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Guide to Segment CDP Integration Service – Path to Business Growth

Guide to Segment CDP Integration Service – Path to Business Growth

When you run your business, relying on a single source to get customers is not enough. For example, a lot of businesses today invest in social media and run Facebook ads that collect customer information. On the other hand, you might have another database that contains information about your in-store customers. Now, to succeed and ensure you get closer to as many customers as possible, you must act on all of the information extracted across different platforms. However, the problem is that the data collected from your stores are offline data points and cannot be utilized by Facebook or other online platforms to better target customers.

In the computer world, it is said that you have a data silo; this term means that there is a wall between two or more sets of your data which prevents you from putting together a complete picture and utilizing it for better business benefits. Now, the question is, how do you solve this issue of consolidating customer data to ensure better curation of marketing campaigns? Since this problem majorly arises due to the poor integration of customer data collected across numerous sources, we recommend you have a look at your customer data integration strategy.

Most businesses who faced this issue have invested in segment CDP integration service; here, CDP refers to customer data platform and stores customer information from numerous sources into a single database. This means that the data silo between your business’ different data sets are removed and you can seamlessly use customer data on different platforms. Are you curious to know more about segment CDP integration service and how it is different from all other solutions available in the market? Then, jump right into the following article and dive into learning more about segment CDP integration service and how it can help you optimize customer engagement.

Understanding Segment CDP Integration Service – The Whys and Hows?

In the previous section, we talked about how segment CDP integration service was the best approach to ensuring seamless customer data integration (CDI). But, why is it so? Well, this is because CDI compiles and organizes customer data from different databases into a single and more reliable, more usable database form. When you ensure that your customer data integration is done properly, you single-handedly ensure that your business’ overall data management strategy is error-free.

After all, if your CDI is not done properly, your customer data integrated database will be a mess and will also affect other business processes. If you are an avid social media user, you might have signed up for a company’s newsletter via Facebook and again via their website. But, after some time, you unsubscribe to their newsletter only to keep receiving the newsletter emails everyday. This is a great example of a business not ensuring proper customer data integration, which results in you having a negative effect on the business.

So, segment CDP integration service can help ensure that your customer database is not only updated, but also aids in the efficient execution of different business processes and helps save time too. Another great advantage is that since the database integrates customer data from different segments, it is the ultimate all-in-one database; so, whenever you need customer data or want to build a campaign that requires customer data, they can simply refer to this single database.

Some real-life examples of how Segment CDP integration service and other similar ones helped business ensure better customer engagement and business growth include:-

  • Wabel – A B2B company that globally connects buyers and suppliers based on their needs, Wabel uses and relies on Openprise’s Agile segment CDP integration service. The agile CDP platform ensures that Wabel has access to an extensive list of buyers and suppliers with updated information, to ensure that the match-making is correct and appropriate.
  • NBA’s Utah Jazz – Using Tealium’s AudienceStream CDP to lay the foundation of NBA’s Utah Jazz’s customer data supply chain, they have directly improved their campaign performance and ensured a better experience for their fans in numerous ways.
  • HouseParty – As the platform’s growth keeps skyrocketing, they chose Segment CDP integration service to collect real-time data from user events and then analyze these to get meaningful analysis conclusions. Moreover, Houseparty is quite open to trying new ideas, which is why they quickly gather insights from each of their experiments to understand whether they should run with it or not.

Key Benefits of Segment CDP Integration Service – How Can They Help Your Business?

Segment CDP integration service is quite popular, but why is it so? This is because there are numerous Segment benefits that you can enjoy and are listed as follows:-

1. Helps Improve Business Efficiency

Since Segment CDP integration service unifies all business data collected from different sources, it helps break down data silos and helps make the complete work environment quite seamless and helps boost business proficiency. Moreover, it also helps ensure better collaboration between different teams like sales, marketing, customer success, and product; and, it also allows you to ensure better exchange of user data and complements the efforts of all of your teams.

2.  Allows Better Development of Marketing Campaigns

As Segment CDP integration service ensures that the database filled with customer information is always up-to-date, it enables you to activate real-time personalized marketing campaigns that help ensure better customer engagement. Another great advantage of Segment CDP integration service is that it allows you to quickly decide the type of content that you must target and show to your visitors. So, we recommend you invest in Segment CDP’s API integration services and reap these benefits at the earliest.

3. Helps Personalize Customer Experience

In today’s world where personalized services have gained so much importance, you must invest in a Segment CDP integration service to ensure your customers can enjoy customized packages and business services. After all, personalized messaging and user interactions are quite relevant and effective in ensuring better business engagement and customer loyalty.

4. Optimize Customer Journeys for Better Engagement

To ensure that your data is stored properly, your segment CDP integration must use serverless databases to efficiently store business data from different customer sources. Moreover, they are great tools that help track customer journeys, allowing you to check how users were redirected to your website and everything they checked out. Once any of your users have made a first purchase, the CDP’s task is far from over and tracks all stages of the customer journey; and, it helps you optimize your customer’s journey and helps ensure better customer retention and advocacy.

5. Helps Enhance Customer Support

Since CDPs organize customer data in a great way, they help ensure that you have access to error-free customer information. This means that you can utilize the needed customer data to ensure that they have access to great customer support. Ultimately, this helps ensure that there is no confusion and that you can easily retain customer loyalty.

Steps to Successfully Implement Segment CDP Integration

Steps to Successfully Implement Segment CDP Integration

Now that you are aware of a Segment CDP integration service, you might be curious how you can successfully implement it. Well, there are three different ways to perform Segment integrations, which are listed as below:-

1. Manually Integrating Data

In manual Segment integrations, your IT team needs to hand-code integration and manually build it into your code. Other than being time-consuming, manual data integration can be costly and leaves a lot of room for errors. We recommend you opt for manual Segment integrations when your data collection tool is built in-house and specifically curated to your business.

2. Automatically Integrating Data

In this integration method, the integration is performed and built by the tool that you have been using. A great example is Segment’s pre-built and automated integration with Google Analytics. A huge advantage of automatic data integration is that they are quite easy to set up, but the major issue is that these might have limitations that ultimately limit the things you can do.

3. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

Customer Data Platform (CDP) integrations are better and more advanced than automated data integrations; after all, it allows you to connect two or more tools that might not work together otherwise. With CDPs, you can easily create an automated integration where manual integrations are needed otherwise.

Integrate with Segment CDP

To successfully implement your segment CDP integration service, we recommend you follow these steps:-

1. Conduct a Comprehensive Data Audit

The first step to successful implementation of a Segment CDP integration service is conducting a comprehensive data audit; you must be aware of all entry points from which user data is collected and the format they are available in. This will help you get an idea about the data arrangement that your final database must follow when maintaining customer data.

2. Customize Your Integration Workflows Based on Business Needs and Customer Demands

Generally, the adopted integration workflow is based on your business needs and customer demands, which is why we recommend you customize it at the earliest. This will help ensure that no data is lost and only accurate user data is compiled and maintained in the final database.

3. Partner With It and Marketing Teams to Adopt a Holistic Approach

Since building a CDP requires ample technical knowledge, it can be quite difficult for those without tech experience. We recommend consulting this basic outline of the steps that you must follow during the potentially challenging process of Segment CDP integration. An alternate approach – Partner with a proficient IT company and hand over your integration needs to them; this strategy guarantees the successful integration of Segment CDP and also yields superior business benefits.

Prepare for Future Trends in CDP Integration: Key Learnings You Must Master

As businesses evolve continually and an increasing number of customers prioritize online services, you must bear the imperative to integrate data successfully; after all, it is a simple measure aimed at managing fluctuating customer needs. Furthermore, as new technologies such as AI, machine learning, and big data gain prominence, adhering to these innovations becomes essential for effective business segment CDP integration; hence, catering to customer needs proficiently is mandatory. We advocate regularly scrutinizing your CDP integration strategy to ensure alignment with other technologies and strategies employed by your business.


To ensure enhanced customer engagement and sharpen a business’s focus on user needs, utilizing the Segment CDP integration service proves highly effective. We trust that this article elaborated its significance for you, potentially pushing your business forward and helping you gain a competitive advantage. An alternate approach: Partner with a proficient IT company–this strategy guarantees the successful integration of Segment CDP; it also yields superior business benefits.

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