Technology is our forte. Business knowledge is our Strength.

Experience. Execution. Excellence.

Leverage CMARIX

  • Certified Resources

    We have certified experts across different technologies like Magento, Microsoft, Zend, Drupal, AWS and many more. Our employees are Engineers by formal education and many of them have postgraduate degrees as well.

  • Quality Policy

    Quality is most prominent requirement for any software. We are an ISO 9001:20015 certified quality centric company and practically set high quality standards for any work which we do.

  • Infrastructure

    We have best-in-class infrastructure specially designed for better productivity for our employees and luxurious recreation. We have advanced hardware and softwares in place to ensure we provide faster throughput.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We provide very competitive pricing as compared to your local vendor and are upto 60% cost effective comparatively.

  • Hybrid Model

    We provide local project management and offshore development services for our customers in North America and Europe. We have Project Director based out from California and London to facilitate local client communication and Project Management as development takes place in India office.

  • Customer Centric

    We are 100% customer centric organization. We understand the importance of quality service delivery and client satisfaction and go extra mile to ensure we always have happy customers.

  • Total Ownership

    We provide complete source code, third party selling rights as well as Intellectual Property rights to our customers. In other words you have complete ownership of the work done by us for you.

  • Confidentiality and Security

    We follow ISO 27001 security standards in terms of confidentiality and IP security. We have legal contractual agreements with all our employees safeguarding client’s business interests.

  • Turnkey Services

    We are one stop solution company whether you are looking to have design, development, testing or deployment services related to Mobile App, Web platform or Enterprise product.

  • Stability

    We are well established and very stable company adhering all compliances and regulations of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India Government. We are totally self funding and reinvesting continuously in our business.