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All New Angular 10 is Finally Here! Key Things To Know

All New Angular 10 is Finally Here! Key Things To Know

Angular 10.0.0 is finally here. As the most important update spanning across the entire range of features of the Angular platform it certainly deserves our special attention. The new update is said to offer a whole array of value additions and tweaks corresponding to the Angular framework, Angular Material UI, and the Angular CLI. The release this time has just appeared within just four months after the release of Angular 9.0 and it is curiously quicker than the previous releases.

According to the Angular developer’s team, they regularly release at least two updates in a year to keep the platform stay updated with the evolving demands of JavaScript development. The same developer team also promises to release the next Angular 11 update by the fall of this year.

If you are a web developer using Angular for your projects all these years, you must be curious to know about the key features and value offerings of the new Angular update. If you are going to hire Angular developers for your next web project, you can now wait a bit and demand Angular 10 expertise as a new criterion. Let’s have a look at the principal features and value additions provided by Angular 10.

A New Date Range Picker

Angular Material now comes with an all-new date range picker. For using this new date range picker, one can use components of both mat-date-range-input and mat-date-range-picker.

Warnings on CommonJS Imports

As and when a dependency coming loaded with CommonJS is used in your projects that can impact the app loading speed and cause slower performance. Now with the Angular 10, developers will be warned about utilizing dependencies loaded with CommonJS.

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Optional Stricter Settings

The Angular 10 flags a strict setup for your new workspace projects by using ng new. This helps deliver some new settings to enhance maintenance, catching bugs in advance, and advanced level CLI optimization for your app. The strict project setup ends up delivering the following things.

  • Angular 10 offers strict mode in TypeScript as well.
  • With Strict mode template like checking is possible.
  • The budget of the Default bundle has been lowered at least 75%.
  • Angular 10 also can change linting rules to prevent any type of declarations.
  • Angular 10 also allows configuration to make the app capable of advanced tree-shaking.

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Tuning With The JavaScript Ecosystem

Tuning With The JavaScript Ecosystem

Apart from the above-mentioned features and additions and alterations of configuration settings and various things, Angular 10 has also been tuned to sync better with the existing JavaScript ecosystem. Some of these upgrades that make Angular 10 more tuned to the latest JavaScript development include the following.

  • TypeScript has been updated to TypeScript 3.9
  • TSLib has also been updated to latest 2.0 version
  • TSLint has been updated to latest version 6
  • The project layout has been updated
  • A new tsconfig.base.json file has been added to provide better support to the IDEs for tooling and package configurations.

All New Configuration For Default Browser Settings

The Angular 10 also updated the configuration for default browser settings and excluded the overused and older browsers. This can also have a small negative fallout. The default ES5 builds for new projects are disabled due to this. For enabling the ES5 builds and browser-specific differential loading, you manually need to add your preferred browsers in the .browserslistrc file.

Crucial Boost For More Community Engagement

Crucial Boost For More Community Engagement

Angular boasts of a large worldwide community of developers who continue to offer value additions for the Angular projects across the spectrum. The company alongside the release of Angular 10 also made it clear of its future plan of making a big investment for incorporating community for making the platform better. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of incorporating Angular community support in delivering a better framework and toolset, issue counts could be significantly lowered. The company is going to make large investments for more rigorous working with the Angular development community.

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Corrections and Removals

The core Angular developer team has carried out a number of deprecations and removed a few things from the platform. For instance, ESM5 or FESM5 bundles have been removed from the Angular Package Format and this reduced the file size by at least 119MB if you use package managers like Yarn or npm for installing Angular. The support for some older browsers has also been removed. These older browsers include Internet Explorer 9, 10, and Internet Explorer Mobile.

So, Why Wait? Update to Angular 10 Now!

Update to Angular 10 Now!

Since the update has come with so many crucial changes and tweaks to keep pace with the JavaScript ecosystem, for the best Angular experience you have to download it. Go to and follow the guidance there.


If you are into web or mobile app development, you already know how every subsequent Angular update draws the attention of developers from all around. With this new Angular 10, it can hardly be different. Angular 10 increases the bar of expectations a few notches higher for the Angular developers this time.

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