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How Gated Communities Can Be Beneficial With A Mobile App Development Company?

How Gated Communities Can Be Beneficial With A Mobile App Development Company?

Mobile apps are the primary way people interact with each other, their businesses, and their world today. But app-based access control systems for gated communities are a relatively new concept. Instead of relying on traditional locks and keys, these systems use an app to grant or deny access to a building or area based on the person or thing the app has identified. Some of these systems are limited to specific use cases, like granting or denying access to a building. In contrast, others allow for broader use cases, like allowing someone to reserve a parking spot in a parking garage or providing access to a shared vehicle when someone returns from a long-distance trip.

Using mobile apps to control access to properties has grown in popularity in recent years in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing fears of a pandemic. They allow homeowners, property managers, and the community-at-large to control who has access to their property and when.

Today, most people interact with each other, their businesses, and their world through mobile apps, and a Mobile App Development Company has a lot to do with it. That means that when it comes to access control, a strong mobile app is critical to providing maximum security. A good access control app will not only provide a high level of security, but it will also provide an intuitive way for residents to access their properties, their workspaces, and their loved ones. It will also allow for advanced security features, such as background checks and physical access controls, to be implemented.

What is An Access-Based App?

What is An Access-Based App?

App-based access control systems, also known as “gated communities,” are a relatively new concept in the field of mobile apps. Instead of relying on traditional user accounts and passwords to grant access to applications, app-based access control systems use mobile apps to allow residents to access a gated community’s amenities and services. This often requires residents to scan a code or provide other biometric information to access the app and gain access to the community. Because app-based access control systems are accessed through mobile apps, residents can often access the system from anywhere with an internet connection.

Why Are Access Control Apps In Demand?

With the growing availability of mobile apps, gated communities have found a lucrative niche. New technology allows these communities to create remote communities that are gated by a perimeter of high-security fencing, electronic gates, and often private security.

The demand for app-based access control and security management systems among gated residential communities is rising. This trend is driven by three significant trends: the growing availability of mobile apps, the increasing importance of smart homes, and the growing sophistication of internet-of-things devices, including thermostats, smart lights, and security systems.

Importance Of An Access Control App

Importance Of An Access Control App

Access control is the process of restricting access to a location, object, or area. It is an essential feature of any home, but it is vital for those who live in gated communities. These communities offer the best security, but without access control, their residents are at the mercy of the gatekeepers. Instead, access control systems provide the utmost security for those who live in gated communities.

The purpose of an access control app is to provide gated community homeowners with the utmost security. They are useful for granting and denying access to locations and areas and provide additional features like 24/7 security, advanced home automation, and much more. They allow gated community homeowners to experience the benefits of an accessible home without the hassle of traditional accessible home upgrades, such as elevators and ramps. The ability to create a secure and accessible environment is a huge step forward for the accessibility movement.

How Does An Access Control App Work?

How Does An Access Control App Work?

After an influx of highly-secure data breaches in recent years, homeowners and realtors are becoming increasingly concerned about the increased risk of cyber attacks.

The app must offer an authentication mechanism for the homeowners of gated communities, and this mechanism will help prevent fraudulent entries and maintain the integrity of the community.

Access control app

An access control app must provide the homeowners of gated communities with the utmost security while identifying and admitting those who need access and those who do not. While many of these apps provide access control beyond what is possible with simple physical barriers, they can’t ensure that all intruders will be sent away. An access control app, therefore, must perform additional checks with other means.

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What Must You Integrate Within The App?

What Must You Integrate Within The App?
  • Visitor Management
    The tracking of visitors is not a choice but a mandatory feature to be included in the app. Hire Backend Developer to enable security personnel and the residents to keep a check on the visitors through their smartphones, who would encounter issues while entering and exiting the premises.
  • Delivery Management
    Delivery management enables users to receive delivery in a much more convenient way without being bothered by their availability at large.
  • Domestic Staff Management
    This feature allows domestic chore helpers and other workers to enter and leave the users’ premises with digital pass-codes. This also helps users to stay notified about when someone is entering their premises using a specific passcode.
  • Ongoing Support
    Your app must always offer available on-call support via chatbots and an added layer of security to save any hassle of being involved within the access.
  • Training Managers
    This is the last on the board, but for companies, it is essential to have training managers who would teach the security personnel to understand the onboarding process and make it work effortlessly. This would enhance the community’s security and streamline the security personnel’s operations by administering daily tasks and service outputs via an application.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Access Control App?

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Access Control App?

To understand the cost factor, you must understand that cost is driven by multiple factors and can surge or decrease to a larger extent.

The type of functionality, features, technology, location of your chosen developer, and much more dictate the cost. Henceforth, suppose you want to get an accurate cost bracket for your access control app development project. In that case, you must get in touch with your selected app developer to get the numerical figure to complete your project.

Why is CMARIX Your Trusted Development Partner?

When you think about Outsource software development Services, the first thing you need to learn about is the technical expertise to understand your provider’s technology and digital services capabilities. It’s also the first piece of evidence to help you evaluate a provider’s suitability as a potential partner. Even if you choose a traditional vendor, a baseline understanding of what you can expect from your technology partner will help you make better decisions in the future.

Outsourcing your mobile app development saves time and money. But it also brings new challenges, such as the need to trust a third party.

It is essential to understand your provider’s technology and digital services capabilities in order to choose an outsourcing partner that is a good fit for you.


Don’t fret; we at CMARIX are here to serve you with the best possible services. As a leading app development company, we help you by managing and maintaining your mobile app development project, providing user support, and proactively anticipating what your tech team will need from them. We also support you along your mobile app development journey – including providing design and engineering assistance – to help you and your tech team stay on track.


Undoubtedly, the pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of access control and security. During the pandemic, companies were forced to spend millions of dollars on upgrading their network security systems. When the pandemic is over, however, the incentive to keep access control and security systems updated will be even greater.

In the future, many companies will offer access control and security management services. These companies will need to build the software on a cloud platform and offer it on a SaaS and PaaS model. They will offer on-premise or cloud-based access control and security management with a pricing model similar to SaaS.

Whether you’re ready to step up or evolve as a leader, access control is the surest way to ensure the safety of your people. From the workplace to the school, the art of access control will continue to be foundational for workplaces of all sizes and industries. Hire dedicated mobile app developers with CMARIX.

Stay ahead of emerging technologies and stay ahead of the game with CMARIX. We are here to deliver on our promises to you.

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