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Top 12 Software Development Methodologies – Advantages & Disadvantages

Top 12 Software Development Methodologies – Advantages & Disadvantages

There is no doubt that software development methodologies play a vital role in developing a software system because they generally deliver smooth software development. But it is important to choose the right software development methodology as several software development methodologies concentrate on achieving the desired result at a fair cost and shortest delivery time. So, if you are looking to add more structure to your software development workflow, hire CMARIX, the leading Software Development Company India.

A Brief Overview of Software Development Methodology:

Software Development Methodology

The software development methodology is considered a structured process that concentrates on developing a given software project or solution with the perfect blend of design philosophy, practical and realistic ideas and an effective organizing method. These methodologies offer a structure for the developers and designers to facilitate a result-driven software framework. Though several models are available, it is important to choose the best methodology that suits a particular project. If you Hire a Developers from CMARIX, they can easily find out your needs and thus execute the proper planning for your software development project.

Top 12 Software Development Methodologies:

Let’s check out the top 12 software with their advantages and disadvantages development methodologies:

1. Agile Software Development Methodology:

Software Development Methodologies

It is one of the best software development methodologies to design a disciplined software management process. It is a conceptual framework that undertakes various software development projects. Agile software development methodologies are suitable for such a project that demands quick change. In addition, it works effectively when you need to incorporate fresh ideas. Now, look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Agile Software Development:


  • Agile responses to changes most favourably.
  • It allows direct communication and thus can maintain transparency.
  • It offers minimal flaws or errors with iterative testing and continuous fine-tuning throughout the Agile Software Development Cycle.
  • It offers significant improvement in the quality of a developed product.


  • As it concentrates on quick changes, there is a chance for the developers to be misguided.
  • As it gives less stress on documentation, it may create problems in the later development process.
  • It is difficult for an inexperienced developer to handle it properly as Agile does not maintain a rigid structure.

2. Waterfall Model Methodology:

Waterfall Model Methodology

It is one of the traditional software development models that had its origin a couple of decades ago but is still relevant and popular in the present time. It is featured with a simple and linear structure that shows different phases of software development. This simple framework is easy to understand, which leads to its popularity. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of this methodology:


  • It is a linear structure and so easy to understand.
  • It is ideal for developers who are new in this field.
  • There is hardly any scope for miscommunication of information as it is a clearly defined structure.


  • The project may move away from the target if a developer does not consider the customer feedback in the initial stages.
  • Though it is an easy model, it is also rigid, making it difficult to make changes.
  • It is not suitable for a complicated project.
  • There is lots of documentation, which can take a lot of time.

3. Prototype Methodology:

Prototype Methodology

This is one of the most popular software development methodologies in recent times. It allows the developers to create prototypes of the actual product, and then it is put to the test by actual customers to take the feedback. The most important characteristic of prototype methodology is that it can be tweaked and refined multiple times until the customer is fully satisfied.


  • There is a minimum chance of product failure as all the problems can be detected early.
  • It ensures the quality of the product.
  • It deals with customer satisfaction even before the actual development begins.
  • It develops a good relationship with the customers even from the initial stage of development.
  • It enables gathering feedback from the customers by developing a final product prototype.


  • Several testing and feedback can take time to develop the final product.
  • It can be very costly and go over the budget.
  • Customer expectations are unpredictable. So there is a chance that the final product may not be in sync with the prototype product.

4. DevOps Methodology:

DevOps Methodology

It is gaining popularity in modern times among all the software development methodologies. It is because of the unconditional benefits that it offers to the customers. It is featured with two different structures that work together as a single team for all processes in the entire life-cycle. This continuous delivery model allows the developers to perform a simultaneous development process with quality assurance, security, and other operations.


  • It is a faster and easier framework that allows businesses to grow efficiently.
  • It offers rapid delivery microservices, which provide business continuity and quick updating.
  • It offers reliability with increasing changes in the product and infrastructure.
  • It results in robust products that are secure against all the peers.


  • DevOps demands cultural change. As a result, a business needs to restart its growth process efficiently.
  • DevOps does not ensure security. With DevOps methodology, you need to consider a different plan for security at every stage.

5. Lean Development Methodology:

It is such a software development methodology that boosts productivity. Thus it ensures high-quality work. If you hire the best Software Development Company in India, such as CMARIX, they may offer you a lean development methodology because of its high productivity rate. It helps the developers to avoid activities that are not productive for a specific business.


  • It reduces wastage like unnecessary documentation, repetitive activities and extra codes.
  • It is a cost-effective solution.
  • It ensures productivity and speeds up turnaround time.


  • It is featured with Software Development Risk, so you need to hire an expert team of developers to profit from this methodology.
  • You cannot get the best result from this model with inexperienced developers.

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6. Rapid Application Development (RAD):

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

It is the oldest methodology which has its origin in 1991. So, it is considered the basis for modern software development technologies. This model mainly deals with ensuring product development in the fastest way. But the most important thing is that it does not compromise on quality. There are four phases of the RAD cycle, including supporting project requirements, making models, testing, deployment.


  • It reduces the risk of product failure through testing and customer review.
  • It achieves greater customer satisfaction.
  • It is the best solution for small and medium-sized apps.


  • It mainly depends on customer response.
  • It is good for projects with a flexible or high budget.
  • It is featured with zero documentation, so it is difficult to track progress.

7. Dynamic Systems Development Model:

Dynamic Systems Development Model

This model is featured with four stages of software development, including feasibility and business study, developing a prototype, designing and developing, and deployment.


  • It has an iterative approach that ensures the prompt delivery of basic functionalities.
  • Proper communication can be established between developers and users with this framework.


  • It is a costly solution.
  • It is a complex concept, so a larger developer team is needed.
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8. Scrum Development Methodology:

Scrum Development Methodology

It is one of the most flexible software development methodologies based on the Agile Software Development Cycle model. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of this model:


  • It is a quick problem-solving methodology.
  • With regular feedback, it is a highly responsive solution.
  • It is both cost-effective and efficient.


  • The regular meeting can be a burden.
  • It is mainly suitable for a small project.

9. Spiral Model:

Spiral Model

The developers can make the highest modifications with this model as it is flexible enough. It is featured with a circular loop, through which developers look for the perfect software development design.


  • It reduces the risk even for a large project.
  • You can add an extra feature.


  • Mainly Suitable for the costly project.

10. Extreme Programming Methodology:

Extreme Programming Methodology

It is best for coding, testing, designing, and listening.


  • Reduce the cost of the entire project.
  • It makes testing easier.


  • Not suitable for a small project.

11. Rational Unified Process Methodology:

Rational Unified Process Methodology

It is an effective methodology with five phases, business modeling, design and analysis, deployment, implementation, testing.


  • Capable of fixing the errors.
  • No separate time frame is needed as integration is associated with every stage.


12. Feature Driven Development Methodology:

Feature Driven Development Methodology

This model’s main feature is the iteration method’s collaboration with the object-oriented concept.


  • Less time consumption.
  • It includes up-to-date techniques.


  • It is not ideal for small projects.


These are some of the effective software development methodologies that have been introduced through the years. If you hire CMARIX, the Software Development Company India, they will choose the best technology that suits your project by considering your requirements, budgets, and goals.

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