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Unleash Pool of Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing with Healthcare software Development Company

Unleash Pool of Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing with Healthcare software Development Company

The pandemic-induced stress caused on different industries is well handled by the advancing technologies, and here adoption of cloud in the healthcare industry is worth discussing. The challenges that occurred during the pandemic had caused multiple scenarios where the healthcare industry could fumble. Still, a technology-driven approach provided by Healthcare software development company helped this sector to evolve at a rapid rate and support the patients and healthcare experts at large.

However, several doubts come along when it comes to integrating certain new technology into a pre-existing system. It is highly imperative to understand the number of benefits this technology has to offer to enhance the healthcare experience, but despite gaining momentum, cloud computing is still generating some confusion to answer such questions and doubts; this blog post will serve as your guide. Let’s start reading this post to explore the number of merits and demerits this new technology has got to offer.

Healthcare and Cloud Computing- an Outlook

Healthcare and Cloud Computing

It has been predicted that the global healthcare cloud computing market will reach $64.7B by 2025. -Markets and Markets

This finding gives us a clear indication that the potential this new technology holds is enormous, and it just needs the right path to pave its way. Since the onset of the pandemic, the hybrid approach in all sectors has been ubiquitous, and healthcare is no exception to it. The setting of a healthcare system is not based on a simple model but on multiple, which requires constant updates, management, and control, requiring workforce and investment at large. With the help of cloud computing, there are not just one but multiple benefits that can help healthcare to be poised for rapid growth. But there needs to be a closer look given to what exactly has to be done in and around this technology.

Healthcare and the magento cloud development are in alliance with each other to enhance medical outcomes and bring patient and doctor experience to the next level. Still, there are debates that roll around and state whether it is the right decision to proceed ahead with cloud computing.

Let’s find out further the number of [pros and cons this technology has got to serve.


Collaboration – In a hospital, there is not just one but multiple departments that collaborate with each other to carry out the process, but connecting and generating the information from each department is a tedious process. With cloud computing, it becomes easier to access different kinds of medical data and the ability to collaborate on it. It helps facilitate patient care, medical research, clinical trials, donor search, etc.

Improved customer support- Customer-centric approach to be followed in the healthcare sector is a demanding task, as it involves support from every single vertical. However, with cloud computing, this issue can be resolved, as it provides customers with high visibility during the entire process, and they can keep track from the start process of appointment to reports and connect with their doctors easily.

Enhanced healthcare outcomes- Critical diseases can be prevented if there is collective data from patients to be analyzed for trends and patterns to find those with the highest rates of success. It helps in building a predictive healthcare solution for the number of fatal healthcare challenges that can be avoided much before they erupt.

Streamlined business operations- Healthcare settings are the busiest and cluttered, where any emergency can crop up at any time. In such a tumultuous scenario, it is hard for healthcare companies to expedite the process while managing other factors such as cost, efficiency, accuracy and security. This is where the cloud comes to the fore and handles repetitive, manual workloads through software robots. This altogether helps in saving unnecessary emergency room visits and building a platform for healthcare officials to offer uninterrupted services.

Cost-efficiency- Yes, price is the biggest advantage that comes with cloud computing, as it helps businesses to invest in it one time, and further, they don’t need to maintain the in-house server, storage, and other demanding resources. This saves cost and also reduces the app downtime in the cloud to increase staff productivity and lower administrative expenses.

Scalability- It is not a choice but a fact that once your business grows, you always need a larger landscape to flourish, and this can be attained when you reach more customers without the high cost and re-writing app code. And you guessed it right, with cloud-native development, any solution can support millions of users globally and process millions of requests per second, ensuring millisecond latency.

Healthcare App Development


Security- Once we consider the integration of cloud transformation in healthcare, one of the biggest concerns that tag along is security. There is the lion’s share of security hassles that need to be addressed while integrating it within the healthcare system. It needs to be started with selecting a trusted cloud provider who brings you a range of tools and services to ensure security is tagged with healthcare regulations. The security aspect is taken into consideration sincerely by the industry leaders such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. There comes along with tools for managing security across multiple and hybrid clouds also, so no security breach takes place.

Standardization absence- With the cloud, it becomes extremely easy to exchange information across geographies in a fraction of a second. But with this exchange, another challenge erupts, and that is data unification so that it can be exchanged, interpreted, and used cohesively. As we know, our global healthcare system is mainly splintered, making it draining for healthcare specialists to share medical data safely. This calls for a more connected healthcare system where data can be exchanged, interpreted, and saved between devices, applications, and health systems. Although, this hurdle can be answered by the organizations to improve the healthcare interoperability and integration of automated technologies such as ML, AI, blockchain to standardize data.

Availability and reliability- Control over data is something that is the biggest requirement of the healthcare system, as in case of any downtime, slow or interrupted Internet, it can impact the system badly. Therefore, access to data in such events is the biggest requirement of the hour in this field. This can lead to work halt and a bad user experience while largely affecting the hospital’s performance. To avoid such a hurdle, the healthcare industry can include hybrid or multi-cloud strategies to remove the dependency on a single cloud provider, helping users to switch between providers and launch the infrastructure with the help of another cloud provider in times of connectivity break.

To improve network connectivity, companies should thoroughly test Cloud Trends Coming in future and sync with the network capacity and bandwidth, prevent transport layer congestion, make use of network segmentation, move to the edge, consider using SD-WAN technology, etc.

Is Cloud Computing Good Enough for Healthcare?

Cloud Computing

The above comparison might cause some sort of confusion. Still, it gives a very clear indication that the benefits of cloud computing are more than the cons, provided the right measures are being taken to implement the technology into the system. This technology has a bright future in the healthcare system, as it improves the loopholes existing in the mechanism to offer a much better and improved healthcare experience to the patients and experts likewise.

Why CMARIX is the Best Choice?

Cloud computing is evolving and has a lot more to do in the healthcare sector. Its nascent stage doesn’t depict its future but ensures that its emerging advantages would certainly bring a positive impact on the way people access healthcare.

We at CMARIX come packed with a professional team of experts who can help you build a cloud platform, and its infrastructure set up, migration, optimization while building and streamlining CI/CD processes, security issues detection/prevention (DDOS & intrusion), firewall-as-a-service, and more.

Grab your phones and give us a call to explore the plethora of advantages we at CMARIX are offering in the field of cloud computing and make a difference in your business.

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