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Top Healthcare Technology Trends You Must Look Out For In 2024

Top Healthcare Technology Trends You Must Look Out For In 2024

The global COVID pandemic served as a wake-up call to healthcare providers and companies all over the world. With workforce shortages, increasing economic pressures, and greater workloads, healthcare providers need to adapt and evolve to better handle patients. But, out of the numerous health trends, which technologies should you focus on? Well, to help you out, the following article lists the top healthcare technology trends for 2024.

These tech trends in healthcare utilize cutting-edge technology to improve healthcare equality, boost sustainability, and improve the quality and affordability of services. It is predicted that the value of the US healthcare market is expected to rise to USD 6 trillion by 2026. So, we believe that it is a good time for businesses and healthcare providers to invest in the top healthcare tech trends of 2024.

So, what are you waiting for? Read the article below to know more about 2024’s top healthcare tech trends and invest in pharmaceutical app development.

Why Should You Know The Top Healthcare Tech Trends?

Before we discuss the top healthcare tech trends, we must discuss why it is important you know about them. Why are they so significant and can the digital health trends of 2024 help improve your business processes and uplift the healthcare community? Read on to know more and get these questions cleared before learning about the trends in digital healthcare.

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and so are patient needs. Gone are the days when patients had to book clinic appointments and wait in queues to get professional healthcare consultations. With telemedicine, more and more people are booking virtual consultations in the comfort and safety of their homes.

As technology and innovations continue to grow, newer trends show a future projection and shed light on the need to automate medical processes to streamline care delivery and make the healthcare industry more accessible.

Newer software solutions based on advanced technologies are more capable of handling patient needs and providing care. Moreover, investing in the top healthcare technology trends can provide organizations with an advantage and help them get ahead of their competitors, helping them succeed in the long run.

Interested to know more about the top healthcare tech trends that can help you take better advantage of digital health and create a buzz? Continue reading and get started on your journey to a better healthcare future.

What Are The Top Healthcare Technology Trends You Must Check Out?

Now that we know the importance of learning about 2024’s healthcare tech trends, let us dive right into knowing the digital trends healthcare companies must invest in. This will help you get a clear understanding to better plan your future steps and invest in healthcare web development.

1. New AI Applications In Medicine And Healthcare

AI Applications In medicine and healthcare

One of the fastest-growing and significant healthcare tech trends, AI applications have already revolutionized multiple business processes and will continue to do so in 2024. Let’s see the different application areas where AI has helped better the healthcare industry before your healthcare company invests in Machine Learning Development.

1. CT Scan Analysis

After the COVID pandemic, the workload on radiologists, i.e. computed diagnostic specialists, has increased significantly. AI-driven systems implement complex healthcare AI algorithms that can help reduce the burden. These can accurately process the CT scan of multiple patients at one go and provide analytical results.

For example, these AI-driven systems can be used to analyze the CT scans of thousands of patients, detect and analyze them for pneumonia patterns, and reach conclusions that can aid in better research and medicine development.

Digital health companies that like to stay at the forefront of healthcare tech trends have significantly invested in these AI-driven tools. Although the accuracy has improved, healthcare providers are concerned about cases of wrong diagnosis and counterproductive treatment which can significantly harm a patient.

This is why most clinics, healthcare providers, and companies use these AI-driven tools as supplementary resources. As of now, diagnosis is not completely based on the analysis of these systems which creates the need for more research and better enrichment of the available data.

2. Biopharma And MedTech With AI

It might seem unbelievable, but the pharma industry can utilize healthcare tech trends to successfully discover new drugs. For example, Exscientia is the first drug molecule discovered with the help of AI that entered clinical trials.

Several pharma companies have invested in AI-enhanced systems and drug research to find cures for several life-threatening and dangerous medical conditions. Invest in molecule modeling, chemical reaction simulation, and research under multi-factor environments, and lead the way to a better healthcare future.

Out of all the healthcare tech trends, this is highly significant as advancements can help scientists and medical companies minimize the cost of hi-tech lab equipment and reduce the need for expensive onsite experiments.

create healthcare software for your business

3. Automated Hospital Workflows

With the increasing need for faster and more reliable healthcare systems, it is essential businesses invest in robotic and advanced systems to cut costs while delivering advanced healthcare solutions.

This can also benefit patients and make healthcare more accessible to all. Although there is limitless potential for robotic helpers and AI-driven automated systems, error-free diagnosis and successful treatment must be the focus.

Hence, it is impossible for healthcare companies and medical professionals to rely on these systems. Instead, these can be used to augment existing medical processes for better results. Another point to consider is that automating hospital workflows to better manage healthcare data can help healthcare providers better manage customer data and save the time required to access patient files.

4. Chatbots

Our list of 2024’s top healthcare top trends would be incomplete without discussing AI-based chatbots. After all, these sophisticated algorithms are capable of imitating meaningful human conversations via text and voice.

More and more companies are investing in chatbots due to their accessibility and availability around the clock. Although they cannot be trusted to be reliable at all times, they can be a great accessory at times when a medical professional is not available.

Some common medical chatbot examples you can invest in include symptom checker chatbots that help patients identify probable conditions based on their symptoms, suggest next steps, and help them find specialists who can provide qualified and relevant solutions.

2. Prevention Of Data Breaches

Although technology has advanced a lot and healthcare providers invest a lot in tech precautions, data breaches do happen. The statistics clearly show how breaches have significantly increased in the last ten years and peaked in 2021/2022.

So, we can expect more scam and data breach attempts in 2024. This is why it is imperative healthcare providers invest in secure digital ecosystems and put data protection systems in place. You can get in touch with the top development companies and invest in their cybersecurity services to ensure your system is safe.

Some efficient practices that can help you avoid data breaches include:

  • Annual cybersecurity checks to analyze the systems’ compliance with HIPAA security rules and current technology standards
  • Partnering with reliable third-party technical companies for secure tech maintenance and added security
  • Updated medical team to help them better understand cybersecurity principles, best practices, and risks from data breaches
  • Track system logs and do not permit unauthorized system logins trying to access patient data or other crucial information
  • Keep all systems up-to-date and schedule regular anti-malware checks
  • Different Wi-Fi networks for guests and employees to restrict access
  • Ensure all hardware is well-protected and functioning properly along with other IT infrastructure

3. Nanomedicine

Nanomedicine refers to the creation and use of microscopic objects and materials to perform medical processes. Some common examples of objects used in nanomedicine are – nanoelectronic devices, nanorobots, and nanoparticles. These are mainly used to skillfully diagnose and better treat patients. The aim of nanomedicine is to successfully treat auto-immune, genetic, and oncologic diseases on a cellular level.

4. Internet Of Medical Things (IoMT)

Although IoMT is not a relatively newer technology, it is one of the top healthcare tech trends companies might want to keep an eye on in 2024. Some custom IoT solutions available include:-

  • Wearables like smartwatches that can be controlled and monitored by mobile apps
  • Autonomous devices to remotely monitor a patient’s vitals like blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels

5. Smart Implants

Implant-related healthcare tech trends are set to take off in 2024 because of their ultimate promise of highly efficient regenerative medicine and patient rehabilitation. They might also help cure several disabilities that had been previously considered incurable. These include:-

  • 3D bioprinting to reduce the time needed to manufacture implants and bionic prostheses, while ensuring efficiency
  • Neural implants for a look into the minds of human beings for better research and analysis

6. Big Data Technologies For Healthcare

With the increasing global population, huge amounts of patient data are generated. This makes it imperative to create systems to better handle these data and preserve their sources to avoid errors.

This is why a lot of companies are investing in building secure multi-cloud solutions to better store and manage medical data. The best part is that these systems can handle structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data and allows for the smooth management of huge volumes of data.

Similar to the case of other healthcare tech trends, partnering with a software development company can help you build better solutions. Services like mental health app development from experienced professionals can help ensure that your system is up-to-date.

7. Global Adoption Of Telehealth

With the increase in digitization and the added convenience of communication, transferring medical information via the Internet has become one of the top healthcare tech trends. Moreover, with AI-augmented and video-powered telehealth consultations, telemedicine has garnered a lot of attention.

Nowadays, medical universities have also started using technology to train students and get long-distance education from medical professionals and specialists. With the prospect of further global adoption of telehealth, we believe it is a good time to invest in telemedicine software development.


There are several key healthcare tech trends worth investing in, in 2024. If you’re interested in building a secure and advanced healthcare solution for the better management of your hospital processes and customer data, it might be wise to get in touch with professionals.

We recommend partnering with the best healthcare software development company to help you ride the wave of future healthcare technology trends and emerge on the top. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in software development and take advantage of 2024’s healthcare tech trends to make healthcare more accessible and take your business to new heights today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As of now, digital health is a broad and multi-disciplinary concept that incorporates software solutions into healthcare services. Today’s health tech is all about mobile health, wearable devices, telehealth, health IT, and more. To know about the top healthcare tech trends, check out the detailed article above.

  • With the revolutionization of the health industry with technology and software solutions, there are several healthcare tech trends that are coming into the limelight. To learn about the top healthcare tech trends and the future of the health industry, read the detailed guide above.

  • With the help of AI, medical professionals can process huge patient data in less time and make detailed analyses. For example, automated CT scan analysis helps doctors find patterns in patient data and better diagnose them. Another example is the discovery of new drugs with the help of AI which allows pharma companies to find the cure and diagnosis of dangerous diseases.

    To know more, read the above article on 2024’s top healthcare tech trends that can help make healthcare more accessible. You can also get in touch with the top development companies to replicate the above-mentioned examples of digital health and wellness and raise the industry standards.

  • Blockchain technology can help healthcare companies store patient data in individual blocks while helping keep the data confidential. Moreover, these technologies also help address the concerns regarding electronic secure data and its sharing, which helps better maintain and manage patient data.

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