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How to Develop On-Demand Cannabis Delivery Weed App Like Leafly?

How to Develop On-Demand Cannabis Delivery Weed App Like Leafly?

There is always the growing acceptance of medical as well as recreational marijuana with a great market size of over eight billion dollars. Yes! This is quite an unimaginable figure that it has come to, right? Well, statistics say so, and we have to accept this as a true fact. Hire mobile app developers from CMARIX.

The above statistics are researched by a report by IBIS World. Also, the cannabis industry today has become one of the fastest-growing industries ever. This has been happening in the US. This is an ideal time in order to invest in the weed apps for Android and also iOS.

Weed apps mentioned here are Leafly and also Pot Bot. There are the owners of the medical marijuana dispensaries or even the entrepreneurs. Well, whoever you might be, this blog is surely for you. you could be a leading on-demand cannabis delivery apps development organization.

We have decided to share over here the important aspects you are required to know before proudly developing your own app. You can always discuss your queries that are related to any marijuana app development. You might want to know the app development cost. Get to know how to hire dedicated app developers for the app.

Try filling out some contact forms. One of the sales representatives shall get back to you. Also, some of the organizations might offer the consultations free of charge. There can be hundreds of chemical compounds present in cannabis. Many of these are cannabinoids.

Also, cannabinoids have been linked to providing complete relief of chronic pain. All of this is due to the chemical makeup.


There has been a wide usage of medical marijuana. There is the demand for cannabis and also medical marijuana apps have also been increased.

Therefore, you might be someone who might be looking to enter this growing industry in particular. Therefore, it is the correct opportunity to properly grab and develop the application for the people to get absolute easy access to the hash.

All of this is totally similar to the on-demand grocery or even food delivery apps. There is the fact that we have all developed, Glovo. This is actually the most downloaded grocery delivery app in Spain.

Then there is Lacy, this is an on-demand alcohol delivery application in the US. However, before you plan to make one of the very similar marijuana apps such as Leafly or looking to develop Leafly alternative apps to increase the revenues, take a quick look here.

Here we have made a fruitful attempt to share these top cannabis and marijuana apps that are already available in the marketplace.

Top Cannabis and Marijuana Apps Such as Leafly

Top Cannabis and Marijuana Apps

You can always check, re-check and over-analyze to your heart’s fullest. Try to distinguish your particular app in order to deliver a perfect and absolutely exclusive piece to a retail cannabis user by developing the appropriate cannabis delivery apps.

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Should we Begin?

All of the ones mentioned below are actually some of the best marijuana apps that have been selected based on ratings and reviews, usage, exclusive features, and the total number of downloads.

1. Pot Bot – Medical Cannabis App

Medical Cannabis App

Pot Bot is totally a medical cannabis app that has been mainly developed in order to completely ease the lives of the medical patients. The medical patients might be unaware of which strain and which consumption method is actually the best.

This can be the best turnout with respect to the health conditions such as chronic pain. Here are the top features of the Pot Bot app. With this app, you can find the nearby marijuana dispensaries, doctors along with the locations.

You can pay by utilizing the Google payments. Users can also find very compatible cannabis edibles and strains. You can easily gain the best strain suggestion by a health condition like a doctor.

End-users can also secure and legit the medical recommendations. CMARIX is a great mobile app development company in Los Angeles.

2. Leafly – Locate Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, and CBD

Leafly - Locate Cannabis

An apps like Leafly is also known as the world’s largest resource to learn regarding weeds. This has already been utilized by millions of people. This is the marijuana finder app that is completely known for being Cannabis 101.

All of the above allows us to discover and also find the hash that is correct for them. There is the content rating or the age rating that is seventeen plus for this app. Leafly has received roughly over two point three million monthly visitors and also about fifty thousand monthly mobile app downloads.

Well, here are some of the top features of one of the best weed delivery apps such as Leafly business app. You can locate a great legal doctor, a certain clinic for instance, a pot dispensary and also the delivery services.

There is an easy and convenient method to learn about hash. This is Cannabis 101. Always make use of the Leafly map to find a certain location of the nearby Leafly dispensary. There are the real time updates and also the notifications on the deals.

Hire Mobile App developer for your business application

3. Eaze – Cannabis Delivery App

Cannabis Delivery App

Eaze is actually a medical cannabis delivery app. This is popular in order to connect independent, licensed cannabis dispensaries with the very verified legal users. This particular app is very well known for providing the delivery services wherever permitted.

There is complete strict compliance with all the state and the local regulations. Actually, this is one of those websites such as Leafly. This is a list of the features of the app. You can browse the latest stuff with detailed lifestyle information.

You can get the product delivered at the doorstep within a very proper stipulated time period and also track location. Always pay online by utilizing the google payments app or even either of the other e-wallets available.

Users can learn regarding the latest cannabis edibles. There is other news related to it completely. There is the real time tracking of the orders. You shall also get to know regarding the very estimated arrival time.

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4. Weedmaps – Finding Marijuana Cannabis And Also Weed Reviews

Weedmaps - Finding Marijuana Cannabis And Also Weed Reviews

Weedmaps is actually one of the best cannabis apps out there. It is a great guide to cannabis that allows all of us to discover and explore several items and brands. We can also find the nearby cannabis dispensaries, the great deliveries, and the viewing of the deals.

There are doctors nearby too. The users can always study about hash and stay completely up to date with the latest cannabis industry and the cultural cannabis news.

You could check out some of the top features of the Weedmaps app. You can locate the CBD stores and also the dispensaries nearby. Also can gain a complete guide on hash. You could browse through thousands of the dispensaries and also the menus on the phone.

You could provide the best and also view the deals on the products.

5. Vana/Muncheez – Locate Marijuana, Cannabis and Weed Delivery


Muncheez is actually one of the apps such as weed maps. Weed maps completely allows you to purchase the favorite weed products from the most trusted and also licensed deliveries or even dispensaries.

The dispensaries are great for the medical marijuana patients. The users just need to sign up properly and gain access to the exclusive money. You can all save the deals from the favorite and the trusted licensed dispensary services, deliveries, and even the brands.

Well, here are some of the greatest features of this app. Altogether, you can always find the delivery services for the cannabis and the edibles. You can learn about the latest products or even the version releases from the top brands.

You could discover a totally trusted and fully compliant marijuana dispensary. Users can rate and review the top dispensary centres. The deliveries, brands and the products can also be rated and reviewed.

You can also view and explore the dispensary menus with a few clicks on the phone screen.

6. Duby – Advertise, Shop, Explore Weed Strains

Advertise, Shop, Explore Weed Strains

Well, Duby app is completely a one stop solution for every requirement of a proper retail cannabis user. There are the retail weed shops or the brand awareness regarding their services. We share here some great features of this app.

Well, you can search for dispensary centers and also the products nearby. You can create a Duby and also let others pass it or put it out. You can explore the respective strains of weed on your phone. Also, send private messages to others.


We are all looking at these growing numbers and also the facts. You might have made up your mind to develop a marijuana delivery app. It can even be a lifestyle information-based application. You can validate your app idea with us.

CMARIX has already developed over ten marijuana apps with exclusive features and functions.

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