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Key Benefits of Using NodeJS for Your Next Ecommerce Web Store Development Project

Key Benefits of Using NodeJS for Your Next Ecommerce Web Store Development Project

At a pace retail businesses are switching to eCommerce is literally overwhelming. The great eCommerce and mobile commerce opportunities became a game-changer for the retail sector. Thanks to online stores, we now have a level playing field where big retail stores and small retailers can compete with each other with the same gusto. But since competition is getting tougher and choking, the online stores whether on the web or mobile app cannot undermine the performance, speed, aesthetic appeal, usability, security and scalability. eCommerce website development particularly has to choose a technology stack that ensures delivering all these aspects.

When delivering most sophisticated UX for eCommerce is your priority, NodeJS comes as an ideal JavaScript platform. Too many renowned online stores and business platforms have been built using NodeJS.

Let us have a look at the key aspects that made NodeJS so popular a JavaScript framework.

  • Compatible For Both Server And Client Side

This JavaScript framework uses the same language for both server-side and client-side rendering. Naturally, developers do not need to learn a different language for writing code on the server or client side.

  • Easy to Adapt

JavaScript as a common language for the web does not make it challenging for developers to adapt and get used to it. A web developer thanks to NodeJS can easily switch to other platforms easily.

  • Lean And Lightweight

Node.js slowing asynchronous development helps running all elements on a single thread. This makes the framework extremely lightweight and lean to ensure optimum performance.

  • Inbuilt Object Database Support

Node.js apps needs to use object-oriented databases such as MongoDB. The support for such databases and various IDEs are inbuilt with NodeJS.

Key Benefits of Using NodeJS

NodeJS as the most popular technology in an eCommerce stack has come of age and is considered one of the most matured and complete environments now. Apart from the array of reasons that made NodeJS so popular, let us explain some of the key benefits of NodeJS for eCommerce development.

  • Modular Architecture Helping Fast-Paced Development

NodeJS has a highly modular architecture that allows using the same JavaScript language for both frontend and backend development . This, on the other hand, ensures faster and relentless transfer of data from server side to client side and vice versa. This affects the loading speed and performance of the eCommerce stores positively. Faster data transfer helps faster loading of product pages, speedier payment processing and performance across all actionable areas.

If this is not enough, this JavaScript framework also allows using the same component of the website for building a robust native eCommerce app. The framework offers a big library of various JavaScript modules that are ready for use for a variety of projects. The component-based architecture allows building website and mobile app using common components.

Moreover, NodeJS comes as a robust cross-platform development framework that allows developers to build sophisticated eCommerce apps across multiple operating system platforms. Most importantly, developers do not need to know two languages for server and client side development. The single JavaScript language can be used for both server-side and client-side development.

  • Great Performance At Much Lower Cost

Unmatched performance and loading speed is a key advantage of using NodeJS for eCommerce stores. Being able to take care of both backend and frontend web store elements, it can deliver a great result for a much lower cost of development. This is why any retailer looking for a comprehensive and high-performance eCommerce technology with reduced cost burden, will find NodeJS as the perfect environment.

NodeJS is a totally free and open-source JavaScript library allowing businesses to start with zero cost for technology stack. Moreover, it is a component-based solution that helps faster development because of the reusable code and ready to use modules. The modular architecture of NodeJS also ensures releasing faster and quicker updates for an app. All these help to reduce the development cost of an eCommerce app without needing you to compromise on performance and quality.

  • Non-Blocking I/O Model

NodeJS boasts of non-blocking I/O model which comes as a great choice for apps handling a lot of data. This model also helps apps in demanding real-time data streaming. The NodeJS framework by using push technology helps to develop two-way channels for server-side web apps. This helps an eCommerce store to allow smooth transfer of data between client and server sides.

  • Optimum Pace And Smooth Loading

NodeJS comes equipped with the V8 engine which has been built by Google to optimize pace and loading speed in web apps. The V8 engine can help the JavaScript to work right inside the native machine code to ensure optimum speed. This engine also eliminates the need of working with multiple threads and boosts performance with the single thread which can handle several asynchronous I/O operations. For performance-savvy eCommerce apps, this engine comes as an ideal choice.

  • Data Streaming

With NodeJS no longer the requests and response are considered as two separate events as it happens with the earlier technologies. When both requests and responses are considered as a single event or just a stream of data by NodeJS, the lagging time for processing a request with a response can entirely be avoided. In an eCommerce environment, this real-time data streaming helps faster search and purchasing process.

  • Scalability

There is a lot of business apps using nodejs, especially for this reason. Node.js comes as a tremendously scalable JavaScript framework with the ability to accommodate increasing traffic footfall and purchases without slightest effect on performance. NodeJS helps to scale up with increased demand in two specific ways, respectively as the horizontal scaling and the vertical scaling.

  • Versatile And Flexible

When it comes to getting usable across multiple OS platforms, Node.js comes as a truly versatile and flexible framework. NodeJS comes with the event-driven design that allows NodeJS eCommerce apps to run on all types of OS platforms ranging from Unix, Mac OS X to Microsoft Windows. With NodeJS the developers can build several small and efficient modules and they can also bring in new modules appropriate for their eCommerce development project.

  • Fast-Loading, User-Optimized Product Pages

Fast Loading Speed

An eCommerce store requires first of all fast-loading product pages that help easily browsing and searching the products. NodeJS in this respect also comes as a fully-equipped solution to ensure appealing product pages with user-friendly search, filter and browsing options. If you use the NoSQL database along with NodeJS framework, you can easily maintain a wider variety of similar products in every category.

  • A Plethora Of Useful Plugins

One of the most important benefits of using Node.js to build an e-commerce website or app us that you can get access to a wide array of ready to use plugins for every purpose and use case.

You can get a wide array of free and open-source plugins on the GitHub platform. These plugins representing various functions and features make the development process easier besides reducing the complexity, cost and time of development to a great extent.

  • Large Support Of The Community

NodeJS boasts of a large developer community spread across the globe. Any e-commerce store having a complicated and multifaceted structure can be demanding in terms of feature set, functions, and design elements. Developers facing such challenges often need support and help from a large developer community can come as a timely aid.

NodeJS boasts of a really large developer community dedicated to improving your efforts with value additions. The eCommerce website developers can get all sorts of solutions and helps with the community of the GitHub or the Stack Overflow involved with NodeJS platform.


From the above-mentioned explanation, it is clear that NodeJS offers the most credible range of solutions for building eCommerce web stores. From performance to scalability to low-cost design, all reasons go in favor of this framework for eCommerce development.

Do you want to build a robust eCommerce store with an appealing look and great performance? There cannot be a better technology option than NodeJS for this. Let our experts guide you about building an online store using NodeJS. Feel free to drop us a message.

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