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The Impactful Role Of Blockchain On WordPress Plugin Development

The Impactful Role Of Blockchain On WordPress Plugin Development

Nearly one-third of the websites all over the globe is powered by WordPress CMS. The popularity behind WordPress CMS results from the tremendous scope of customization, flexibility, and scope of adding features with the help of thousands of plugins. But these plugins are also viewed as potential avenues for security vulnerabilities and threats.

Since you cannot do away with the plugins for WordPress web development, it is upon the developers to use high-security protocols and technologies while building WordPress plugins. Blockchain has emerged as the most secure and advanced technology for Hire WordPress Developers India with a lot of value propositions.

How Blockchain Looks Poised to Transform the Era?

Blockchain technology has played an elementary role in the development of cryptocurrencies. It was the key technology behind Bitcoin. This digital currency which used highly secure encryption literally transformed the way online and digital transactions were thought.

After the phenomenal success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Etherum, the security-savvy banks, and financial institutions started to adopt Blockchain as the latest tech measure to safeguard transactions and banking processes. Soon, other niches like eCommerce, healthcare, and others followed. Today, all business niches that have the utmost priority of safeguarding data are increasingly becoming beneficiaries of Blockchain technology.

Some of the key elements that gave Blockchain the power to transform an entire era include decentralized access to data, transparency, tamper-proof data management, immutability and ease of use.

Security Issues With WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Since we are going to explain the role of Blockchain in securing WordPress plugins, any WordPress Development Company India should have a look at all the security issues of WordPress plugins. Let’s have a look at a few and most prominent issues corresponding to WordPress plugins.

  • Authenticated File Delete: This is a common security issue that allows the authors to delete files or change the data whenever he can have access.
  • Authenticated Post Type Bypass: This allows people to create unauthorized post types with specific attributes.
  • User Activation Screen Search Engine Indexing: This security flaw is used to expose emails and default passwords to the search engines.

While these risks and vulnerabilities continue to pain the developers, they can easily be mitigated in the plugin development process. Using Blockchain technology is one of the effective approaches for providing a solution to this.

How Can Blockchain Revolutionize Your WordPress Site?

Can Blockchain like in many other business niches and platforms, bring revolution for WordPress websites and other security issues of WordPress plugin? Yes, it can and this is why Blockchain is increasingly getting traction among the WordPress developer community.

Let’s see the principal ways Blockchain can really revolutionize the WordPress website.

  • Flexible Publishing Environment

Since WordPress allows the bloggers and content marketers to publish their contents without keeping concerns for hosting with free and open-source software, it is already considered to be a highly flexible and democratic publishing platform. Now, Blockchain technology is actually giving this platform more flexibility and ease of use. Thanks to Blockchain, WordPress users can enjoy more flexibility and custom ways to publish content the way they want to.

  • Secure Payment Gateways

Since 2011, after the phenomenal popularity of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin WordPress websites started to accept payment through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This actually came as a highly secure measure to safeguard all the transactions carried out on eCommerce and other WordPress websites. Now, thanks to the use of Blockchain, the WordPress Payment gateway plugins are all equipped to accept transactions through cryptocurrencies without any security concerns and flaws.

  • Secure Authentication

For any online business handling user, authentication is a challenging task. Since weak credentials can always lead to security flaws and unauthorized access to data and as the instances of cracking passwords are increasingly getting common, the developers were always on the lookout for a more reliable technology.

To deal with this problem now we have Blockchain which is capable to safeguard personal information with encryption while making the data accessible via sharing without any safety or security concerns. WordPress websites using this Blockchain encryption for data security can actually reduce the concerns regarding data theft, data tampering, and unauthorized access.

  • Secure Storage Solution

Earlier hackers after accessing an account without authorization used to leave a malware back in the storage file to get away with the threat. Now, Blockchain technology used with WordPress can completely eliminate this threat. Besides securing the files Blockchain also prevents malware penetration for unauthorized access in the future.

  • Quality Feedback

Blockchain technology in the context of WordPress websites can also allow users and website visitors to provide comprehensive feedback. Thanks to the democratic, decentralized and no-bar access to everyone, Blockchain can offer a larger solution to gather opinions from the users.

If you are going to use opinion polls, quizzes, surveys and such things for decision making or evaluation purpose, Blockchain is the right technology to depend upon. When you need the opinions of a lot of people for taking decisions, Blockchain is the solution to opt for.

  • Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins and Widgets

Lastly, for WordPress websites, there is a number of Cryptocurrency plugins and widgets to help processing payments through these currencies and make easy transactions. Let’s have a look at the key WordPress plugins and widgets for cryptocurrencies.

  • Coinbase

Any eCommerce websites running on WordPress can make use of Coinbase plugin to allow payments through cryptocurrencies. To add this plugin the WordPress website must have a Coinbase commerce account before installing the plugin for your WordPress or Woo Commerce website.

  • Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

Do you want to incorporate full-fledged cryptocurrency transactions in your WordPress website? Do you want to grab a lot of business opportunities that you were missing simply because of not being able to accept cryptocurrencies? Well, this plugin will allow you to accept all cryptocurrencies and digital coins for all sorts of transactions. This plugin also offers several widgets to showcase live prices and real-time updates.

  • Tradex

Finally, if you want to build a robust online business for transaction of cryptocurrencies, just a WordPress website coupled up with this plugin for professional cryptocurrency trading will provide you everything you need. From sharing information automatically to support for an extensive range of payment methods, Tradex offers everything you can think of a plugin for cryptocurrency trading.


Blockchain-based plugins and widgets are continuing to bring the power of automation, robust data security and ease of transaction to WordPress websites. This is likely to have the next big transforming effect for the WordPress websites as a whole.

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