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13 Most Popular Websites Built With React in 2023-2024

13 Most Popular Websites Built With React in 2023-2024

React has gained popularity among leading businesses in recent years with the best websites built with React; such examples include GitHub, Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram, and Reddit. React’s versatility and efficacy are demonstrated by the variety of businesses that use it.

It will blow your mind to learn that React currently has 19,602,636 users, and the figures are continually growing.

The ability of this technology to create quick and streamlined web pages is one of the main reasons for its broad acceptance. The time needed for development and maintenance is also decreased thanks to its component-based architecture, which makes it simple for developers to reuse and manage code. Because of its vast ecosystem and strong community, React has become the go-to choice for creating dependable and scalable online apps.

Let’s start with an in-depth understanding of ReactJS.

What is ReactJS?

Let’s begin with React JS, the foundation of our adventure. Imagine being at a boisterous, exciting concert and wanting to share the greatest pictures with a friend who couldn’t attend. The wonder here is your smartphone, which can instantly transform your surroundings into an exhilarating digital memory. Similar to how React JS is your top tool for web development, it easily translates your imagination into dynamic, interactive features on websites.

It is a feature-rich library of dynamic web components that is employed while creating a website’s user interface. React is applied to the creation of websites and applications with excellent performance. It is a popular choice for businesses like Netflix, Atlassian, and Uber because it is simple to use, scalable, and versatile. It has garnered support from a sizable developer community.. In order to construct the Model-View-Controller (MVC) or Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architecture, it implements the View layer and may be used with any framework.

It makes use of features like declarative views, reusable components, and others to speed up user productivity and cut down on development time. React’s Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) eliminates the need for frequent page refreshes in order to update data, which is another benefit. Create a website using React that renders only the portion of the website that has changed when a user interacts with it.

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13 Best List of Websites Built With React

To understand better, we have curated 13 top websites that use React. Today they have become the most popular websites for users. If you think your business is similar to any of the ones below, you can hire dedicated ReactJS developers to build React-based websites for you.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb Website

Airbnb is an increasingly common internet travel agency for reserving unusual lodging. The website allows users to list their homes, flats, or other properties for short-term rental, allowing tourists to stay in unique locations or in people’s homes.

Technically, the Airbnb website is made with React, which enables it to render and update the vast amounts of data presented on the site, such as listings of available rentals and user ratings, quickly and effectively.

One of Airbnb’s standout features is its search engine, which enables users to browse a huge selection of listings based on a variety of parameters. React.js development services that provide the best React component-based architecture, are particularly well-suited for this functionality, which makes it simple to reuse code across various search interface components like the form for inputting search criteria and the list of results.

2. Netflix

Netflix Website

In order to produce a novel experience for TVs and gaming consoles, Netflix had to reexamine its present UI technology stack and identify new ways to produce single-page web apps with the right building blocks. They cite the following as the primary justifications for using React.

Startup speed, as network latency has an impact on Netflix’s startup performance, it was one of the major bottlenecks. With their current tech stack, the Netflix team found it challenging to reduce the number of network queries and processing time required to create the home screen. React offered them the freedom to create a hybrid approach that enables delivering above-the-fold startup markup through server-side rendering on the initial load.

3. Uber Eats

Uber Eats Website

Using the food delivery service Uber Eats, customers can place orders and make payments for meals at affiliated restaurants. The service is offered in a select few cities across the globe.

React, a JavaScript toolkit for creating user interfaces, was used to create UberEats. Netflix, Airbnb, and Dropbox are just a few of the well-known websites that employ React, which was developed by Facebook.

Developers may construct quick and responsive user interfaces with React. The library makes it simple to develop components that may be reused across several applications. Development proceeds more quickly and more effectively as a result.


Dropbox Website

The well-known cloud-based file-sharing and storage service, Dropbox, was created using React. React enables the creation of reusable components, which makes it an excellent alternative for creating complicated and expansive systems like Dropbox.

Built on React, Dropbox’s web client enables users to examine, manage, and collaborate on their files, folders, and documents as well as access, upload, download, and share their files straight from the browser.

5. Twitter

Twitter Website

Twitter is one of the most well-known social networking platforms in the world, with more than 320 million active users per month. React, a JavaScript user interface construction toolkit was used to create the platform.

By enabling programmers to construct unique components that can be modified without reloading the website, React has contributed to making Twitter a more responsive and dynamic platform. This has improved Twitter’s speed and usability, two crucial elements to its success.

6. Facebook

Facebook Website

Facebook has since replaced the platform’s original PHP code with ReactJS, a JavaScript library developed by Facebook. Facebook can build expansive, intricate applications with ReactJS that can modify data without refreshing the page. As a result, the user experience is more responsive and fluid.

ReactJS has been utilized by Facebook since 2013 and is now present in a variety of areas like the news feed, messenger, and advertisements. Some of the company’s React code has even been made publicly available so that other developers can study how it is used. ReactJS has been a huge success for Facebook overall, and it has emerged as one of the best React website examples.

7. PayPal

PayPal Website

PayPal , an online payment platform built with React, that makes it simple for people and companies to send and receive payments. One of the primary application areas in PayPal is its user interface built with React. With a straightforward and user-friendly layout, users can easily explore the website, manage their accounts, and conduct transactions.

PayPal developers can simply create and upgrade the checkout feature using React, giving customers a safe and dependable way to complete transactions. The mobile apps for PayPal were also developed using React.

8. Reddit

Reddit Website

Who hasn’t gotten lost at least once in the fascinating maze that is Reddit? The enormous discussion forum has established itself as the main internet hub for news, entertainment, and lively debates. It is rife with content, ranging from cute cat videos to profound political dialogues. Reddit is one of the most popular websites that use React.

Reddit’s decision to switch to React JS was driven by the platform’s primary goal of simplifying content sharing. Reddit has offered its users the ability to publish a veritable kaleidoscope of content, ranging from text postings to images, with only a few clicks thanks to the JavaScript library it has in its technical toolkit.

9. Scribd

Scribd Website

Scribd, an online document publishing and sharing service, is based on React. Users are able to upload and share their books, audiobooks, and documents.

Using React, Scribd developers may make components that are quick, highly functional, and have a simple interface. With a straightforward and user-friendly layout, users can easily browse the website, manage their accounts, post documents, and read them.

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy Website

By offering a variety of online resources to aid in students’ studies, Khan Academy, a non-profit education organization, has already attracted attention. The primary objective of the organization was to make deployment simple. Various departments at Khan Academy are using React for development. Joel Burget, a developer at Khan Academy, blogged about switching from Backbone.js to React. The ability to optimize a component without having an influence on other components is what Joel considers to be React’s strongest feature.

11. BBC

BBC Website

The BBC aimed to build a system that would allow viewers to customize the programming according to their preferences and locations. They therefore required a flexible product that could manage heavy loads with a variety of page versions, one variant for each user’s chosen setting.

The team decided to use front-end technologies such as Reactjs and isomorphic JavaScript. They can use it to run JavaScript templates on the client side as well as the server. According to this approach, users should be able to access a basic version of the website without having to reload JavaScript.

12. Discord

Discord Website

Discord is more than just a platform—it’s where gamers from all around the world come together online. It’s a safe sanctuary online where people connect over their shared love of gaming and form friendships. With its feature-rich UI, Discord allows gamers to communicate in various ways, such as sending messages, sharing screenshots of triumphant moments, or engaging in in-game video chats during intense gameplay.

So how can Discord provide its users with such a flawless and engaging experience? Enter React, a powerful JavaScript library that underpins 98% of Discord’s software, serving as the platform’s technical backbone for its extensive communication features. React JS is used to create a superior communication experience, ensuring that each message is well understood.

13. Trello

Trello Website

The adage ‘Change is the only constant’ applies to both website development and everyday life. For nearly ten years, this web-based task management system ran on Coffeescript and the Backbone JS framework. However, considering the dynamic environment and evolving requirements, it was time to adopt more modern tech stacks. They started the migration process by transitioning from Backbone Views to React Components while addressing issues along the way.


React is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. The cost to hire a ReactJS Developer can fit within your budget if you get connected with CMARIX. Its widespread use is not accidental. React has so many capabilities that top businesses utilize it for their websites and applications worldwide, whether they are modest start-ups or massive multinational corporations.

With such impressive accolades to its name, React.JS will undoubtedly satisfy all of your development requirements. For knowledgeable advice on why to use React for web development, and website creation process, get in touch with CMARIX. You can work with our team of React developers to build the website of your dreams.

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