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Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Business App Development In New York

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Business App Development In New York

Mobile apps have entered every business and even every field of life. No matter what category your business or niche comes from, the incorporation of mobile applications has become a necessity because apps have emerged as one of the most effective tools for business conversions, lead generation, customer support, branding, and process automation.

Just like every part of the world, most startups and small businesses have chosen the option to operate using mobile-app facilities. However, the development of applications demands a lot of resources as well as cost. As a business, if you want to know about the cost involved in app development in New York, you must consider a number of factors. These factors decide to what extent the cost will go. Depending upon your business needs, a Mobile App Development Company in New York will consider these factors and provide you with an estimated cost of the whole project.

If you are interested in determining the cost so that you can plan your budget, here are the major factors that you need to consider:

Business Model

Business Model

This is a competitive era where businesses can’t think of being successful just by launching a website or a straightforward application. The efforts required are beyond these. There are a large number of mobile applications in the market for the same niche. In such a condition, you can think of how differently you will need to present your business to your audience.

The business model plays a vital role in determining the cost of the development of an application. For that, you need to first explore where in your business model this application fits.

A business model is a set of factors that determine major areas of a business, such as a target audience, product/service offers, nature of target audience, expectations of customers, environment customers will expect, etc. In a business model, customers hold great importance, and therefore all the planning takes place keeping in mind the audience.

These all factors of the business model can help you have an idea of the areas the app should have and an estimate of the cost.

Type Of Business Application

Type Of Business Application

If you are interested in determining how much it cost to make a mobile app, you should identify the type of app your business demands. You may have a great product or service idea for your business, but providing access to this to your mobile users is a more significant task.

Once you have a great business model ready, you should identify the various technologies available to implement your idea. You need to determine the best suitable application category for your business needs. Depending upon the complexity involved in the development, an app can have the following categories:

Web Application

The web application is technically not a typical app, rather it is just a mobile version of your website. When a website is created with the thought of exhibiting mobile-friendly nature, a responsive design is used. A responsive design makes sure that all the features of the website are accessible on all devices smoothly. Such websites offer smooth and perfectly accessible interfaces to users on mobile browsers and are thus referred to as mobile apps. However, due to limited features and less performance, the majority of users prefer mobile apps rather than using mobile websites. Although, web apps are the cheapest options when you need the least complex platform for your mobile users.

Mobile application development

Native Application

When we talk about having a pure mobile app, technically, a native app is another option. These types of apps offer a good balance of ideal user experience with decent performance. These are called native because they are built using a language that is native to the OS (operating system) of a specific category of mobile devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Native apps are considered to be the most complex ones. However, as these are built according to the platform nature, they deliver high performances, so these turn out to be quite expensive. For native platforms, you need to hire android developers, iOS developers, Windows developers, or more, depending upon the type of operating system.

Cross-Platform Or Hybrid Application

A cross-platform app is usually built by combining native and web app technologies. This approach is ideal to adopt when you are addressing the needs of a large-sized audience. The cost of development and maintenance of cross-platform apps is lower than other procedures. However, because these apps have limited access to the hardware of the smartphone, they are not as capable as that native apps. Still, they can smoothly work on all the operating systems.

Platform Selection

Platform Selection

We discussed the three different categories of apps which are created on the basis of the platform that they run on. So, platform selection is also a deciding factor in the cost of an application. For instance, if you want to launch your app for iOS mobile users, only Android mobile users, or all mobile platforms, the cost will vary accordingly. Native mobile app development is much costlier than building an app which is supported by all the platforms. According to your business needs, you can decide on the platform, and your mobile app development company in New York will provide you estimated platform cost.

Integration Points

If your business requires such an app that will be linked to a third-party application, this integration also adds up to the overall cost of developing an application. In such cases, third-party apps are the sources of content published on these apps. This integration demands more efforts to be put along with more technological implementations. As a result, it is one of the cost factors when estimating an app development project.


If an app has more visual objects, there will be more complexity. For example, an eCommerce app is an example of a complex application. There is a need for more and more visual objects, flashes, photo slides, transitions, and much more. The complexity involved in developing an app is one of the major factors that decide its cost. So, you must have in mind what kinds of complex items your application will be having.

Time Taken To Develop An App

Time Taken To Develop An App

Development time is also a crucial factor to consider while estimating the cost. This is because most development companies offer hourly quotes for their services. Therefore, the more it takes to develop an app, the higher the cost will be. If you compare native iOS or Android apps, you will find Android app development takes much more time than iOS app development. Because iOS apps are used by simply three devices that are iPhone, iPad, and iPod however, Android devices are used by a large number of mobile devices with varying screen sizes and functionalities. So, Android development has more complexity than iOS, and thus the time taken is higher. So, we can say Android apps are much costlier than iOS apps.

Functionality Required

The overall cost of developing an app keeps on increasing as there is an addition of new and innovative features. Nowadays, mobile applications are touching the heights of advancement. Therefore day by day, there are new and innovative things coming out that an app can incorporate. So, it is very difficult to predict the cost when we talk about functionalities. Depending upon what you intend to add to your app, the functionalities may cost you several hundred dollars to even a few million.

Design & Development

Design & Development

The design and development of an app are in the hands of a freelancer or agency that you will be hiring. You may be confused about whether to choose a freelancer or an agency for developing your business app. No doubt freelancers will be much cheaper than an agency. However, the consistency of work or professionalism you will experience with an agency will be far more than a freelancer.

In the beginning, you may find that a novice or a freelancer is quite an economical option for your business, but in the long run, you may realize that the inconsistencies have cost you more than an agency would be charging. So, it is always a wise option to go with an experienced, reliable, and expert company. Because they will definitely have a trustworthy team for ensuring timely deliveries and consistency in their work, moreover, a good agency will offer you adequate support and maintenance services whenever required in the long run, which is a great thing for your business continuity.

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As we see, the cost of the development of a business depends upon so many factors. Therefore, determining the exact cost beforehand is not possible. However, if you have a budget constraint and want to stay within that constraint, the best idea is to start with a small and simple one. By doing this, you can keep the cost under control and prevent the overexertion of resources. Once you are up with the basic one, more values and functions can be added continuously upon seeing the feedback of the users.

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