, it has given significantly pretty awesome features, such as Angular Material, CLI with synchronized major versions, performance improvements along with toolchain.

Some of the key elements of the Angular framework for building sophisticated mobile apps include the following.

  • It comes with detailed guidelines that can easily extend HTML attributes and directives to gather and utilize data into HTML file.
  • It is capable to handle errors and events better.
  • It’s capable to conduct unit testing
  • Angular comes with robust routing and data binding capability
  • It comes with HTML rendering capability and several controllers

Angular has established itself as one of the matured frameworks capable to manipulate and utilize jQuery DOM libraries to expand the functions of HTML through the addition of the constructs. Here are the key benefits of Angular for mobile app development.

  • Angular works great for expanding the capabilities of HTML templates. This provides us a with a truly advanced method of utilizing all the components.
  • It doesn’t allow too many manipulations of the JavaScript and HTML and this helps to deliver better stability with the apps.
  • Angular is well known for its modular approach and this makes many processes easier including the dividing the code parts for reuse, simple testing method, updates, and maintenance.
  • Lastly, Angular can easily be incorporated within an HTML page through a simple coding script.

Benefits Of Using Ionic

Ionic is a relatively new framework that gained a lot of reaction and popularity simply because of the component-based architecture, reusability of codes and beautiful user interface. The framework is also popular because it incorporates the benefits of multiple web development languages including CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. If you want to build a visually appealing app, Ionic will be the ideal framework for this.

Let us explain some of the key benefits of the Ionic framework for mobile app development.

  • With Ionic, it is easy to move from one platform to another. If you start with Android or iOS, it will be extremely easier to build the app for the other platforms at a later stage.
  • Ionic is a completely free framework and doesn’t cost you a penny for using it.
  • With Ionic, you can give your app very appealing and aesthetically beautiful user interface. This is one of the key strengths of the Ionic framework.
  • Ionic makes use of Cordova plugins which allows access to different features of the respective operating system your app is supposed to work in.
  • Ionic has also the power of a large developer community which will be constantly in help. There is ready help available on different topics across multiple forums and YouTube channels.

Combined Features Of Ionic And Angular

Now that we have completely assessed the power of both Angular and Ionic frameworks for hybrid and Cross Platform App Development, we can envisage the combined strength of these two frameworks. Apart from all the benefits mentioned hitherto, we are going to explain some of the key areas of strengths for the combination of Angular and Ionic.

  • Superb Mobile UI

    Ionic is known to utilize the web standards better and this will ensure tweaking the user interface as per the device environment the app is being used. As of now, Ionic is considered to be the best framework for creating a sophisticated and appealing user interface. Ionic achieves such fluidity with its Angular simulated libraries.

  • Component Creation

    In this combination of the two most popular and widely used frameworks, Ionic works as the most complete open source SDK for developing hybrid apps. Because of the component-based architecture, disentangling the entire development task becomes so easier. Ionic coming with an array of ready to use components and a whole array of beautiful themes makes development further easier. Over the solid and stable features of Angular, Ionic adds more ease and effortlessness with its ready components.

  • Reusable Logic

    For cross-platform development reusability of various elements is crucial to maintaining pace and consistency. In this respect also, the combination of Angular and Ionic proves really powerful and robust. Angular by keeping the UI, information model and code rationale independent helps to reuse the app logic for different OS systems, gadgets and different stages of development. But when Angular just doesn’t allow reusing the code, that’s where Ionic features in. Offering a big library of components pertaining to HTML, JS, and CSS, it offers great reusability of code.

Finally, the combination of Angular and Ionic really prove to be powerful and effective in keeping with the demands of modern hybrid mobile app development. If you are looking for the most credible Angular development company, knowing the potential of the combination if these two technologies are important. While Angular offers the most stable and power-packed features for superior performance, Ionic delivers superb UI, code reusability and flexibility. As a whole, they together make the most lethal combination of technologies for building hybrid mobile apps.

Are you considering to build a powerful app by combining the power of these two widely used frameworks, namely, Angular and Ionic? Let us deliver you the most expertise-driven development service carried out by most skilled Angular and Ionic developers. You can hire Angular developers having proven expertise in Ionic. Just let us know your query and we are going to respond to you at the earliest.

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