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Top 6 Reasons To Address The Mobile Apps Failure

Top 6 Reasons To Address The Mobile Apps Failure

The mobile app marketplace is now more competitive than ever before. While millions of apps are struggling to make an outshining presence in their respective niches, a vast majority of apps still makes either too less or nothing as profit. This means most apps miserably fail to survive as a business. For any mobile app development service explaining the reasons for this failure is very important.

While planning and building a new app it is important for any mobile app development company India to know the reasons of this failure so that they can address these shortcomings and pave the way to mobile app success. Here through the length of this post, we are going to explain the top 6 reasons why most apps fail.

1. Lack Of Knowledge About The Target Audience

Lack Of Knowledge About The Target Audience

A great digital product whether it is a website or a mobile app or a software is not possible without proper market research and in-depth understanding about the target audience who are going to use the app. An app developed for teens cannot be popular among the adults. So, you need to know your audience and their detailed characteristics. This requires doing market research following the guidelines and professional practices. Let us offer here some effective tips in this regard.

  • Start your market research with the existing customers of the business by asking for their opinions, feedbacks, and suggestions.
  • Interact with your existing customer base in social media and other channels and know their preferences.
  • Another way to conduct solid market research is to ask your customers and potential audience about the shortcomings of the competitor apps.
  • Based on your existing customers of the business or the audience of the competitor apps, create user profiles best suited to your app.
  • When creating user profiles for the app consider all the different characteristics including demographics, typical user needs, financial standing, app usage pattern, etc.
  • Lastly, before unleashing a fully fledged app it is better to create a minimum viable product with the basic design and features and then get user feedback to develop and fine-tune further.

2. Non-optimized User Experience

Here our complaint is not regarding a bad user interface or a bad design or slow loading speed or any particular negative element. But we are complaining about non-optimized user experience that consists of all the elements that make us use an app. A bad interface is equally responsible for a bad user experience as much as the coding mistakes or slow loading speed. How can you make the user experience perfect? Do you have any clue? Here we explain a few tips.

  • Ensure optimum loading speed for the app and all its elements.
  • Ensure automation wherever possible to cut down on the repetition
  • Build an intuitive interface to allow effortless navigation and interaction
  • Ensure a shorter registration process with a small form and automated filling of fields wherever applicable
  • Make the app easy to interact and easy for consuming contents
  • Follow UI/UX practices suitable for each platform
  • Easy to interact controls and CTA buttons helping better business conversion

3. Not Testing Properly

Not Testing Properly

Do you know 58% of iOS and a bigger percentage of Android apps experience crashing or severe performance issues? This mainly happens because of the presence of bugs or coding glitches that remained unaddressed through the development process. This is why it is important for any app to go through a proper testing or quality assurance process to prevent such issues. Here are some effective tips.

  • Apart from using robust testing tools and testing automation, always test your app through real-life users using real devices.
  • Apart from finding coding glitches and bugs, try to find the real issues concerning user journey through the app.
  • Find the areas where users have the least footfall or interaction within the app.
  • Concurrent testing throughout the development process as it happens with an agile development process is an ideal way to solve performance issues at the very beginning.
  • Make sure you have an extensive testing process with the involvement of testing professionals.

4. The Mobile App Not Launched Properly

This is one of the most significant and common shortcomings of many mobile apps. The launch of your mobile app is a big milestone in the marketing and entire life cycle of the app. Naturally, the launch cannot be taken lightly. The launch should be preceded by an extensive pre-launch campaign only to make the launch bigger. The app launch comprises of a detailed pre-launch campaign, a streamlined launch campaign involving multiple channels to create a louder buzz and finally a post-launch campaign. Here are some useful tips regarding the launch.

  • Long before the app is actually ready, make a plan for the launch along with a date of launch.
  • Streamline all your initiatives to create buzz to make the launch event a big success.
  • The pre-launch campaign for the app should involve reaching your own existing customers, influencers of your niche and the audience you created for your app on social media.
  • Make the launch event bigger and widely publicized with an email campaign, a media campaign, social media ads, and other channels.
  • In the post-launch period try to convert the buzz into new downloads or user acquisition by using the same channels with the same rigor.

5. Not Using Most Updated Technology

Mobile app development is evolving rapidly with new technologies and new design principles. If you are following a design principle long outdated or using a technology that has been scrapped after being considered to have several limitations, your app is likely to experience less traction. Mobile app development is continuously evolving with new development technologies and design approaches. To stand at par with the market competition, you need to use such time-relevant technologies. Let’s give some latest examples of latest technologies and design principles subsiding the outdated one.

  • When the whole world of apps went for flat design because of its simplicity and user-friendliness, you cannot stubbornly cling to skeuomorphic design.
  • When the Swift came as the most advanced programming language for iOS apps, you cannot stick to the Objective C.
  • When you have Artificial Intelligence (AI) in place, you should use it in Chatbots for intelligent interactions with customers.
  • When you have Augmented Reality (AR), you can incorporate it to make a better interactive app for retail, gaming other niches.

6. Not Doing Enough To Garner To Get Positive Ratings And Reviews

Not Doing Enough To Garner To Get Positive Ratings And Reviews

Ultimately, like the foundation of any successful product customer reviews and ratings actually make the voice of users heard. You need to know what your customers are saying about your app. Now user ratings and reviews give you exposure to the customer’s voice. A whopping 92% of customers read online reviews and so, getting positive reviews of the app is a boosting for new user acquisition.

  • Use pop-up messages to tell customers reviewing and rating the apps.
  • Don’t put down negative reviews. Publish them and answer them with persuasive tone and admit your shortcomings where applicable.
  • Email your existing users and customers to share opinions and feedbacks through reviews.

Finally, always give utmost importance to app testing. A vast majority of apps that experience crashes are not properly tested or not have undergone a proper QA process. Through testing, you need to repair all the glitches and bring perfection.

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