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Importance of Facebook Application Development

Importance of Facebook Application Development

Social media has caught the world! It has impacted our personal and professional lives in far greater way than most people could have anticipated. Social media not only helps you connect with the world for building personal and professional relationship but also plays an important role in enhancing a company’s branding. Millions of people are utilizing social media or networking platforms such as Facebook which are continually evolving. Facebook with its exponential growing user base has become a preferred platform for businesses to publicize and promote their products or services. Facebook is a remarkable platform for developers who wish to create Facebook applications.

Facebook applications are tremendous hit in the social media ecosystem. There are various Facebook applications in different domains like retail, gaming, photo editing, entertainment and many more. These applications help businesses in establishing their brand and enhancing their revenue levels. It empowers businesses to reach wider audience base and related closely with stakeholders. Nowadays peoples are excessively interested in online research before they move towards buying something. Customer engagement ratio has increased exponentially with Facebook applications.

How Retail Industry Uses Facebook App

As per recent research, over 67% of retailers plan to use Facebook to drive traffic to their e-commerce sites. Retail Industry is very competitive as each brand expects to stand unmistakable from the crowd, making a social brand personality. Social Media is considered as an essential part in uplifting and highlighting your brand’s qualities to the World. The aspect of social shopping alone is one huge reason why it’s beneficial for e-Commerce websites to integrate Facebook applications. If your eCommerce website supports Facebook then registered users can see purchases done by people on their friends’ list, which at once is a powerful incentive to purchase the same products or another one. Apart from this, integrating Facebook has another advantage of making it easier for new customers to register to a retail website and start shopping immediately, without having to create a new account. These are called social signups or social logins. The process of creating a new account is an overhead which intimidates people from signing up and making purchases on eCommerce websites which are new for them. Anything that makes this process quicker and less demanding has the potential to increase sales significantly.

Social network today, enhance a complete brand experience for shoppers. Product recommendations, opinion building, sharing interests and many more are typical incidents that are spreading online on social networks. The quality of informal exchange is clearly represented through the way people share perspectives about items online. It impacts the buyer behavior towards the buy of any item.

The main target audience for the beauty sector are women, they always want to experience a customized experience for any product. There are a few brands like L’Oréal, Ponds, and Avon who have succeeded with the aim of creating an amazing customized experience for women while boosting the brand awareness and customer loyalty on social media. Regular interactions, attractive product updates, contests, and many such activities through social media that create engagement.

Benefits of Facebook Application to eCommerce Industry

  • Adding social shopping elements to an e-Commerce site, even something as basic as the ability to share individual items on Facebook can increase sales directly. However, there are other potential points of interest in social shopping.
  • Branding is exceptionally fundamental for any item or service. It becomes convincible when people think about your item or service. You can discover millions of dynamic clients on Facebook. You can get hold of these clients and make a brand image with Facebook apps development. It helps to attract specific clients towards your business. This consequently expands your income.
  • Facebook Application has the ability to increase traffic on your website. With more than 1.6 billion actively monthly users, Facebook is a very good channel to direct target audience. More traffic means more potential of value addition thereby generating overall growth to the business.
  • Keep track of the customers’ response to your brand that is obtained from the social platforms. You can measure customer’s engagement through various specific parameters and adapt your business strategy accordingly. A steady analysis of the same will offer you some assistance for planning out your online strategy likewise and drive more and more traffic on your store.
  • You can get feedback from the client for your application; they can even post their reviews on your wall. On the basis several analytics, business owners can understand the consumer behavior towards theproductand overall business brand. It helps you to plan the next strategy for your business.

Lastly, facebook web development serves every department from marketing to sales and from R&D to production. It is time to include social media as integral part of your business strategy and empower your business.

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