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Leverage The Hidden Potent Of Machine Learning For Mobile Apps

Leverage The Hidden Potent Of Machine Learning For Mobile Apps

While adopting the new changes, did you notice the paradigm shift taking place in the way we live or our changing relationship with technology? Definitely, the technology is here to boost our interaction with gadgets and devices for a better life. Today, machines have started learning from user’s inputs, commands, they form user search patterns, the behavior and preferences the users adapt, and later suggest options based on preferences in particular context or time.

“The art of machines learning from user patterns and suggesting the answers based on human context or preference is known as machine learning”

ML technology gave birth to AI enabled devices like driverless cars, smart home automation, robotic surgery and more. After all these advancements, the upcoming surprise emerging technology will bring is – machines will adopt the capability to mimic like a human. Can admit “machines are now shipping our life.” It might be difficult to understand what ML is, so taking even the basic courses on machine learning would be a great starting point to get the idea.

The inception of Machine learning was from computers, but the current trend says machine learning is the next big thing for mobile app development. Among the biggest beneficiaries of machine learning, mobile app development tops the list.

So let’s learn about few profound benefits of machine learning on mobile app development services:

  • Personalization

Designing & developing a mobile app for two different groups gets a daunting task. How about a transportation app, where you need to pay importance to both groups – clients and drivers? Or the kid’s mobile app, which should be convincing for both parents and children. The solution is analyzing the needs data in assistance with machine learning to serve the most liked thing to anyone and everyone.

  • Chatbots Holding The Crown Of Customer Service

Conversation is the real charm of any relation, whether it’s personal relation or any business relation. The customer relation in any business plays a huge role, and the reason live chat plays an important role. However, if we consider the human traditional way of conversation, in comparison it needs huge investment and quality manpower. Along with that, the unplanned human mistake will always impact. The chatbot built with the power of machine learning have the capability to understand the queries and so can process the answers accordingly.

  • Product Search Getting A Boost

The one important feature that cannot be neglected in any e-commerce site is product search. Actually, we would like to correct it, it’s the EASE of searching product from the store. Fortunately, the existence of machine learning helps us to understand the user requirements better and based on that can suggest more relevant search results. The shopping experience turns fruitful and thus boosts growth.

  • Better Competitive Analysis

The advanced machine learning algorithms empower you to understand the competition, product demands, purchasing trends and powers of the customers, pricing trends, and more. The competitive analysis will help you to plan better and decide the right price for products.

  • Security & Fraud Detection

Machine learning plays a crucial role in developing security and fraud control mechanism robust and better. The Machine learning algorithm with the mobile apps can understand the user behavior and other undesirable irregularities to conduct the most probable frauds. An app with such security concept will help you to build a better defense system.

  • Trend Forecasting & Faster Decision Making

The sophisticated algorithms track the changes and help the entrepreneurs to know about the trends earlier. This revolutionizes the way decisions are taken for business growth. Understanding the customers, their search patterns and interactions can help to make better decisions. This is very helpful for e-commerce sites, as the advanced machine learning algorithm can predict product demand at the required time.

Machine learning is an emerging technology that can be useful for any niche mobile app. The promise of machine learning for mobile apps will definitely grow and be a trend in near future.

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Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at CMARIX InfoTech, a leading web and mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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