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8 Benefits of Cloud Computing Technology

8 Benefits of Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud computing refers to the use of computing resources that being hardware or/and Software that resides on remote machine and are delivered to end user as a service over a network with the prevalent example being the internet. Cloud Computing is now evolving with different sizes of companies adopting this new technology. According to the industry experts this technology will continue to grow and develop even further in coming year. It’s undoubtedly beneficial for mid-sizes to large companies. The cloud computing field is commonly divided into three main layers.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Top 8 Benefits Of Cloud Computing

There are various advantages to move your business to cloud as follows:

1. Cost Effective

Cloud computing is very cost effective to maintain and update without investing in traditional desktop software. On the other hand Cloud is available at much cheaper rate and also decreases overall IT expenses of companies. There are various scalable options available like one-time-payment, pay-as-you-go and so on which makes reasonable for company purpose.

2. Backup & Recovery

Since all your data stored in the cloud, so it is quite easy to backing it up or restoring data than storing it on physical device. Furthermore many Cloud computing providers are usually competent of handling recovery option hence it is much easier to back up and recover data than traditional method of data storage.

3. Scalability

It is a built-in feature for cloud deployments. Cloud instances are deployed automatically according to requirement so that you need to pay only for the applications and data storage which you require. Clouds can be scaled based on the operation and storage requirement as per the situation with the flexibility. An example of the same is leading eCommerce companies like Amazon, Konga, Flipkart. When they have sale day there is ten fold increase in the traffic. In order to sustain such heavy upsurge of traffic they need elastic scalability which cloud provides.

4. Increase Storage Capacity

With this feature Cloud can provide and store as more data as compared to personal computer. In other words unlimited storage capacity it provides. So no need to worry about running on current storage space or increase the storage space availability.

5. Ease of Integration

Deploying enterprise software development services in the cloud integration is facilitated with ease. You can customize your option with great ease and choose only that service or software application which is best for particular enterprise.

6. Redundancy

A cloud deployment is usually built on a robust architecture thus providing redundancy to its users. The cloud offers automatic failover between hardware platforms out of the box. Aim is to always have plan B.

Cloud Computing

7. Easily Accessible

Once you register with cloud you can easily access the information from anywhere where the internet connection available. It is now easier than ever to access, view and modify shared documents and files. With the help of this feature you can easily solve the issue with time zone and geographically location. We are living in era of mobility where software are accessed from Web, smart phones and tablets and unified experiences is provided across multi-platform. Cloud plays a vital role in this facilitation.

8. Quick Deployment

Cloud deployment is time efficient. Once you choose this method for functioning, your entire system become fully functional. The amount of timing will be totally depending on the technology you require for your business.

Cloud Computing is quickly changing area that will undoubtedly continue to play major role for IT systems. Cloud needs vary based on the organization and is offering better and reliable services and solutions. Cloud computing seems to have made IT a little bit easier so we can hope that the advantages will further grow.

It is time for your business to receive technology benefit by using cloud deployment services.

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Written by Sunny Patel

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