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5 App Monetization Ideas To Monetize Free Mobile Apps

5 App Monetization Ideas To Monetize Free Mobile Apps

Are you wondering how you can make money from your free app? Here you will learn best app monetization techniques for apps with ads or without ads.

Back in the early 2000s, most people didn’t imagine they will be doing banking, restaurant booking, social networking, shopping and several other things via mobile app. Be that as it may, as mobile phones have gotten to be universal, the application business has exploded into a multi-billion-dollar industry with a huge number of items and a large number of everyday customers.

Obviously, creating and adapting an application in the present environment is not easy. A developer is confronting an uncommon measure of rivalry for downloads. Regardless of the difficulties, the opportunity stays enormous. Most app developers prefer to have their application available for “free” download so that it can remove the entry barrier and reach more masses.

Following are different app monetization strategies used for Free Mobile Application:

Freemium Application

In most application stores, apps are listed as either “paid” or “free”. Remember that this is not just the most popular and favourite way of marketing for applications, yet the most profit generator one as well. Freemium word comes from the combination of Free + premium. In other words, Freemium Apps are having some percentage of features which are for Free and other features for which users need to pay. This is a successful app monetization model since it removes the barrier cost and enables people to use the application.

As a rule, fewer than 5% of an application’s users will ever pay special features or upgrade to a paid variant of the application. Business accomplishment with this model requires a genuinely substantial group of users, particularly since the costs charged for in-application purchases are generally less.

InApp Purchases

In-application purchases permit a user to unlock some features or as an example, buy coins in-game to play further. When you develop an application, you can set IAP (in-application purchases) to be a onetime buy or a progressing choice, which means you, can buy that again and again. You can without much of stretch begin to earn huge amount of revenue with the second, yet you additionally require a very creative application for that.

Cost per install network

Cost per install for each introduce is a generally new promoting mechanism and is the versatile proportionate to CPA (cost per acquisition) in the marketing world. CPI is precisely what it sounds like – you pay per install that you get. You’ll regularly consider this to be a “pop-up” in recreations and applications. Those applications are powerfully served in view of what application you have yourself. There are few networks who served this kind of services. For instance if you want to promote your app you will have to pay some amount every time while someone installs your app.

App Development

Find sponsors

There are a lot of applications that don’t contribute themselves well to the freemium model, however, are fairly more qualified to be adapted through promotions. In the event that you decide to give your application to free then you will be depending upon your audience to connect with the advertisements to drive revenue. Getting a sponsor for your application instantly can get you the most elevated revenue furthermore lets for a better mix of the application with the supporting brand. In any case, the application must be a match with that particular brand. Additionally, creating and managing relationships with brands requires good effort and sponsored promoting is costly hence most appropriate for big campaigns.


Displaying advertisements to users of the application is an awesome application marketing technique. While costs for versatile promotion marketing are much lower traditional online placements, there’s still a key opportunity for applications that make a critical number of site hits or give access to a focused on targeted people. it can be a predictable income source. You just profit when a substantial number of clients download and utilize your application very frequent basis.

While there are numerous alternatives to market your application, the best approach to accomplish any sort of revenue development during that time is through a repeated transaction from existing clients as much as through new ones.

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