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Top Technology Choices For Developing MVP Apps In A Whizz

Top Technology Choices For Developing MVP Apps In A Whizz

A unique idea is the core value of a great startup app. While every app starts with an idea, shaping the idea to a unique and fully featured app requires a selection of useful and robust technologies. These days, the Minimum Viable Product or MVP approach has become particularly popular for fast-paced development and gradual value addition. MVP app development for startup is a stripped off approach focusing on the basics and elementary aspects also offer a cost advantage to startups.

Let us explain the MVP approach, its advantages, and various technologies and frameworks to suit the MVP app development for startups.

What An MVP Is?


MVP or Minimum Viable Product in the context of the mobile apps refers to the shaping of the core app idea with minimum features without compromising the essential user experience and core objectives of the app. The objective of the MVP approach is to develop a lean app with basic and bare minimum features with the open option of making value additions through features and functionalities.


No wonder, most startups trying to build their first mobile app is preferring this MVP approach to build an app faster. This is how the term “lean startup” became popular. Instead of building a large and fully-featured app you can just start with a basic app in a small budget and after evaluating the audience reactions can develop it further.

How to Choose Frameworks and Programming Languages for MVP App Projects?

Now that the effectiveness of the MVP approach is already evident for startups and small businesses, we also need to look at the technologies and frameworks required for MVP projects.

Let us first explain the key characteristics of choosing the frameworks and languages for MVP app development.

  • The Programming Language Characteristics

You have an array of programming languages for app development. To make the right choice you need to know about the key characteristics of each one and how it fits into your project.

Let’s have a look at the key helpful characteristics of programming languages and frameworks for MVP app development.

  • Compiled languages

Languages like C# and Java fall in this category. These languages allow turning the developer-written languages into machine-understandable code before the runtime. This is why these languages require variables.

  • Interpreted languages

Programming languages like Ruby and Python fall in this category. These languages turn the developer-written code into Machine executable code during the runtime and so, they don’t require any variable.

Compiled languages are known to deliver better speed and performance in comparison to the interpreted languages. On the other hand, interpreted languages with optimum flexibility ensure optimum productivity and fast-paced development.

  • The App Niche

The choice of frameworks and technologies also depends on the app niche or the business domain. As every language or framework is known to solve one specific problem, you need to choose technologies that can serve your typical feature requirement. Obviously, the features of a banking app and a food delivery app will largely differ and the selection of languages and frameworks should follow accordingly.

  • Development Time

Startups always gain competitive advantage through faster time to app launch and market. Naturally, they need to noise technologies that can ensure faster development with the least performance glitches or shortcomings.

  • Unique Solutions

Every framework or language is known for providing ease of building some features. But when building complicated features and functionalities developers need to make a careful selection of the languages and frameworks that meet their feature requirements. This is why always know about the out of the tools you need for your project before choosing technologies.

  • Developer Community

Developers should always opt for frameworks and languages that enjoy the support of a large developer community. Help from a large community can help developers dealing with all types of issues easily.

  • Availability of the Developers

For app development, you need to hire developers. Now only popular frameworks and languages a large number of developers and experts to help you select the most experienced ones.

The Best Programming Languages for MVP

As we have explained the key factors for choosing frameworks and technologies, it is time now to take a look at the most effective technologies and frameworks that remained popular across the vast majority of MVP app development projects.

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rail

Ruby and Ruby on Rails remained to be most popular for enterprise startups around the world. Some of the key reasons for which they are preferred by startups and MVP projects include reduced development time, extensibility and modularity with the option of adding new features through a variety of features. From Github to Airbnb to Crunchbase, many leading apps use Ruby on Rails.

  • Python

Python is the programming language that is becoming increasingly popular for AI and Machine Learning based apps. Python is the most popular language for building AI Chatbots, image recognition apps and also intelligent web apps when used in collaboration with the Django framework.

  • PHP

PHP is the grand old language for web development that comes with an array of developer-friendly frameworks, tools, libraries, and packages. PHP is widely used for building web apps, APIs and microservices for various purposes. Almost all major CMS systems are built with PHP.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript remains to be the most popular programming language with an array of most popular and daily used frameworks and a worldwide development community. JavaScript enjoys the most robust community support and can be used for a wide variety of applications.


The MVP approach to development is here to stay. It has been the most promising approach to streamline development process for development companies of all sizes. Particularly startups found MVP to be their best alley with a focused development approach to accommodate their needs slowly over a span of time.

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