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6 Top WordPress Development Facts You Might Not Know

6 Top WordPress Development Facts You Might Not Know

Out of the numerous open source Content Management System, WordPress is a leading platform that began its journey as a blogging platform. If we look over the statistics today, this known blogging platform is now powering more than 60 million websites around the globe. As of now, WordPress is estimated to power almost 25% of the top 10 million websites. In other words, one out of every four sites is built using WordPress.

WordPress began its journey back in 2003 by the founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is open source software which means that the source code is available to anyone without any charges. Moreover, it is having very huge community support of developers and geeks who are actively contributing & bring ing out newer versions with upgrades very frequently. WordPress open source has three main elements i) WordPress core ii) WordPress theme and iii) Plugins

Plugins have been introduced since 2004. As the name suggests Plugins provide a plug and play functionality for specific feature or functionality within WordPress. This saves a lot of time and effort so as one doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. WooCommerce, for example, is a leading eCommerce plugin that can be used along with WordPress to empower it with eCommerce functionality. It has its own prebuilt flow in terms of the shopping cart, checkout page and so on which can directly be implemented. Yoast is another example of a popular plugin used to Manage onsite SEO items like Meta Descriptions and website URLs. As of now, there are over 37000 plugins available on

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WordPress theme directory was launched in 2008 which facilitated people to use existing & develop their own themes. As of now, there are more than 3000 free themes available. Websites like Themeforest provides more than 5500 WordPress theme & templates. This is a huge ecosystem of theme availability based on design, UX, domain and pricing preference which anyone can avail. Implementing Responsive theme saves considerable time and effort as it is mandatory for every website to have responsive design.

WordPress is ideally suited for small business websites. A huge number of WordPress website implementation is into making company websites or corporate websites. Following are a few of the many reasons why small businesses love WordPress:

  • WordPress is Open source.
  • WordPress implementation is cost-effective with a huge ecosystem of theme and plugin availability.
  • WordPress is easy to use – Companies can easily change the content in terms of text & images by using easy to use admin panel from the backend. This saves both time and effort.
  • WordPress is Search Engine Friendly. One of the most important aspects of any web platform is to have higher accessibility over search engines.
  • WordPress is Flexible. From blog to eCommerce you can customize WordPress as per your business needs.
  • WordPress is having huge community support. It is here to stay with lots of technical support and documentation availability for this technology.

Thinking of upgrading your company website or planning a new web development venture. Think of WordPress as a suitable option & contact us to ensure you have industry best practices implementation with skilled WordPress developers at CMARIX.

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