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The Success Story Of PUBG Game: Explaining The Reasons

The Success Story Of PUBG Game: Explaining The Reasons

While playing the PUBG mobile game for the first time, the first thing that strikes my mind is that it is quite a simple game and there is visibly nothing new to boast of. But what surprises and questions me is, why then the game gained such widespread popularity in little time? This actually requires you to be a gaming enthusiast and playing a few comparable games offering similar actions on the screen.

Surprisingly, the PUBG mobile game really dominates the popular game space and there are several astonishing statistics that support this claims. The game now boasts of 200,000 players at any given point of time. There are several aspects that assured the game its overwhelming success. Besides the gaming action, Battlegrounds as a game also brings onboard equal number if game spectators. After all, both gamers and game spectators make the game audience responsible for the success of a game.

Battlegrounds incorporate dramatic course of actions and storytelling the game and that’s one area most other games fall short of. In spite not spending a sky-high budget the developers and publishers of his game did the basic quite well and delivered a gaming experience complete with all the elements game addicts were always interested about. By humanizing the gaming actions with dramatic actions and surprises, it delivered a truly addictive game-playing experience.

The game went to become a success simply by following some of the over emphasized principles of designing game experience and creating game logic. Both are crucial aspects of game development, especially for games built to play on the mobile screen. When playing the game, the players experience a slow building up of the tension in the backdrop without messing with the course of actions abruptly. At the same time, initially, when you start playing the game you rather can stay in your comfort zone and gather all the gears and ammunition to react to game situations.

The best aspect of the game although is the scope of personalization with gaming moves. As you continue to play the game you can exercise the choice of selecting your preferred style of play. But the assurance is that the gaming experience is incredibly engaging and leaves no room for sloppiness.

Core Mechanics of PUBG game

PUBG already garnered the reputation of being one of the most popular mobile games with millions of addictive game players glued to the game screen at any given moment. For a game development company to achieve such a feat, it requires fixing the core mechanics of a game right. In the case of PUBG, the core mechanics work the following way.

In technical terms, the game has many things similar to several other mobile games. But it delivers a kind of competitive FPS package which is quite unique. As for gaming output, the game can be credited for two things, respectively exclusion of unnecessary game-playing action and gaming elements and consistent focus on the only gaming experience.

For describing the core game mechanics, let us explain below five game triggers that build the game-playing experience of PUBG.

  • Engaging And Attention-Grabbing Frames

    Framing trigger of PUBG helps game players referring to their frames of reference loaded with attributes relating to cultural expectations, personal experiences and interests. By framing the game clearly with player specific attributes, the game can easily give birth to anticipation and interest towards the next course of gaming actions. The framing trigger is important to shape the initial gaming experience crucial for captivating attention.

  • Reflexive And Immersive

    PUBG as a game is unique to deliver an array of environments and accompanying sensory experiences. You can find yourself navigating through waterways, grasslands, parachute jump, mountain passes, city roads and many other types of environments with distinct sounds of environments and gunshots. This would deliver a truly immersive game-playing experience. Now, all these sensory attributes have been incorporated to draw the reflexive attention of the players and make them feel on the ground engaged with gaming actions.

  • Disruptive Risks

    PUBG is unique in developing the tension into game-players with disruptive technology. Instead of making the life-threatening risk of the players limited to faults and bad strategies, the PUBG rather incorporated risks into all game-playing strategies. The tension of the shrinking area of movement that eventually will kill make you constantly move. This tension while keeping a balance between “moving” and “halting” make the game even more engaging and demands more alertness from the players. A great game is always known to disrupt expectations and in that regard, PUBG delivers an excellent gaming experience.

  • Forming Alliances With Game Community

    PUBG also allows communicating with other game players and make alliances. This not only allows sharing gaming experiences, stories and tips, but this can also help to share better strategy to win in most difficult situations while playing the game. While the game comes with a lot of unpredictable circumstances, the alliances with other game players can help meeting such unpredictable risks in the game. This by bringing the collaborative spirit into the gaming experience, can help to beat other gamers. This helps to build a competitive spirit into game-play.

  • Game Rewards

    Every game motivates players with unique rewards or rewarding experiences. In case of PUBG, it is all about standing till the end as the winner of the game. Other in-game rewards include being able to bump off other gamers or being able to access a hidden reserve of arms and ammunition.

With rewards and rewarding experience, our brain releases a hormone called Dopamine which helps us stay happy and joyful. PUBG nicely incorporates this to deliver a happy experience to the gamers. It continuously elevates our spirit and subtly pushes to pursue higher aims.

Why Is This Game So Popular?

Whether one plays it on PC or on the handheld device, the strikingly attractive game environment and sophisticated gaming actions make the whole experience quite immersive. Even if you limit your attention to PUBG mobile, it achieved unprecedented popularity thanks to a unique game-playing experience. At the outset, the game may look much similar to many such strategy games in the market, but as you play on and progress, you understand the key reasons that make it popular.

Do you want to build a popular game like this? Or, to be exact, are you searching for an inspiration for your next game development project? Well, look at the reasons of popularity for PUBG game and you may well find a game worth inspiring.

  • Unbeatable Game Idea

    The success story of PUBG may seem baffling for many but the game only began its journey in March this year. The unique idea of the game that involves 100 odd fighters to engage in battle to survive and reach an island as the only surviving member deserves an applause. The game idea itself is so full of promise for an all-out action, that it draws the attention of players instantly.

  • A Game Launch After Testing In A Small Market

    In spite of all the temptation of launching a game overnight and getting on top of the chart, PUBG just restricted itself to a small market in Canada for testing the appreciation level. Instead of releasing the full game in a limping condition, PUBG decided to launch it in a small market and to get feedbacks for perfecting it further before a full launch across 122 countries.

  • Preventive To Malpractices

    It is not uncommon for the popularity of a game suffers because of the destructive activities of the con artists. Many game auditors admit to this. In the case of PUBG game, all such cheating elements are effectively neutralized to ensure a glitch-free gaming experience.

  • The Monetization Model Is Flexible and Accommodating

    One of the major reasons of popularity for this game is the flexible and accommodating monetization model. The game interaction and game playing don’t really depend upon the player’s purchase and buying decisions. Even if you are not going for in-game purchases to equip your arsenal and equipment, you are allowed to play.

Do you want to build a robust and popular game like PUBG? Well, it is not difficult provided you have a clear idea about the intricacies and challenges involved in such a project. Do you want to know about the budget and key aspects of building a game like this? Feel free to drop us a message and we will respond at the earliest.

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