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Must-Build Powerful Apps With Angular: A Quick Guide For Entrepreneurs

Must-Build Powerful Apps With Angular: A Quick Guide For Entrepreneurs

Angular is regarded as the most effective javascript framework for building single-page web apps, robust mobile apps with great animations, progressive web apps with offline access, e-commerce apps, and several other niche apps. Before we explain the benefits that any Angular development company in app development avails, let us begin with the basic definition of Angular and its key features and attributes.

What is Angular?

Angular is a framework for developing web applications. Angular as a web app development framework comes equipped with a very organised architecture and ready-to-use libraries to help developers build apps at a rapid pace.

The Story Of Difference Between Angular and AngularJS

AngularJS started more than a decade ago as a web application framework. Over the years, Angular became popular and supported by Google. The language was used for all sorts of web applications while always coming with new features and solutions.

But as the modern web application development parameters evolved fast, AngularJS needed to appear with a brand new package of solutions. This happened with the release of Angular 2+ in 2016. In spite of some flaws in the beginning the framework soon won over the trust of developers. The new evolved framework was named Angular.

The Powers Of Angular That Amplifies Innovation

Angular has many strengths and advantages. Here we are going to explain the key areas of strength for the Angular framework.

  • Typescript


Angular apps are written with Typescript code which is a big advantage of Angular over JavaScript frameworks. Typescript is time saving and minimises the number of errors.

  • Unparalleled Ecosystem

Angular boasts of a robust and highly active community to provide help for any software development project. Besides, the Angular core team provides support for all important libraries. You also have access to all the development tools out-of-the-box.

  • Flexible Structure

Angular offers a structure that delivers off-the-shelf solutions for most of the problems. At the same time, the developers can experiment other than the mainstream Angular whenever they feel suitable.

Front End Angular Developer
  • Power Packed Libraries

Angular’s professional team provides comprehensive support for the most used libraries and thanks to this you get fewer bugs, improved security, and more assurance. These official components add more firepower to the language.

  • Testing Framework

With Angular, you also have all the testing tools out-of-the-box. This comes as a huge help as this allows faster development of software besides refactoring the software at any time. Developers don’t have to focus on re-reading the code again and again, as frequent tests help them reduce the number of errors. It saves a lot of engineers’ time and your money. Additionally, you can easily automate the work of quality assurance specialists.

  • Modular Development Structure

This is a must-have feature for modern software technologies. Modularity makes it so much easier to scale your application. The components can be reused or replaced. You can use generic components and write your modules quickly. Angular’s lazy loading feature downloads a module only when a user needs it.

  • Angular Material UI Component Library

It can be a superpower if your app follows Material Design. This is the official Google library of interface components for web applications for both mobile and desktop. Using it will speed up development drastically. The official team supports Angular Material.

  • Experience and Trust

Experience and Trust

Angular has already stood the test of time. The community consists of experienced developers from all over the world. Google keeps on investing money in one of its flagship technology projects.

Mobile Apps You Can Develop Using Angular

Angular can be the right tool for developers to build their ambitious projects. It speeds up the development process, creates new opportunities, delivers out of the box solutions and huge scalability. Let us have a quick look at some of the solutions that can be built with Angular.

mobile app using Angular
  • Single-Page Applications (SPA)

Single page applications is a popular solution for websites as it provides a lean and lightweight interface to allow users interacting on a single page. This also helps the information to appear dynamically on the page. SPAs are extremely popular as they deliver an enhanced user experience (UX) in complete contrast to traditional multi-page applications. The routing and data management of Angular are ideal for developing SPAs and ensure optimum performance.

  • Server-Side Rendered (SSR) Apps

Web applications are generally rendered either directly in the browser or on the server. For the server-side rendering, the server needs to prepare custom user data for easy loading of the website. This faster loading also boosts the site’s visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). Angular Universal comes as an out of the box and useful pre-rendering solution that helps with the SSR development.

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  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

PWA are more adaptive to the device screens, fast loading, and offer offline access to contents. Angular can be the right technology for building PWAs. To develop a PWA using Angular, you just need to use the command “ng add @angular/pwa”, and you can set it up quickly.

  • Enterprise Web Apps

Big enterprises and organisations, such as multinational corporations or government agencies, need sophisticated and advanced software applications. Angular just fits their needs perfectly. First of all, it is highly scalable. Secondly, you have to be ready to use tools and components. Thirdly, the developed components can be reused in other projects. Lastly, you have a unified and composite architecture that helps with the easy development process. Most important of all, the framework also ensures high security standards.

  • Mobile Apps

Angular is a great framework tool for developing any kind of mobile app across niches. You can use Angular to develop web applications for multiple devices and platforms. To make things even more easier for the developers, Angular allows using the framework in combination with another great cross-platform framework called NativeScript.

  • Interfaces With Beautiful Animations

Interfaces With Beautiful Animations

Angular also makes way for creating beautiful and aesthetically superb user interfaces. Beautiful UI animations that often give competitive advantages to apps can be easily created by using Angular. Angular offers a module as part of the official library that helps designing and implementing animations easier for the UI designers in development projects.


Angular is probably the most versatile JavaScript framework that stood the test of time for so long and evolved so well through a variety of competitive parameters. Today, Angular alone makes a rich set of technology for building a wide variety of web, mobile and software applications.

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