Mobile user journey mapping

When you’re building a product, it’s easy to create tunnel vision. You invest a lot of time thinking about each and every element and every procedure running under the hood. Yet, that is not how your users interface with your product. They’re coming from the other direction—they have no reason to care until the point that you show them what your product can do for them. Let’s assume you built a great restaurant application with considerable features. Your users probably came to you because they need to do specific things. Maybe they downloaded your application while they found your product in a Google search or got a reference from friends—whatever the case, you have a constrained amount of time to prove to them that you can help them accomplish what they want. Converting first-time users into long-term customers requires an understanding of where users are coming from and what they want. Making maps of users’ journeys within your product helps you align this specific situation and thought the process to make UX flows that get users where they want to go.

User journey is a timeline of user activities that describes the connection between your brand and its customers. It’s all of a user’s interactions; from their perspective. Mapping the user journey makes a timeline of all touchpoints between a customer and your association. No matter what kind of onboarding UX or product experience you’re building, your emphasis ought to be on making a smooth and intuitive user journey.

User journey mapping helps your company to gain insight into how customers experience your product, based on their unique motivation and goals. The mobile app user journey map can reveal the true colours of interaction touch points, remove obstructions that can hinder keeping users from continuing to the following stage and increase significant bits of knowledge into the users’ emotional experience that can help refine UI navigation, interaction design, and information architecture, resulting in a mobile app design that is usable, valuable and emotionally engaging.