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Interesting Facts About .Net Framework

Interesting Facts About .Net Framework
Facts About .Net Framework
Facts About .Net Framework

.NET Framework is a development environment that permits different programming languages and libraries to cooperate flawlessly to create Windows-based applications that are easier to build, manage, deploy, and integrate with other frameworks. Based on Web benefits measures, .NET empowers both new and existing personal and business applications to interface with software and services across platforms, applications, and programming languages. These connections give users access to key data, at whatever point and wherever they require it.

ASP.NET applications are accessible globally to lead to efficient information management. Whether you are building a small business website or enterprise web application allocated across multiple networks, ASP.NET provides a solid platform to facilitate the same. Above infographics provides some very interesting facts with regards to .Net framework development.

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Written by Parth Patel

Parth Patel is a Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) and DotNet Team Lead at CMARIX, a leading ASP.NET MVC Development Company. With 10+ years of extensive experience in developing enterprise grade custom softwares. Parth has been actively working on different business domains like Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Security, Healthcare etc to provide technology services.

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