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How To Convey Your App Idea to Mobile App Development Company Effortlessly

How To Convey Your App Idea to Mobile App Development Company Effortlessly

Wow! So you have finally decided to have your mobile app? Great, now you would believe, the app developers will understand each aspect on their own and do the needful? Well, keeping the myths aside, to have an appealing presence in this digital world it’s not just the role of mobile app development team, you need to understand how to convey your idea about the mobile app.

Effective Communication With App Developers Plays An Important Role In The App Success

Indeed, today if apps fail to get the user attention it’s because the entrepreneurs were not able to spell out the app idea effectively. The mobile app development endeavor includes their own set of ideas and creativity, but the entrepreneur needs to share all the details helpful to an app developer. Due to lack of communication, the app development process will ask for multiple rework sessions which will delay the project deadline ultimately the estimated cost of app development will increase.

Being one of the top mobile app development company we help you to know, how efficiently you can share your app idea.

  • Begin With Company Introduction

The foremost thing in your list is to give them the basic idea about your niche. Introduce your company and convey why you need an app.

Explain your app idea as if you are explaining to your investors, telling every little thing that makes the app unique and exciting. Include points about your business background, the services, how you do it, the unique sales approach, why the user will use your service/product and how the audience will benefit from your mobile app. Importantly, don’t forget to make them understand about the revenue-model you have planned with the idea of this app.

In details of the how, when, what, why of your mobile app, don’t forget to give the details about the demographics, the age, group of people you are targeting. The app developers will not only easily create/develop a mobile app that fits the targeted audience perfectly but will share their ideas that can enrich the app concept.

  • MVP

Once you have explained the basic information about the company, you can start with MVP (minimum viable product) which is the basic version of your mobile application. The MVP won’t include all the detailed features; it will include the core features of your mobile app that are necessary. You can include the bells and whistles later.

MVP’s are developed to understand how your target audience will be benefited with the app and how will they use the app. The goal is to help the mobile app developer’s team to understand the core of your app idea.

For instance, if the app is about detecting the location of the smartphone, don’t move into details about specific circumstances. Just include how he will be able to find the phone and detect it on phone.

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  • User Stories With Mobile App

Mobile app development companies need clarity and a detailed requirement of your app. We know that being a non-technical person, sharing technical details is a daunting task for you. So how will you share the exact details? User stories are the optimal option. They easily describe the app’s audience, what they are looking for and why. The agile software development process reveals some of the features, you would not have thought of.

You can start with statements like “I need to do this… (), to achieve this…. () goal”. With this, the development team will understand what feature they can develop based on your goals and needs. The user story will show a proper step-by-step hierarchy of the overall user experience, separate key feature, which are then mapped out to efforts.

For instance, if you own an eCommerce store, you may want to know the number of new users, lead conversion in a month and more on a line graph. The app developers will include all these details in the analytics feature.

  • Flow Charts

Flow charts will help you to explain your thought process through pictures. So, to explain your idea clearly to developers, take help of the flowcharts. Explain the step by step flow of your app functionality to make developers understand how the user will perform a specific step.

In the below picture, we explained the functionality of WIMP app. Once the user has signed in and paired different devices, he can track all the paired devices he is not connected to along with the current device location.

Mobile App Development Flow Charts

  • Explaining Each Function In Detail

Once you have understood the flow and listed the number of functions, you need to explain each function clearly. This is an important thing as mobile app developer should get confused on a later stage & enabling the delay. You need to include the details in simplest of words.

  • App Budget & Project Deadline

Budget is the decisive factor and for most of the entrepreneurs, budget is the top factor for working with a specific mobile app development company. Along with the budget, you need to inquire about the time estimation of the project completion. Be open to the project deadline, as in case of hurry the app development firm can help you with an additional resource to complete the project on immediate base.


It’s impressive when you want to take your business on a higher success level, but communicating about the idea in right way with app development team will help you to stand out from rest. Conveying your ideas in a detailed way will help you to represent the app in a better way.

If you are looking for a credible, competent & caring app development team, then consult us at any clock.

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