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Proctoring Software – A New Era Software Transforming Security

Proctoring Software – A New Era Software Transforming Security

In the present coronavirus scenario and the changing trend, everything has shifted online from studying, interviewing for a job to working for a company. Due to a massive shift of these activities online they also require adequate technology to support them. Nowadays most people avoid traveling to places or visiting a place full of people. Social distancing is the new trend due to which people prefer keeping a safe distance from one another by doing every activity possible from home itself which not only keeps them safe but also provides them with comfort and convenience. All this has led to great demand for software that can facilitate this new trend. Here we will discuss some benefits of such software which aids the recruitment process by hiring companies. This software is called proctoring software.

Online proctoring ensures the integrity of exams taken by the candidates by monitoring them and preventing any kind of fraud. Due to the interview process being conducted online there are a number of difficulties that are being faced by the hiring companies so many software companies have come up with proctoring software that makes the selection of candidates easy jobs amid this coronavirus situation. Proctoring software has a number of advantages. Conducting these exams online helps the hiring professionals as they can have a better insight about the skills and knowledge from the comfort of their home and evaluate all candidates equally. They can also access the suitability of the candidate for the job. Proctoring software provides hiring teams as well as job applicants with a seamless experience.

Following are some top-notch advantages associated with using proctoring software for hiring people in the organization:

  • Deters candidate from cheating:

    Due to the interview exam being conducted online, there are high chances for candidates to easily cheat in those exams as they often appear for exams from remote locations. It is difficult for the hiring professionals to keep a proper check on the candidate. So to combat this situation companies have started using proctoring software that allows screen mirroring that helps the conductor to observe the activities of the candidate and make sure to deter the candidate from cheating by reporting any suspicious activity of the candidate.

  • Detects candidate impersonation:

    Proctoring software also helps in detecting candidate impersonation. Most candidates appear for the exams from remote locations so there is a high chance that they can hire someone who would appear for the exam on their behalf. To avoid such fraud proctoring software provides online Identification authentication like face id that make sure the candidate himself is appearing for the test.

  • Easy integration:

    Proctoring software can be used for easy integrations which help in assimilation with any app, website session, or test engine that needs to be proctored. Companies not using proctoring software can face difficulty integrating with different web portals when conducting such tests.

  • Money-saving:

    Due to proctoring software recruitment exams can be conducted more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, they are cost-effective and save from many expenses that the company would have incurred if the exam was conducted offline. They help in evaluating large numbers of candidates easily. It also saves the cost of arranging an exam center and appointing physical proctors.

  • Access to global talent:

    With proctoring, software companies can evaluate candidates from all around the world at their comfort at no extra cost. This gives them access to global talent at no cost as they can test and supervise anybody in the globe without the inconvenience of traveling.

  • Ready-to-use test:

    Some proctoring software also provides a ready-to-use assessment test for evaluating candidates. Companies can use these assessment tests if they do not have adequate testing procedures. Also, if they want they can customize these ready-to-use tests according to their suitability and requirements.

  • Seamless experience:

    Proctoring software provides both the candidate and the hiring professionals with a seamless experience. The candidate can enter the exam with just a click and the HR professional can monitor the exam in real-time or watch the recorded exam later according to their convenience which is also known as auto proctoring. Auto proctoring is the most advanced form of proctoring as it does not require any human intervention.

  • Record

    Proctoring software helps in maintaining the record of the assessment test which ensures that the test was fairly conducted which helps in decreasing the potential discrimination lawsuits against the company.

So from the above-stated point, it can be easily established that online proctoring has many advantages and a wide scope. Reliable safety features provided by online proctoring helps in ensuring the uprightness of online exams. They also help in assessing candidates fairly. Conducting exams online has become very difficult due to lockdowns and a ban on travel. To appear for the offline test all a candidate requires is a suitable device with a good internet connection and a functional webcam plus a mike. Out of all, auto proctoring is the most advanced form of proctoring. It not only records but also looks out the screen for any skeptical activity or red flags during the exam. It does not require any human so it proves to be more cost-effective than other proctoring software.

Proctoring software has also increased in demand due to the growth of eLearning applications. It can be seen that trusting proctoring software has become important for conducting candidate assessment tests online. There is a wide range of proctoring styles one can choose to name a few for example live proctoring, auto proctoring, and artificial intelligence. For candidates, this software gives them the opportunity to interview in a variety of places and times according to their convenience. There are few disadvantages attached to online proctoring software as well. This concept is still new so it is difficult for some people to understand it. Few companies offer proctoring software that is expensive which makes them less attractive. Overall online proctoring software has made the employment process easier, convenient along with being cost-effective and also providing access to global talent.

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Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at CMARIX InfoTech, a leading web and mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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