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The Evolution Of Mobile Security With Blockchain

The Evolution Of Mobile Security With Blockchain

From the Motorola flip phone days to first-gen iPhone, the technology industry has undeniably elevated human life to a position that was never thought of! Certainly, the little device in our hands with the ultimate ubiquitous power will mark the future with unbelievable advancements.

If that’s the brighter side, what remains under the shadow?

Just like every coin, it has its flip side even. The concerns arise when we think about the security of the personal information shared with the device attached like a limb.

As the trust in our devices grow, the interest in hacking proportionally rises.

Walking back to the history, the first malware targeting mobile phone was seen in 2004, at the time Cabir strain infected Nokia devices with unsecured Bluetooth connections. Today, with the advanced features equipped in our powerful computing palm devices, the Cybercriminals are getting wise and more creative with their attacks techniques, working on complex viruses that are tough to identify. Consequently, the cat and mouse game between security heroes and mobile hackers go on.

Blockchain, which is already a hype for cryptocurrencies has not just restrained its functionalities to financial transactions, but the innovative technology is pushing its magic to mobile app security too. Today the major challenge for mobile developers is to secure the confidential and sensitive data and relying on software comprehensively is not the solution. Hence, here blockchain becomes more than pivotal.

So why blockchain is an invincible solution for the security of a app? Let’s understand it in relevance to bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

The transaction process occurs between two persons and the block stores all the information like the amount, day, time and more in an encrypted way. These blocks are connected to each other in a series of a chain. When the talk is about security, it is definitely difficult to change or bring modification in the data due to a decentralized system. As far as the security is concerned, it is extremely tough to change or bring any modification in the data available, and anyone has the rights to view or access this information. That’s because it is a decentralized system and thus Blockchain is a highly secured technology.

  • Usage Of Blockchain In Mobile Apps

Blockchain technology is effectively used for enhancing the security in making a payment system secure, certification of the supply chain, serves security to enterprise apps, secures the confidential healthcare data and more.

Therefore, more and more mobile app development companies are dependent on Blockchain technology to offer better app security.

The Benefits Of Blockchain For Mobile App Security

In the new world that we are living in, where most of the people want to stay home due to their handheld devices, Blockchain acts as an unsung hero for addressing the security gap brought to you by mobile apps. Let’s explore the benefits of the mobile app:

  • No More Passwords

In the present age, we use STRONG passwords to authenticate our devices or store the data, but there is always a risk involved that it may get leaked out. Fortunately, with Blockchain you will stop taking the risks and won’t get stressed to remember the password even. Due to the distributed network of the Blockchain password would no longer stay the reason of authentication between two devices.

The parties involved in the transaction will agree on the payment terms with an SSL certificate. And as the distributed network checks every transaction, everything will be transparent and there won’t be any fraud.

  • Information Is Not Leaked

The best part of Blockchain is that it does not leak any kind of information or data. The information is made public and data is maintained with transparency and protection. The information entered can be viewed by anyone, but the parties don’t have direct access to edit or remove it.

  • Securing the Infrastructure

The mobile app developers and owners should feel fortunate with Blockchain technology as it enables to move the core target of the brand infrastructure to the decentralized platform, making the infrastructure access more secure.

You can easily save the DNS entries in the Blockchain and the owners can access the domain records with help of distributed and transparent DNS. Indeed, no one would be able to manipulate the entries.

  • Securing The Identity

If you don’t know, accessing information or hacking the information from a distributed ledger or decentralized platform gets really impossible. The users are provided with a private key encryption for undertaking a cryptography project. Consequently, no one has the rights to misuse or change the information with a decentralized platform.

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Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at CMARIX InfoTech, a leading web and mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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