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How IoT and Wearable Will Transform Fintech in 2021

How IoT and Wearable Will Transform Fintech in 2021

Technology today has evolved to a stage where it has touched different fields. If one has been keeping an eye over the changing environment, they are aware of cryptocurrency, the digital money which is in an unprecedented manner finding the ladder and making sure to replace the Fiat currency. Well, it provides the changing dynamic environment, there is a need to look forward, and the banking and the Financial institutions have already started to focus upon that area. They have been hiring IoT App Development Company to help through the same by developing software and the algorithms that would help to take ahead the process completely.

As per the reports from the end of Business insider intelligence, in 2021, the IT budget of the Global banks was about to rise by $297 billion, which was an increase of 14 % from that of the 2018 budget, i.e., $261 billion. Well, amidst it all, not just Fintech is being managed, but it is also the wearables which are seen to be prevalent all across a sports enthusiasts who are using the same for the general well being as this helps in reminding about the bills, not missing on the premium payments, keeping a check over the account balance and much more. It has been considered that such technology will help streamline the business operations and will help it reach better security levels.

In regards to it all, this article will provide information about how improvement is being brought in and how this will be a huge part of 2021 and beyond.


It stands for the internet of things which connects everything around, including the devices, people, systems, and much more. Some of the well-known examples include the,

  1. Google Home voice controller, which is used for adjusting the lights, music, and TV and also helps in keeping the alarm at one’s preference.
  2. Amazon smart thermostats
  3. Intelligent door locks and much more.

All of these devices are being used for improving lives, and many such devices can be extended for regulation systems and some of the other types, including the air conditioning controllers, home security systems, and alike.



These are like mobile gadgets, which help improve productivity when it comes to day-to-day processes. It can be used within the banking system to send notifications to all of the users, just in case they are near the ATM or the branch of the given Bank. All those who will be receiving the alerts through the wearables will find it easy to know about the sale offers or any such recommendations that depend upon the location and balance.

In short, it will be helping to bring the data about the customers considering their preferences & transaction frequency. It will not just help in the collection of data but will also help in securing the solutions for the customers associated.

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It is an abbreviation for the term Financial Technology.

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How IoT and Wearables are Leveraging Through Their Offerings?

How IoT and Wearables are leveraging through their offerings

IoT development and wearables are given importance so that they can help with the below-mentioned.

  • As a part of differentiated offerings, they help in authentication, easy payments, and identity and provide an enhanced branch experience.
  • Contextualizing Finance, bi help in providing a push message for loan approval to the customers entering the retail location and providing an overspending alert when in the shopping mall.
  • Helping in risk assessment and profiling. It helps with auto Insurance where vehicle risk profiling is based upon the driver’s behavior, and for healthcare insurance, where personal health monitoring is required by considering the fitness data and profiling.
  • Helping through product monitoring where invoice financing inventory monitoring is required and providing some proactive alerts, the equipment health monitoring is to be kept under purview.

How Wearables and IoT Help?

How Wearables and IoT help

  • Business process acceleration
  • Customer satisfaction leveraging
  • Boosting of the security measures
  • Reduction of cost and improvement in efficiency
  • Handling of information
  • Decreasing cost for sensors and hardware
  • Securing the customer data
  • Enabling data storage evolution and processing of the framework
  • Shifting the lifestyles of the consumers
  • Valuable data collection and alike.

Banking Industry- How is it Being Affected by Fintech?

Banking Industry

For homes as well as offices, smart solutions are offered by IoT. Such devices include smartwatches, speakers, an oven, a smart alarm system, and much more. The real cost to develop an IoT product is high, but even after this, with the help it provides and the way it has been crawling within the human lifestyle, companies are giving a lot of money for bringing it further.

When it comes to the finance industry, these devices have been helping for taking care of smart integral procedures, helping through the customer services, ensuring the smart repayments to reach out to the maximum, and much more. It also helps in gathering, transferring, and analysis of credit risk assessment. In consideration of the effect it has on daily life, the below mentioned can be considered.

Customer Service & Navigation

A very Swift customer service is provided when conducting the banking transactions. It is with the help of this that the delay is reduced or eliminated.

Through these services, the customers are now able to navigate indoors by having the sensors including proximity-based system or acoustic systems or the Wi-Fi-based system and alike. Using it, all the consumers can browse and then navigate towards their destination without building any kind of premises.

Improved Visibility for Spending

The use of mobile financial applications makes the users know how much they have been spending and how money can be saved, etc. With the integration of technology, this process has been working way better. It also helps identify a pattern of spend and break out of the same if required.

ATMs and Smart Bank Branches

The scope of IoT is boundless. With its use, the banks can create a connected environment and focus on adding value for the customers. They are now able to do the data accumulation much better. When customers enter a branch, client account details can be easily delivered to them by the app that is IoT-based and much more. The customer can also schedule cash withdrawals through it and much more. All of these data will help in the strategic placement of branches and ATMs to fulfill the customers’ demands.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security

IoT and artificial intelligence cybersecurity solutions have been seen gathering special data and analyzing the activities, detecting the movement, and using the special sensors. For IoT development, a lot of investment has been made by British standards chartered for finance.

Just like the same biometric sensors are being used within the financial services to identify several people present in the branch and then send the bank system an alert if any suspicious activity is being done therein. All of this is helping to take instant reaction for the robbers who are invading.

With wearables within the banking help transfer the biometric data and some sensitive information, including the credentials, these devices are also vulnerable and require appropriate security. Therefore, the data that is filled in from the end of the client needs to be decoded and provide them an opportunity to erase the data and block any access just in case the device gets lost. Therefore, a huge deal is being made for strong passwords and the requirement for PINs and double authentication, which is necessary.

Customer Data- Use of IoT

IoT helps in collecting data from the given customer network, and for this, advanced analytics is used for uncovering the opportunities and business insights which helps in reducing the operational cost. A sample of data is selected in regards to the top customers and also the processes which are used for supporting them. This helps in the betterment of the technology of technology further.

Fintech Business Applications- IoT Usage

  • For accessing the accounts by digital channels, biometrics through voice or touch is used.
  • Leasing finance automation is also done. This involves real-time monitoring, pricing the leased assets, uses of assets, and much more. With the help of digital assets, traditional products are transformed into services. Such terms change based upon Bank control over the given leased assets.
  • Automated payments are possible with the integration of payment functionality and IoT that helps to reach several endpoints of the payments.
  • Wallet for every single device is now possible, and it is the extension for automated payments, which is becoming more digital and smarter.
  • The PFM tools offer specific notifications by having access to the IoT data that comes from the customer-owned devices.

Apart from the above within the business, it helps manage the smart collaterals, risk mitigation within the trade Finance, making the auto Insurance tailor-made, providing real-time Life Insurance facilities, and bringing in smart payment contracts that are IoT enabled, and much more.


Manufacturers of IoT devices, they have not just the worst of fear but have also converted them in the convenience of every day. Even though it costs a little bit higher, it definitely removes that one itch and helps in getting straight within the transactions. A lot more real cost to develop an IoT product is done considering the target audience, and it is being made sure that the privacy rules can be followed with proper security measures. Even of what we have today, a lot more is expected to be seen in the upcoming years.

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